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Comparison: PureVPN vs Psiphon

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Servers500 Servers in 140 CountriesServers in 6 Countries
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Money Back Guarantee7-DayNone
Encryption Level256 bit256 bit
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Psiphon Overview

Psiphon is a Canadian based censorship evasion tool developed by Psiphon Inc. Having its headquarters located in Ontario, Psiphon serves more than 3 million users worldwide. The company has been producing open-source software and catering the accessibility needs of netizens since 2004.

With a unique set of protocols, Psiphon offers one-touch access to unlimited blocked sites and services on the internet. Moreover, Psiphon offers various servers dotted across six major locations of the word.

However, the company clearly states that data privacy and digital protection are not among Psiphon’s prime objectives. But, if unblocking is all that you’re looking for then Psiphon stays as a top option. To get you the most neutral and impartial review, we will test each and every aspect of the service in our Psiphon review.

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  • Free to use
  • Servers located in 6 countries
  • SSH, SSH+ & L2TP/IPSec protocols offered
  • Fast connectivity
  • Apps available on Windows & Android OS
  • Stable connection


  • No 24/7 live chat tech support
  • No app for iOS
  • Questionable Logging policy


How Psiphon Works?

Psiphon follows a sophisticated mechanism, involving a range of servers. The servers are regularly monitored and added, so that if any server gets blocked there’s always another one available for a backup.

When a user tries to connect to Psiphon’s server, the server uses embedded certificates to authenticate the user. But not to forget that Psiphon in no manner should be considered as a secure encryption tool like a VPN.

What’s the mechanism behind Psiphon’s instant unblocking?

The answer lies in its elegant IP masking ability. As soon as a user connects to Psiphon, his IP is masked with one of Psiphon’s servers located in the selected country. Once a user achieves a foreign IP address, he is all set to access any site that is accessible in the chosen region.

Tunneling Protocols

Tunneling protocols hold prime importance before selecting any anti-censorship tool. Being a free tool, Psiphon offers following three tunneling protocols to assure a decent and reliable connection:

  • SSH (Secure Shell Protocol)
  • SSH+ (A random layer on top of SSH protocol for protection against protocol fingerprinting)
  • L2TP/IPSec (A secured protocol used by various VPN services)

Note: Although Psiphon offers L2TP/IPSec protocol that is known for a military grade protection, on the same time it doesn’t recommend using it for bypassing various firewalls.Psiphon 2016 Review


Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a hidden component of majority of censorship evasion tools. As Psiphon is a free service, it does collect some metadata of its users. Surprisingly, Psiphon covers its service costs by sharing subscribers’ metadata with its business allies.

We conducted an in-depth study of Psiphon’s privacy policy for our Psiphon review and discovered that Psiphon collects information about the sites visited by its users. Moreover, data gathered by Psiphon includes time stamps, region codes, client platform and protocol used.

However, an alarming aspect of Psiphon’s privacy policy states that Psiphon may occasionally use system logging to troubleshoot different issues. Moreover, Psiphon’s prime distribution is carried out through its relationship with broadcasters and human right firms who have been blocked in different regions.

Plans & Packages

Pricing and plans stand as concerning aspects of almost any service. Psiphon takes users’ experience to whole new level by offering an entirely free-of-cost service.

This makes Psiphon a free censorship evasion tool, meaning that there are no service fees, credit card information requirement or any other charges. Psiphon only requires a simple three-step installation process, after which subscribers are free to use all service features of Psiphon.

Server Locations

As a rule of thumb, subscribers prefer an  anti-censorship tool with a broad range of servers located in the main regions of the world. At the moment, Psiphon offers servers in all prime parts of the world covering the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Netherlands.

However, the company hasn’t disclosed the exact number of its servers, but for our Psiphon review, we conducted server tests and performance evaluation of Psiphon’s servers.

Psiphon review 2016

Psiphon Performance – Speed Tests

To deliver the most unbiased reviews, we decided to conduct server tests of the service in our Psiphon review. The tests were performed on a 10Mbps intentionally throttled connection. After completing the test we achieved following results:

Before connecting to Psiphon:

Psiphon review 2016- internet speed before connecting the psiphone

After connecting to Psiphon:

Psiphon review 2016- internet speed after connecting the psiphone


The tests proved Psiphon’s claim about fast and free service. As soon as the test was started, our ping speed rose dramatically with a little drop in download and upload speed. However, we were able to stream news, trailers, and hit videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, BBC iPlayer and Fox Go without any interruptions.

