RA4W VPN Review 2017 Including Features and Other Offerings

RA4W VPN Review Quick Summary

RA4W VPN is a US based VPN service that offers limited number of server locations worldwide. The provider does not any feature that can put it in the category of best VPN services.

The only trait RA4W VPN currently offers is the affordability that encourages users to think about the service.

Read our detailed RA4W VPN review to discover other hidden characteristics of the service.

Pros of RA4W VPN

  • Offers affordable pricing plans to subscribers

Cons of RA4W VPN

  • Does not provide free trial feature
  • The service has limited number of servers
  • Does not provide live chat feature

RA4W VPN Pricing Review

According to our RA4W VPN review, the provider offers four different types of pricing plans to its users. These pricing plans include Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and Lifetime. You can avail the monthly plan by paying $ 2.99 each month. Likewise, you will have to pay $7.99 if you want to experience the performance of quarterly package.

Similarly, the yearly package offers an impressive pricing package to the subscribers. You just have to pay $19.99 for once on yearly basis. Furthermore, if you do not want to incur monthly, quarterly and yearly expenses, you should try the lifetime plan.

The plan provides 500-month access feature and above all, you need to pay just $199.99 for once. After analyzing the pricings in detail, it would not be wrong to say the service as low price VPN.


 RA4W VPN Sign Up Process Review

Our RA4W VPN Review unveils that you do not need to have rocket science to subscribe the service. The process is straightforward and does not take much of your time. You just need to go to a register page, mention your username along with email address and password. You must type a license code if you subscribing through Stacksocial. Now, complete the process by accepting its Terms of Service and clicking on the “Register” button. RA4W VPN

The official website will redirect you to another page showing a below mentioned message.



You should click the purchase tab given on the dashboard to use the service. Select your preferred plan then hit the purchase button. You will see “payment settings” option that you can use to choose the payment type. After selecting the payment type, finish the whole process by checking out and start experiencing the service.

RA4W VPN Payment Methods Review

The provider does not offer various payment options to the users. However, the service offers “Bitcoin” as one of its main payment methods. The other payment methods our RA4W VPN review disclosed are PayPal and Credit card (Stripe).  We expect that the service will add more payment methods in its armory in near future.   RA4W VPN

RA4W VPN Compatibility Review

Our RA4W VPN review suggests that the service is only compatible with the Windows platform. Furthermore, we did not find the custom apps for other platforms like Mac, Android, and iOS. The service should have offered apps for these platforms but sadly, this is not the case. Hence, you should try Android VPN or VPN for iPhone if you want to use a VPN on these platforms. The official website claims that the provider will be launching the dedicated iOS app for the iOS users soon.

RA4W VPN Servers Review

The service is currently offering 36 servers in 25 countries of the world. We expect that the provider will increase its VPN server locations by our next RA4W VPN review. The countries where RA4W VPN is providing its services are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Ukraine
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherland and others


RA4W VPN Customer Support Review

We did not find the customer support section attractive in our RA4W VPN review. The official website does not have a dedicated live chat feature. Hence, the subscribers are unable to attain the solution of their queries instantly. Moreover, the users can contact the customer support team through an email address contact@ra4wvpn.com. You can also find the service on Facebook by visiting its Facebook page.

However, RA4W VPN offers a dedicated FAQs page for the users that looks more appropriate as compared to the other features of customer support.  You can also create a ticket in order to obtain the answer of your questions.


RA4W VPN Protocols and Encryption Review

According to our RA4W VPN review, the provider only offers OpenVPN protocol.  Sadly, we did not find much information regarding the other protocols on the official website. The service should have provided a comprehensive list of protocols but it was not the case. There are other fastest VPN services those provide different kinds of protocols. The list of tunneling protocols includes PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2.

We went through lot of hassle to explore the information about encryption level the service offers. We were able to discover that RA4W VPN provides Blowfish 128 CBC cipher encryption. The said encryption uses SHA1 authentication and 2048-bit RSA key.

This level of encryption is not strong however; offers satisfactory level of protection. We were hoping that the service would have offered an ideal level of encryption that is AES 256- bit military grade encryption. However, we expect that the service would enhance the current level of protocols along with higher level of encryption.

RA4W VPN Torrenting/ P2P Review

Our RA4W VPN review discovers that the service offers dedicated servers those allow P2P activities. The users must know that they cannot connect to the US server to download anything through torrents. No servers based in US support any kind of torrenting or P2P activity. You can search our detailed guide that offers complete information about best VPN for torrenting.

You should connect to other VPN servers to access banned torrent and geo-restricted websites. These websites include Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and others.


RA4W Free Trial Feature Review

The provider does not offer free trial feature and that is quite understandable. Our RA4W VPN review reveals that the service is already offering highly affordable pricing plans to the subscribers. If you want to use a priceless VPN, you can explore our detailed guide that discloses some of the best free VPN.

RA4W Logging Policy Review

The service has headquarter based in the US. Thus, RA4W VPN has to follow all the data retention laws of the US in true letter and spirit. Furthermore, our RA4W VPN review unveils that the official website does not suggest any kind of logging policy.

However, it is not possible if the service is carrying out its operation from the US and does not retain the users’ information. If you want to use a VPN that follows no logging policy, you can search our guide that discloses different logless VPN.

RA4W Privacy Policy Review

According to our RA4W VPN review, the service stores personal information of their subscribers. The personal information includes your email address and payment information. The provider uses email addresses of their users for various reasons. In order to send payment details and information about promotional offers, the service uses email addresses.

RA4W VPN Review on Reddit

Unfortunately, we were unable to find huge presence of the service in our RA4W VPN review. The users prefer to use a Reddit VPN than RA4W VPN due to different reasons. Moreover, the Redditors’ comment suggested that it is better not to use the provider as a source of online anonymity. Here is the response of one user:


Comment from discussion RA4WVPN Keeps Logs.

Final Verdict

The affordability feature of the service impressed us a lot in our RA4W VPN review. However, this is not enough if you want to compete with other VPN services in the industry. Therefore, the service has to offer something extraordinary to attract larger customer base in near future. We found lot of haphazardness in the official website.

Moreover, the website does not offer relevant information about setup guides and other tutorials. The lack of dedicated apps for platforms like Mac, Android and iOS is an issue for the users. Furthermore, the other attributes like customer support, server locations, logging and privacy policy did not come up with our expectations.

All these issues would hamper the reputation of the brand to the next level. Hence, we expect that we will find improvements in various areas by our next review. Still, if you want to select RA4W VPN to obtain the highest level of anonymity, you must think twice.

If you have any issue regarding the service, you can check our other VPN reviews and let us know in the comments section below.


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