Raising Awareness: Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2014

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Privacy and security related issues and the consequences accompanying them might be critical. However, there is another issue we face, which is much more crucial than the aforementioned. Knowing the concerns and being complacent about them is much more crucial than not knowing the threats at all.

Without a doubt, there is minimal awareness about the privacy and security related threats we face in our daily lives. Yet, knowing doesn’t seem to have much effect with respect to this scenario. Even if a person knows about the security and privacy related threats he is surrounded with, he is complacent to do anything about it.

These issues are much more crucial that the ones we actually face; because, people know that they are infected but don’t look out for a cure. Financial Cryptography and Data Security in this regard is striving to spread the awareness about privacy and security along with the measures that can be adopted to cope with them.

Financial Cryptography and Data Security

International forum, Financial Cryptography and Data Security is renowned for its research and exploration. The forum is on to conduct a conference this year at Accra Beach Hotel & Spa, Barbados. Since the core objective of the conference is to raise awareness about securing transactions and the systems implemented, all bankers, economists, policy-makers and implementers will be given a warm welcome.

There are different programs and workshops scheduled for the conference. These programs will cover each and every aspect related to the diverse security concerns we face along with privacy issues. Currently, the forum strives to target commercial security issues; nevertheless, their endeavors will be much diversified in future. The registration reception will be held on 2nd of March, 2014 whereas the registration will commence from March 3rd.


There are different programs that represent the conference organized by Financial Cryptography and Data Security. The core purpose of this conference is to address the security concerns and raise awareness about the measures that can be adopted to cope with them.

Currently, Financial Cryptography and Data Security will address the security issues from a commercial point of view. Perhaps, in the near future, we might witness another conference raising awareness about privacy and security among the lay men. The list of programs to be held in the conference is prescribed below.

  • Keynote Address
  • Payment Systems
  • Case Studies
  • Cloud and Virtualization
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Privacy-Preserving Systems
  • Authentication and Visual Encryption
  • Network Security
  • Mobile System Security
  • Incentives, Game Theory and Risk
  • Bitcoin Anonymity

The first program of the conference will set the tone and communicate the fundamental issues and concerns that will be discussed. Then the conference will officially commence, starting with the security concerns haunting payment systems in the commercial industry.

Without a doubt, the payment systems used by the companies nowadays are more sophisticated than before; yet, there is a huge room for improvement. It is not the companies only that are evolving with the passage of time and embracing technological obsolescence, cybercriminals have also revolutionized their tricks and tools.

Hence, it is mandatory to raise awareness about the contemporary threats that we are facing or might face in the future. Furthermore, there will be different case studies discussed at the conference to facilitate the attendees understand the gravity of the situation.

Second program to be enlightened in the conference refers to Cloud and Virtualization. Since cloud computing is currently experiencing a boom in commerce industry, it makes it on top of the hackers’ hit list. Hence, this conference will discuss the issues along with potential and eminent threats with respect to Cloud and Virtualization.

After introducing and discussing Elliptic Curve Cryptography, the conference will move on to Privacy-Preserving Systems. The conference in this program will introduce diverse privacy-preserving systems that can facilitate attendees to cope with diverse threats haunting their privacy. The conference will not only introduce the systems but it will also cover their significance and cases in which the implementation of aforementioned systems brought fruitful results.

Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2014 conference will also enlighten the need to authentication and significance of encryption when it comes to data security. Encryption serves as a backup plan in terms of data security; however, there might be minimal awareness about it.

Encryption codes your data by using different keys and certificates. This makes the data useless for anyone who wishes to access it and misuse it as per his/her personal motives. Data decryption is a hell of a tough job, even for a pro hacker. So, even if a hacker infiltrates your security and steals you data, all of it would be encrypted and useless to him.

Another topic of discussion would be Network Security. Since we all know that sophisticated network security is a prerequisite for enabling BYOD culture in an organization, Financial Cryptography and Data Security decided to enlighten the concerns accompanying.

Network Security is mandatory to prohibit man-in-the-middle attacks. Therefore, its awareness must be generated and solutions should be provided. Financial Cryptography and Data Security will also discuss Mobile System Security along with its current and potential issues.

Most importantly, the conference will discuss the working and transaction system through which the Bitcoins regulate. In addition, the conference will also enlighten the role of Bitcoins in promoting anonymity. Lately, there have been many Bitcoin related issues encountered. Hence, it is mandatory to discuss on its security and how it can be improved.

The Workshops

Despite of the knowledgeable and informative programs, Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2014 has also arranged workshops. These workshops will go beyond the theoretical grounds and focus fundamentally on the implementation of diverse notions enlightened in the conference. There are two core workshops for attendees to participate in:

  • BITCOIN’14 – Bitcoin Research
  • WAHC’14 – Applied Homomorphic Cryptography

Wrapping Up

In the end, it can be deduced that Financial Cryptography and Data Security is doing a hell of a job here. We live in an era where even the victimized ignore the gravity of the security concerns encountered; but, Financial Cryptography and Data Security prefers to take a stand instead.

The conference is specifically designed to address security and privacy related concerns encountered by policy makers, managers, corporate executives, economists and bankers etc. This is the step we all need to take – or at least participate in order to save or privacy and security from extinction.


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