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Netflix is the largest online streaming service in the world with 130 million subscribers. Having such a large user base, it makes one wonder if their content library is globally the same.

Unfortunately, however, that is not the case.

You see… Netflix imposes a regional lock on their content due to licensing and copyrights, therefore a show that is available in the US might not be available in China and vice versa.

Naturally people want to use a VPN service to access Foreign Netflix content, however, those of us that have been living under the rock, Netflix restricts the use of VPN with their service!!!

Fortunately, some VPNs do work reliably with Netflix and PureVPN is no exception either. PureVPN uses cunning anonymity algorithms to give its users unbiased access to foreign Netflix library.

Although PureVPN Netflix works reliably in unblocking restricted contents, sometimes you may encounter an annoying proxy error with Netflix. However, it is no big deal and I have discussed the solution for it in this blog, so make sure you stick around.

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Why Use PureVPN to Unblock Netflix US?

No one likes jitters and lag when streaming Netflix, especially when you’re zoned out in your favorite shows. I mean, you’ll be watching along just fine and all of a sudden annoying buffering wheel shows out of nowhere.


It’s no coincidence, your Netflix streaming sucks. You see, when you’re busy binge-watching season of Breaking bad, ISPs are busy monitoring and throttling the hell out of your bandwidth.

Fortunately, PureVPN Netflix is renowned for its legendary anonymous streaming speeds therefore, you can use it to:

Get Rid of Bandwidth Throttling


Throttling occurs when internet service provider suspects an IP of consuming too much bandwidth either streaming or downloading. Since PureVPN has tons of optimized encrypted servers all across the globe, you can literally blind your ISP and consume as much Netflix as you want by simply switching servers and IPs.


Turbocharge Streaming Speeds


It’s no surprise some regions get a broader selection of Netflix library and streaming speeds. U.S Netflix, for instance, has the largest library of Netflix content and their speeds are considerably faster than what you would get in let say Asian countries.

This is because there is simply a larger audience to cater to in the U.S, a classic example of demand and supply.

Fortunately, PureVPN Netflix utilizes cunning algorithms and its arsenal of strategically placed servers to give you unbiased turbocharged Netflix streaming speeds.

Can you access Netflix U.S with PureVPN desktop app?


PureVPN is great when it comes to streaming restricted Netflix contents and no content library is perhaps more enticing than the US. This is why so many people have adapted to a simple hack of using a VPN to access the US Netflix.

Unfortunately, ever since Netflix updated their policy, it no longer works with most VPN services.

However, we have tested PureVPN time and again with Netflix and it worked like a charm, granted you use the right settings, as there are quite a few to choose from.

Now there are always going to be skeptics thinking it’s all a scam, so for them, I’m going to demonstrate the procedure with pictorial proof.


When you fire up the PureVPN desktop application, there is a tab called the “Select Mode”, under this tab, there are a couple of modes that you can choose for a different type of situations.


You can click on the purpose button to learn what exactly each mode does.

purpose-of-Purevpn-Netflix-modesTypically, you want to leave it in Internet freedom mode, therefore I did not bother to change it.

Either way, when you choose any of the modes you will be prompted to the server selection dashboard where you can either select servers by countries or cities. Since I wanted to unblock U.S Netflix, therefore I choose a U.S server. The application automatically connected me to Salt Lake City, which I guess must be the most optimized server for me.


After that, a simple search for Netflix U.S brought me to their home page, which would have been otherwise restricted for me.


Wasn’t that super simple?

Now I know you must be wondering, does Pure Netflix work on every U.S server, well I’m one step ahead of you. I connected PureVPN to other U.S based servers just for testing purposes and surprisingly enough all of them worked with Netflix U.S; however, Houston server worked a bit slow for me.

Next, I decided to change Mode just to see if everything worked the same and what do you know… surprise surprise Netflix works! And just as smooth too.


Full disclosure! Netflix technically doesn’t approve of this hack, therefore, can block IP addresses associated with VPN providers.

I mean, after all, they are not dumb!

However, communicating with PureVPN’s professional chat support should provide you with an unlocked server and IP address to Netflix and chill.

Can PureVPN mobile allow you to access Netflix U.S?

After successfully accessing Netflix U.S with PureVPN desktop application, I also tried accessing it with the mobile application to see if I could find any issues.

In order to provide unbiased results, I searched only for U.S exclusive content such as EX Machina and Despicable Me 3.











Luckily, I encountered no issue with it and every content played in full HD resolution without a hitch.

Does PureVPN help unblock foreign Netflix libraries?

