ProtonVPN Review 2018 – A VPN with Notable Freemium Service

VPNs provide us a way to utilize the internet without the additional worry of having our information stolen. They also assist us in having a more open access to the web.

However, as we all know, VPNs differ in features and capabilities. Best VPN include additional features such as kill switch and DNS leak protection.

Today, we will discuss ProtonVPN, the brainchild of the ProtonMail team.

ProtonVPN’s headquarter is based at the Switzerland. It offers freemium VPN service that means you can avail the service without any cost. With this, ProtonVPN also provides paid services.

In this ProtonVPN review, we will let you know about the features and other offerings of freemium service of ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN, something times written as Proton VPN, is one of the best free VPN service of 2018.


ProtonVPN Review – Pros and Cons


  • The service offers freemium version to the users
  • The subscribers can cancel the subscription at any time
  • In-built Kill Switch
  • Multi-hoping capability with Secure Core
  • OpenVPN and IKEv2(For Mac)
  • Tor Servers


  • The free service does not offer torrenting feature to the users
  • The free service is limited to only three countries
  • No custom app for Linux and iOS (yet)

ProtonVPN Review – Pricing & Plans


As per the findings of our ProtonVPN review, the service exclusively offers free version for potential users. In addition, you have luxury to select Basic, PLUS and Visionary pricing plans according to your own terms.

The basic pricing plan is available at the cost of $ 48 on yearly basis. It means you will have to pay $4 per month to use the plan. Likewise, the same goes for Plus and Visionary plans that you can avail by paying $96 and $288 on yearly basis. The ProtonVPN pricing of these plans suggest you will have to pay $8 and $24 on monthly basis.

If you want to avail the freemium plan of ProtonVPN, you will have to restrict to only three countries. Moreover, you are unable to get the multi-login feature on freemium plan. Still, it is a safe bet to opt freemium version of ProtonVPN for new users.

How to Use ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN is an easy to use online privacy service for the subscribers. Furthermore, the service offers impressive setup guides that make the lives of its users hassle-free. After conducting ProtonVPN review in detail, we were able to use ProtonVPN setup straightaway.

After downloading the ProtonVPN client on your devices like Windows and Mac, you do not need manual configuration at all. In addition, you can opt any IP address of your preference from within the client.

In addition, ProtonVPN has an app available for Android devices. But the iOS users are required to manually configure the service on their device. These users require OpenVPN app to avail the services of ProtonVPN.

ProtonVPN Features

Our ProtonVPN review unveils that the freemium version offers limited number of features to the users. You cannot experience different advantages like secure core, PLUS and Tor servers availability. However, you can opt the freemium version of ProtonVPN if you want to attain online anonymity free.

Here is the list of freemium version of ProtonVPN offers:

  • Provides alternate IP addresses to the users
  • The service does not log the personal information of the users
  • The service is based at Switzerland that follows user friendly privacy laws

ProtonVPN Easy to Use

When it comes to exploring the user-friendly application of the service, nothing comes close to ProtonVPN. According to our review, the Proton VPN free plan provides easy to use installation guides for all major platforms.

After following the tutorial guides, you are able to install the relevant ProtonVPN app or setup on your devices instantly.

ProtonVPN Protocols and Encryption Review

According to the findings of our ProtonVPN review, the service only offers OpenVPN protocol to for Windows, Android and iOS. The OpenVPN is the strongest protocol in terms of privacy and online protection. Therefore, the subscribers do not need to opt other protocols like PPTP, SSTP, IKEv1, or L2TP/IPsec to protect their online activities.

Interestingly, the OpenVPN protocol offers 256-bit military grade encryption by default. Hence, the users are unable to circumvent their online activities from ISPs and hackers to another level.

Secure Core

ProtonVPN provides secure core feature for additional security of the users. Through this feature, users can utilize double-hop servers that are routed through Sweden, Iceland and Switzerland.

In simple words, this feature allows users to access VPN chains from the ten secure core servers of ProtonVPN.

Unlike some other VPN providers, ProtonVPN does allow users to create multi-hop chains by themselves. Instead, the service performs this functions on its own.

In our ProtonVPN review, we found the secure core feature to have a certain disadvantage. Since the entry and exit points of the chain never change, it can be monitored and traced back to the user.

Meanwhile, self-configurable multi-hop features provide users the choice to create their own VPN chains. These chains are difficult to trace due to their inconsistent nature.

Kill Switch

Kill switch is in-built in the Windows and Mac clients of the service. It works as safety measure to protect your online identity.

Essentially, it disconnects your device to the internet whenever you lose your connection to the VPN. This prevents your IP address from being exposed to your local ISP and the website you are browsing.

There have been several issues in the kill switch feature of the service. In some instance, the feature fails to block the non-VPN traffic. While sometimes, it kills thee internet even if the VPN is connected.

ProtonVPN has brought several updates to fix this issue but many users are still facing this problem.

ProtonVPN Reliability & Support

Our ProtonVPN review discloses that the provider offers impressive customer section on its official website. By the help of these subsections, you can find the answers of all your queries in a timely manner. The users can contact the support team through support center that includes FAQs about troubleshooting, account activation, general information and accessing content.