The First Look of Psiphon’s Official Website

Psiphon stands among leading free anti-censorship services with an official slogan “Beyond Borders”. The official website is sleek, simple and elegantly designed with upright options. In addition to this, site support is offered in 24 languages, ensuring censorship evasion to as many netizens as it can. Moreover, the download section in the site offers clients for different platforms.
Psiphon 2016 Review

Customer Support

After conducting our Psiphon review, we uncovered the following modes of customer support that are currently offered by Psiphon.

Before subscription, subscribers should keep in mind that Psiphon is free to use and its support channels shouldn’t be compared with those of premium online security tools.

Email Support System

Customer support is the first channel of assistance that a user seeks in times of trouble. Shockingly, Psiphon doesn’t offer 24/7 live tech support at the moment. But, being a free service, it still provides email support system. The email address for support system is specified in the ‘About Us’ page of Psiphon’s official website.

FAQs Section

The FAQs section aims to provide an instant solution to most common queries faced by users. It provides immediate assistance to questions related to authentication, usage policy, compatibility, installation, working mechanism, protocols, and troubleshooting.

Frequently ask questions about Psiphon

Psiphon For Windows

Psiphon Windows client comes as a relatively straightforward 4.92MB self-executable file which doesn’t require a traditional installation process. Once installed on a system, the program offers one-touch connection feature. Moreover, smooth interface and single-click dropdown servers selection makes Psiphon a preferred solution for unblocking sites.

Interestingly, Psiphon app can be sent through an email and other file sharing programs, as no installation process is required. Thus in our Psiphon review, we honor the app as one-click accessibility solution.

Psiphon For Windows

Psiphon For Android

Psiphon for Android devices offers superior unblocking experience than many premium evasion tools. The elegant duo-tone layout with upright connection option makes the app easy to use and understand. Moreover, a dedicated stats tab gives you usage details about sent/received data.

Psiphon For Android


Enjoy Unlimited Internet Access with Psiphon

Access YouTube With Psiphon

Having over a billion of users, YouTube stands as a leading on-demand entertainment site today. Being a subsidiary of Google, YouTube offers an extensive media library consisting of thousands of movies, trailers, hit videos, news, documentaries and everything that you want to stream. However, YouTube is banned in various countries due to the nature of its media.

To get around with the block, you can use Psiphon as a one-touch unblocking tool. Moreover, Psiphon allows you to access YouTube in Libya, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, China, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Brazil, North Korea and almost anywhere in the world.

Access Facebook With Psiphon

The largest social networking site “Facebook” needs no introduction. Having over 1.71 billion active monthly users, Facebook stands as leading social media platform. The popularity of Facebook lies on fantastic news feeds, wall posts, and updates from all over the world.

However, Facebook has been banned in various nations today including China, Iran, Bangladesh, Syria and other countries. To bypass the restrictions, users can use Psiphon as the best free option to access Facebook instantly from any corner of the world.

Access Other Blocked Websites with Psiphon

Apart from Facebook, there are many well-acclaimed blog spots, social networks, forums, on-demand entertainment services, VoIP services, news sites and much more that are blocked in various countries. To evade the restrictions, netizens use either VPN or proxy services at overpriced packages.

Psiphon on another hand is a free solution for instant access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, HBO Now, Fox Go, Channel Seven, Nine Network, BBC iPlayer, Vimeo, Reddit, Hulu, Pandora, 4oD and almost any block site from anywhere in the world for totally free.

Conclusion of Psiphon Review

After conducting our Psiphon review, we have discovered Psiphon as a perfect companion to unblock sites but an inadequate tool to protect one’s online privacy. There’re some shortcomings that need to be addressed including fewer protocols, fewer server locations, no live chat tech support, no dedicated IP offered and no app for iOS.

However, being a free service, Psiphon performs well when it comes to unblocking sites and services from within different countries. In addition to this, an appealing client for windows and android gives outstanding online experience to netizens who wish for one-touch accessibility.

In Psiphon review, we give their service a standard 2.5/5 score, based upon its service features, performance, and other offerings.

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