Since Netflix is a global sensation, you may want to access content from other regions. However, as we are aware, most streaming services including Netflix restricts content to their respective regions due to licensing limitations. This is why you may find different content libraries for different regions.

Although we have already unblocked the U.S Netflix library with PureVPN, I was intrigued to see if PureVPN could unblock libraries from other regions as well.

Switching through multiple servers from multiple countries, I was disappointed to see that PureVPN was unable to unlock the library from either of the countries listed below:

  • France
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Brazil

Instead of being greeted with a vast library of international content, I was presented with a black screen and an error message.


However, after a quick chat with the PureVPN tech support, It turns out PureVPN does not currently allow access to foreign libraries other than the US which does rectify the cause of the error message.


Moreover, PureVPN only boasts U.S Netflix unblocking with their service and does not falsify any other claims.

Use PureVPN browser extension to Unblock Netflix U.S

When you purchase a PureVPN subscription plan you essentially get two tools, one is a multi-platform client for mobile and desktop and other is a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome.

Although you can access Netflix U.S with just the PureVPN application alone, however without a PureVPN browser extension your browser will suffer from DNS leaks. Now you might be wondering why is that a big deal, well as we discussed earlier, Netflix is prone to blocking IPs suspected of coming from a VPN server.

Now if your browser is not safe in the first place it makes it that more likely, that you will be blocked from viewing their content library.

Therefore, the only sure-fire way of accessing Netflix’s U.S library is to use both the PureVPN extension as well as the client parallel to one another.

See our video on how to unblock Netflix with PureVPN:

How to Fix Proxy Error using 5 Easy Steps

Since Netflix blocks the use of VPN with their streaming service whenever you try to access any library other than the one in your region, you will get a proxy error message.

However, there is a very easy fix to this problem, which I’ll list below.

  1. Purchase the PureVPN subscription & download the client + extension

First things first, you need to purchase the actual PureVPN subscription which you can do by simply going to the PureVPN website.

It does not matter which plan you purchase, however longer subscription plans come with discounts.


Now that you have purchased the subscription plan, it’s time to get the extension for your browser, which you can do by heading over to the PureVPN extension page.



PureVPN browser extensions are only available for Firefox and chrome at the moment.

2. Verify your IP without PureVPN

As I mentioned earlier Netflix restricts users based on their IP addresses, therefore you must make sure you have your real IP so that you can compare it with the one that PureVPN provides you with. This way you can verify IP leaks of your network.


To see your real IP simply head on over to and you should see the IP address associated with your network.




3. Enable PureVPN


Now that you’re done with the IP verification, it’s time to head onto your browser and locate the PureVPN extension tab.

Once you click on the extension tab, you should see a list of popular streaming services; however, since we want to access Netflix U.S we are going to just select that.


4. Verify your IP once more

Remember we checked our own IP? Well now, it’s time to use it. Since we are connected to the VPN server, our IP should be different from the default one. To verify this head over to “whatismyipaddress” once again.

You must expect a different IP address than your original one.



How to use PureVPN with Netflix

Using PureVPN with Netflix is super simple and only requires two things to get you started. The first thing you need is a subscription plan for Netflix and the second is a browser extension for PureVPN.

Launch the PureVPN extension to see the popular website section where you can connect to Netflix U.S for uninterrupted streaming.


Will I still be able to access U.S Netflix if I’m traveling abroad?

Absolutely! PureVPN has one of the largest server counts in the VPN industry. Their 2000+ optimized servers and global coverage of 140+ countries should offer you unprecedented access to Netflix U.S no matter which part of the world you are in.

Which device can I use to watch Netflix U.S?

Netflix is multi-platform compatible; therefore, you can watch it on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, media streaming devices and even on your smart TV. The only prerequisite is that your device must also support PureVPN application.

Will PureVPN slow down my Netflix streaming?

There is no reason to beat around the bush, VPN does slightly degrade your streaming speeds, however, PureVPN is considerably faster than other providers I have used. In some cases, PureVPN might even help you boost up your speeds if your ISP is known to throttle Netflix traffic.

Wrapping up!

Netflix’s biased content library is very frustrating, to say the least; the fact that U.S members have such an amazing library of contents entices users to look for some sort of loophole.

Fortunately, as we have discussed in this blog, PureVPN and Netflix both go hand in hand. PureVPN Netflix’s seamless integration makes accessing foreign libraries virtually effortless and if you encounter any proxy issues, their technical support team should provide you with a fresh dedicated Netflix IP.

I hope you found this blog informative, do let us know which servers worked best for you.