Moreover, you can send your concerns and suggestions through and too. Similarly, the users may read the blog section to get the latest updates and relevant information about internet privacy and security issues.

However, we would like to see a benefit such as live chat supports that can improve the reputation of the brand to new heights. Thus, the users would be able to get the solutions of their different problems instantly.


ProtonVPN Social Media Review

According to our ProtonVPN review, the service has grabbed the attention of its target audience through social media quite well. This is because the brand is living up to the expectations of its users through its presence on various platforms. In particular, the reddit ProtonVPN account is extremely active in assisting the customers.

There are also other social media platforms on which ProtonVPN is making its presence known. These include:

  • ProtonMail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


You can send your media inquiries to support team through email

ProtonVPN Refund Policy/Money Back Guarantee Review

Those of us who use ProtonVPN free of cost do not have to worry about its refund policy.

However, the premium users may consider availing money back guarantee that lasts up to sixty days.

You can send your refund request to support team through email

Detailed Expert’s ProtonVPN Review

During our ProtonVPN review, we were able to find different responses of the user based on their experiences. Some of the users suggested that the Windows software surpassed the expectations of their subscribers.

On the other hand, there were users who recommended that the provider needed to improve its performance for mobile platforms. Likewise, there were subscribers not able to get the solutions of their queries at the earliest.

While there were different users who liked the overall performance and attributes of ProtonVPN. According to them, the service offers decent speed that allow anonymous web surfing hassle-free.

ProtonVPN Privacy and Logging Policy Review

The provider follows the internet privacy laws of Switzerland. Moreover, the privacy policy as per the findings of our ProtonVPN review retain information from ProtonVPN sessions like timestamp that provides awareness about how many devices are connected at a time.

When you connect to a ProtonVPN, the service records only timestamp of the last successful login attempt of the users. However, the said information is overwritten every time users log in.

Moreover, the service reserves the right to change its privacy policy for the users from time to time. Likewise, the service considers all the claims and disputes according to the jurisdiction of the Swiss Federal Court.


ProtonVPN Setup Options

When it comes to analyzing various ProtonVPN setup options, the users have luxury to install the service on their desired devices. This is because you can install ProtonVPN on your Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS devices instantly.

Above all, the installation guides are understandable and easy to use for the subscribers. Thus, the installation process does not take much of your time and completes within minutes.


ProtonVPN for Windows

The same notion applies for ProtonVPN Windows guide. It means you can download the Windows software from the download section available on the official website. Hence, you can start using the ProtonVPN Windows software on your Windows desktop straightaway.

ProtonVPN for Mac

ProtonVPN has recently released a beta app for macOS. As of yet, the app is only available for the paying users of ProtonVPN.

The macOS app of the service uses IKEv2 protocol which provides a superior level of online security. Through this app, you connect to ProtonVPN’s servers with a single click either through the server list or the map.

Furthermore, the app also has a kill switch feature. This feature prevents your IP from being leaked when your connection to ProtonVPN drops

Our ProtonVPN Mac review suggests that the provider also offers an OpenVPN client for Mac devices. To achieve your mission, you can take benefit of Tunnel Blick that works as free and open source VPN interface. Through Tunnel Blick, you can connect to the network of ProtonVPN with the help of OpenVPN protocol.


ProtonVPN for Android

Our ProtonVPN Android review discloses that the service provides a dedicated ProtonVPN Android app for the users. This is how you can install ProtonVPN app after downloading the Android app from Google Play Store.

Similarly, if you do not wish to use Android app on your mobile, you can still deploy any third party OpenVPN client. By doing so, you can obtain your ProtonVPN Android installation objective instantly.


ProtonVPN for iOS

Our ProtonVPN iOS review explores that the service allows the iOS users to obtain online freedom according to their own terms. For the users’ ease, ProtonVPN offers “OpenVPN Connect” app that enables the iPhone or iPad users to connect to secure servers of ProtonVPN.


According to ProtonVPN’s website, the providers are currently working on an iOS app.

ProtonVPN Servers Review

Our ProtonVPN review suggests that the provider does not have a huge server network on its free plan. The freemium version subscribers have to rely on the servers that are available only in three countries. We expect the service will add more servers in its armory by our next analysis.

The paying users on the other hand, are provided access to an adequate range of servers.

ProtonVPN Payment Methods Review

Our ProtonVPN review highlights that the service does not charge any payment from the users on its freemium service. For premium VPN subscribers, the service provides a compelling list of online payment options that includes:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Workaround available for paying through ProtonMail

Furthermore, the service is including BitCoin as an anonymous online payment option for users’ ease soon.

ProtonVPN P2P or Torrenting Review

Our ProtonVPN review explores that the provider does not encourage the users to perform P2P activities on its free service. Still, you can select paid versions of ProtonVPN to accomplish your streaming desires instantly. You may also consider using best VPN for torrenting for accomplishing your streaming needs.

