PrimeWire Unblock With These 25 working Proxy Mirror Sites 2018

PrimeWire Unblock With These 25 working Proxy Mirror Sites 2018

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PrimeWire is an impressive online media streaming service that helps you to find your preferred media content straightaway. Fortunately, you can watch your favorite movies without any subscription. This amazing free online media server was previously working under different names like LetMeWatchThis and 1Channel.

Through our guide, we will help you to attain your PrimeWire unblocked objective from anywhere hassle-free.

Is PrimeWire Legal or not?

PrimeWire offers video content such as movies to the users free. Furthermore, the service provides free streaming of movies in a legal manner.  However, you need to secure your digital privacy as the service follows the notion of DMCA in true letter and spirit.

In this case, you should connect to best VPN for torrenting to stream movies securely. By doing so, you can bypass legal issues to another level without any hassle.


25 Best PrimeWire Proxy Mirror Sites and Proxies

We have created an extensive list about PrimeWire mirror sites and proxies that helps you to achieve your PrimeWire unblocked objective. Still, you need to secure your online privacy through a VPN. It means these proxies do not protect your online activities according to your own terms.

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Accomplish PrimeWire Unblocked Mission from Anywhere

When it comes to fulfilling your streaming desires, nothing comes close to PrimeWire. Still, you should not overlook the phraseThere is no such thing as a free lunch”. It means you can become a victim of copyright infringement if you do not spoof your online locations from ISPs and copyright holders. Also try out a BBC iPlayer VPN if you are looking to run it from outside UK.

Still, you should not lose all your hopes because you have a VPN at your disposal. Through a VPN, you can bypass issues like region blocking instantly. Moreover, you will not find yourself in the hot waters of legal trouble if you opt a VPN.

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1. PureVPN allows you to watch LetMeWatchThis media content securely

PureVPN is an online privacy service that you can opt to unblock PrimeWire from anywhere. Moreover, it allows you to spoof your online location from Internet Service Providers as well as from copyright holders. Thus, you will not find yourself in the hot waters of legal troubles.


Pros of PureVPN

  • The service has 750+ servers in 141 countries
  • Offers torrenting feature to the users
  • Provides seven days money back guarantee feature to the subscribers

Cons of PureVPN

  • The provider does not have free trial benefit for the new users

2. NordVPN follows the Internet with no borders notion

NordVPN is a Panama based VPN service that offers online protection to the internet users from all around the globe. The service enables the users to watch their favorite PrimeWire TV shows and movies hassle-free.


Pros of NordVPN

  • The provider offers user-friendly apps for the subscribers
  • The service has 3556 servers in 61 countries worldwide
  • The provider offers 30 days money back guarantee benefit to the new subscribers

Cons of NordVPN

  • The users may experience slow internet speeds during peak hours

3. IPVanish Protects the Online Privacy of PrimeWire Users

IPVanish is another online privacy service you can choose to secure your online privacy. By doing so, you can overcome issues like geo-restrictions while attaining your PrimeWire unblocked objective. Furthermore, you can experience a list of interesting features that allow you to obtain anonymity from anywhere.

You can read our exclusive IPVanish review to know about the service in detail.


Pros of IPVanish

  • The service has 1000+ servers in 60+ countries
  • The provider offers dedicated apps for different platforms like Mac, Android, and iOS
  • The service offers 256-bit military grade encryption to the users

Cons of IPVanish

  • The service does not offer free trial feature to the users

4. PrivateVPN helps you to unblock PrimeWire straightaway

PrivateVPN is another online privacy service that you can select to improve your online privacy to new heights. The service offers tons of compelling features that enable the users to access any 1Channel movie or TV show from anywhere.


Pros of PrivateVPN

  • The service is compatible with all the leading platforms
  • The service provides a generous 30 days money back guarantee benefit
  • The provider has an appealing multi-login feature

Cons of PrivateVPN

  • The service does not have a huge servers’ network

5. Ivacy provides exclusive giveaways and other offerings to the users

Ivacy is a Hong Kong based Von service that helps the users to watch their favorite PrimeWire media content instantly. Likewise, you can opt different features that enhance your media streaming experience to the next level.


Pros of Ivacy

  • The service has 200+ servers in 50+ countries worldwide
  • The service offers a clear-cut privacy policy to the users
  • The service provides multi-login benefit to the subscribers

Cons of Ivacy

  • The users may face connectivity issues

PrimeWire Unblocked Reddit

Reddit is by far the most sought interactive platform that allows you to get the answers of your queries straightaway. You should not be surprised if you find PrimeWire unblocked notion followers in huge numbers on Reddit.

Here is the response of one Reddit user about PrimeWire unblocking in Australia. Luckily, another user responded and solved the query in no time.

PrimeWire Unblocked Twitter

Twitter is another interactive platform you can explore to find unbiased reviews about different stuff instantly. Yes, you read it correctly. Here is the response of one Twitter follower indicating you may find issues while using PrimeWire.

Similarly, there is another Twitter user suggesting about PrimeWire unblocked to access movies, TV shows and much more.

Wrapping Things Up

If you wish to achieve your PrimeWire Unblocked mission, you should read our exclusive guide. Thus, you can discover a comprehensive list of full-unblocked movies hassle-free. Likewise, you may watch PrimeWire TV shows and letmewatchthis movies according to your own terms.

However, not all the things are appropriate with PrimeWire streaming. This is because you have to use a VPN of your choice from the above-described list to secure your online privacy. By doing so, you can watch free movies unblocked on PrimeWire instantly.

Want to add something to the story, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.


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  1. Salvatore Ianni says:

    I don’t use PrimeWire as often as I used to. Too many pop-up ads show up when I go on a link. I would be more interested in seeing a FREE method to use Hulu and Hulu Plus from Canada.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Dear Salvatore Lanni,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback; yes, you are right, when you watch free media stuff, annoying ads may spoil your fun a great deal.
      Hulu is a paid streaming service that you can use in Canada through a VPN.
      Thanks for reaching out to us!!!

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