Protests Held as Hungary’s Hunger for Internet Tax Increases

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If there was anything left in the capitalist world, it was a proposal of tax on usage of internet. But thanks to the Hungarian government, we now have the first ever country that has come up with such a brilliant idea but and how hungarians reacted to it, let’s take a look

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Hungary Protest Internet Tax

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Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government proposed the revolutionary idea of internet tax in its draft 2015 tax bill and submitted it to the parliament last week. It is said that he has taken many anti-democracy steps to protect his regime and this is one of the many steps to curtail the freedom of speech.


To Orban’s surprise, tens and thousands of Hungarian Netizens took to the streets of Budapest to record their protests against the internet tax. The leader of the protestors said, “Eff off, nobody can take my internet away from me”.


The poor government was quick to react though and said that it was just trying to reduce the country’s debt by imposing various taxes on its people. The peaceful protest, however, turned into a heated one when some protestors threw peripherals at the windows of Fidesz headquarters. Protestors kept chanting “Tax is for su**ers” the whole time.


The initial suggestions proposed by Orban’s government would have seen the Netizens pay a tax fee of 150 forints per GB of data traffic. However, witnessing the outrage at the news, Fidesz promised to cap the limit of tax fee at 700 forints for consumers and 5000 forints for business, hoping that it would calm the angry protestors.

How wrong he was though…


Apparently the protests are likely to continue. Hungarians realize internet tax is anything but a tax. It is another form of censorship that will directly or indirectly affect their freedom of speech; at least this is what they believe.

Orban, however, has been left speechless after watching the fellow Hungarians crying foul for something that would truly cost them nothing except for a few bucks.


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