Moreover, you can enjoy ProtonVPN P2P feature by availing the other plans like Basic, PLUS, and Visionary too.

ProtonVPN Speed Review

Our ProtonVPN review explores that the service does not offer immaculate speed on its free service.

Conversely, if you have a ProtonVPN premium account, you will experience better speeds and connectivity. This will enable you to perform your desired online tasks straightaway.

ProtonVPN Download Review

If you are a ProtonVPN subscriber, you can get the installation guides of different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. By doing so, you are able to make your ProtonVPN Android, ProtonVPN Windows, and ProtonVPN iOS setup process straightforward.

The same goes for mobile clients like iOS that transform your ProtonVPN iOS installation process to another level. Our ProtonVPN download analysis suggests that the provider is heading in the right direction in terms of download section.


ProtonVPN Netflix Review

Our Proton VPN Netflix review highlights that the service does not support Netflix streaming on its free plan.

Additionally, the paid packages offer numerous severs but only few of them are compatible with Netflix. We hope the service will improve its Netflix compatibility by our next update.

ProtonVPN Kodi Review

Unfortunately, ProtonVPN’s Kodi services are inefficient. This comes as a bad news for users who want to use Kodi on ProtonVPN.

The free service of ProtonVPN does not provide Kodi streaming facility to the users. This is why our ProtonVPN review suggests that the users should opt VPN for Kodi to watch their desired media content.

After connecting to your preferred Kodi VPN, you can access to region blocked content be it movies or TV shows from anywhere. Furthermore, you are able to protect yourself from the eyes of your ISPs and copyright holders.

ProtonVPN Review Reddit

According to our ProtonVPN review, the provider has strong presence on the famous interactive platform Reddit. However, the service has to improve its performance to another level to grab the attention of Reddit users. At present, the Reddit followers opt Reddit VPN than ProtonVPN.

On reddit, users from all around the share their experience related to different VPNs. One ProtonVPN China user suggests that the service works efficiently in the country.


Similarly, this Proton reddit review suggests that the service is gradually building an image as a top VPN provider.

Some thoughts on this product and company from ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Alternatives

ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN services with a generous freemium package. But there are other services that provide better encryption and security protocols. We have reviewed some of them below:

1. VyprVPN Review
2. Hola VPN Review
3. AirVPN Review
4. Hotspot Shield Review
5. Tunnel Bear Review

ProtonVPN Review – FAQs

Is ProtonVPN Secure?

Numerous users are skeptical when it comes to free VPN services. The popular saying goes; “If you are using something for free, you are the product”.

Some privacy advocates believe that free VPNs sell their customer information to third parties. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing if this actually the case with a VPN.

Therefore, it all comes down to trust. Whenever you use a VPN service, free or otherwise, you have to put your trust in them.

The best you can do to investigate a VPN’s authenticity is to give their privacy policy a thorough read. This way you can know your right and determine how the service runs it operations. You can also browse through different social media forums to see what other user are thinking.

As for ProtoVPN, it has a clear-cut privacy policy. The service provider states clearly that they do not maintain activity log of the customers. Moreover, the service is based in Switzerland which is has pro-privacy cyber laws.

Hence, we do not believe there are any serious security concerns with the service.

How can I create a Free ProtonVPN Account?

You can create a free ProtonVPN account by following these simple steps:

  • Go to ProtonVPN’s website
  • Click the Sign Up button on the upper right corner of the homepage
  • Select the free plan
  • Enter your desired Username, Password and an email address for recovery.
  • Select one of the human verification option: Email, SMS or Donate.
  • If you have opted for the donation option, make a payment and your account will be immediately verified.
  • If you have chosen email, then enter your email address and you will receive a verification code via mail.
  • If you have selected the SMS option, you will receive the verification code on your phone.
  • Enter the verification code that you have received.
  • Read the terms, condition, and click agree.

What Protocols are offered by ProtonVPN?

Our ProtonVPN review indicates that the service is secure in terms of tunneling protocols. This is because the service offers OpenVPN protocol that protects the users’ data and internet traffic to new heights. Moreover, the ProtonVPN setup is extremely secure since it has implemented the OpenVPN protocol in the best possible manner.

On the other hand, the beta Mac client of ProtonVPN also provides IKEv2 protocol to protect your connection. This protocol is relatively proficient in balancing speed with security.

Final Verdict

Our ProtonVPN establishes that the freemium version of ProtonVPN is an interesting choice for newbies. Moreover, the freemium service offers limited number of servers to its users that will increase with the passage of time. Furthermore, the provider has different benefits like social media presence on various platforms.

Likewise, you can contact the support team through email to get the answers of your questions related to installation or troubleshooting issues. ProtonVPN provides other features that include secure core, 256-bit military grade encryption, and tunneling protocol like OpenVPN.

However, you can experience the advantages of secure core feature when you avail the premium-pricing plan. Based on our detailed analysis, we recommend the users to opt service if they want to experience the benefits of true online anonymity and protection.

If you find issues while using ProtonVPN on your devices or want to know about our other best VPN reviews, send your feedback in the comments section below.

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