PureVPN Launches New Apps for Multiple Platforms

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May 19th 2016 – PureVPN has announced the launch of its new applications for different platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android following their 9th birthday. These apps provide new features, improvised UI, multi-language capability and fixes minor bugs that were experienced in the earlier versions. Here is a complete breakdown of what to expect from these new PureVPN apps:

PureVPN Windows App

  • Improved UI
  • Multi-language capability
  • Split Tunneling
  • Feedback

The Windows app of PureVPN gets UI improvements and minor bug fixes. There are no significant changes in its overall design but new features such as split tunneling are added to the 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. The split tunneling feature allows you to direct your desired traffic through the VPN while leaving rest of the traffic to go through non-VPN connection.

The new app also allows multilingual capability by offering users four different languages: English, German, Dutch and French. This way you can change the layout of the app and access the interface in the language of your choice.

PureVPN Windows app also offers a ‘Feedback’ option. Using this option, users can contact support directly from the app, send real time data and resolve their queries instantly.

PureVPN Mac App

  • UI Improvements
  • SSTP Protocol
  • Feedback
  • Multi-language capability

The new PureVPN app for Mac now supports SSTP protocol. This was a much needed addition to the app as it now ensures enhanced security and privacy for users. Similarly, the multi-language capability is also added to Mac, allowing users to access the app in German, French, Dutch or English.

The UI improvements make the new app much smoother and also fix minor bugs. The ‘Feedback’ option is also added to Mac VPN client, allowing users to communicate with the support staff instantly and get their queries or complaints resolved.

PureVPN Android App

  • Auto-Redial feature
  • UI Updated
  • Split Tunneling feature
  • Feedback
  • Multi-language capability

The new PureVPN app for Android has been redesigned to make it lightweight, compact, and quicker. The new app is smaller in size and does not use significant resources of your Android device, ensuring that the app loads quickly and without any delay. The app has also been improved in terms of user experience, making it user-friendly.

PureVPN Android app now offers ‘Auto-Redial’ feature, allowing users to reconnect instantly when the connection drops. This ensures smooth user experience and also saves time as users don’t have to go back to the app for reconnection.

In addition to auto-redial, the new app now offers ‘Split-Tunneling’ feature as well. With the help of this feature, users can chose which traffic to direct through VPN and which traffic to pass through as it is.  The new app also offers four different languages to chose from; English, German, French and Dutch.

PureVPN iOS App

  • New UI & Modes added
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Multi-language capability
  • Split Tunneling
  • Feedback

The user interface of PureVPN iOS app has been changed and redesigned to ensure smooth and user friendly experience. The layout has been made much simpler and new ‘Modes’ have been added to the app.

These modes allow you to select a purpose of use and then the app automatically takes care of the settings, most importantly protocols. For instance, if you want ‘Internet Freedom’, you can simply select the mode and the app handles rest. The Feedback option allows users to share their experiences, problems, and other queries with the customer support instantaneously.

The multilingual capability allows users to use PureVPN app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in four different languages. Similarly, users can also use their dedicated IP add-on on iOS device with the new app. To use this new feature, go to settings, select the ‘Dedicated IP’ option, enter the login credentials, and then connect using your very own IP address.

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