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Do you have to wait for hours to watch your favorite movie or TV show after completing the hectic download process? Good news, you will not need to wait anymore because with Popcorn Time you can solve this problem. Popcorn Time is an open source application that helps you to watch your favorite movies or TV shows instantly. We recommend Popcorn Time VPN if you are concerned about your security too since its restricted in few regions.

What is Chromecast?

A Chromecast helps you to access video content from different sources like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and others. You just have to plug Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port. You can use this device on both Windows and smartphones. Furthermore, you can use Popcorn Time Chromecast to witness wireless streaming on your TV.

How to Use Popcorn Time with Chromecast

This question comes on every Popcorn Time lover that how to use Popcorn Time with Chromecast. The answer of this question is quite simple. Since, you do not to spend much of your time to play Popcorn Time with collaboration of Chromecast. Here is how you can use Popcorn Time with Chromecast:

  • Turn on your Chromecast device
  • Now, you should start Popcorn Time app on your Windows, Mac or Linux device.
  • Choose your favorite movie you want to watch
  • There is a ‘Watch Now’ button given and next to it, there is an arrow provided with Popcorn Time logo.
  • Press the logo and select your Chromecast device.
  • Select movie quality along with subtitles and if you don’t want subtitles then don’t select
  • Press ‘Watch Now’ as Popcorn Time will start downloading
  • At 90% downloading, Popcorn Time will connect to Chromecast
  • Wait for a moment, now Chromecast will start playing the movie



Beware: Always make sure that you do not close Popcorn Time app because it will stop the streaming  

Stream Popcorn Time to Chromecast on Windows

Before streaming Popcorn Time Chromecast on Windows, make sure that the Chromecast and Windows are on the same Wi-Fi network. Popcorn Time does not support streaming through the LAN. Here is how you can stream Popcorn Time with Chromecast on Windows:

Steps to Stream Popcorn Time to Chromecast on Windows

  • Open Popcorn Time
  • Select the movie you want to stream
  • Wait for a moment and let Popcorn Time to connect
  • When it will start playing the movie, you will see a ‘Play On’ icon on the bottom right corner of Windows application
  • The icon changes it shape according to the selected device
  • Now, click the icon and choose your Chromecast device from the ‘Play On’ menu
  • After selecting Chromecast device in Popcorn Time app, you should enjoy streaming the content in your preferred screen

How to Download and Install Popcorn Time on Android

You have a privilege to download and install the Popcorn Time app on your Android devices instantly. You just have to follow simple steps and here is how you can download and install the app on Android.

How to Download and Install Popcorn Time on iOS

The process of downloading and installing the Popcorn Time on your iOS device is straightforward. However, you will need to install the Popcorn Time Installer on your computer. Here is the list of steps you should follow to download and install Popcorn Time on your iOS device.

  • Go to the official website, scroll down and select the iOS Beta
  • The iOS Beta will prompt you to download the installer on your system
  • Now, install the required Popcorn Time installer on your computer
  • Remember, you have installed the latest version of iTunes that has permission to access iOS
  • Open the iOS installer and connect it to your iPhone
  • Unlock your iPhone when prompted, click Trust when asked if you trust this computer
  • Now turn on the airplane mode on your device then the installation will start
  • After few moments, Popcorn Time should be installed on your iPhone
  • Unlock your iPhone and start using Popcorn Time but do not disable the airplane mode
  • When you will open the app for first time, a popup will appear asking if you trust the developer
  • Tap ‘Trust’ then turn off the airplane mode when the app opens
  • After disabling the airplane mode, the app will not be loaded
  • Now force quit the app through double clicking the home screen button and swipe up on the app.
  • When you will open the app again, you can access the whole Popcorn Time library on your iPhone

 Is it Safe to use Popcorn Time?

Seriously, it is a bit difficult question to answer. Being a Popcorn Time lover, you can stream the content directly from the app. On the other hand, you are risking your online identity a great deal. The official website indicates that the streamers should use the services of the app at their own risks. Since, Popcorn Times is illegal to use in different countries.

These countries include Australia, USA, UK, Germany and others where ISPs have started blocking the streaming service.

Is Popcorn Time legal?

Popcorn Time uses P2P and BitTorrent technology to broadcast video content to its viewers. Hence, the question itself is a tricky one to answer. Furthermore, the legality of the app becomes doubtful. However, the developers of the app recommend that the app works just like another search engine. The search engine allows you to find your desired content. Therefore, it is legal to use Popcorn Time.

Still, things are not all rosy because the app encourages the users to watch and share the pirated content. Consequently, the app crosses the legal boundary and the users could face the consequences in the shape of legal trouble.

Popcorn Time Reviews on Reddit

Popcorn Time app has become viewers’ first choice since its inception. However, the Reddit users are bound to use a Reddit VPN when they watch their favorite content through the app. Still, the situation has not changed the popularity of Popcorn Time much.


Thankful User from PopCornTime

Similarly, there are users those who have tried Popcorn Time Chromecast. Initially, they were facing issues but the developers of Popcorn Time have solved their problems.


Final Thoughts

Popcorn Time has already surpassed other streaming services by some good distance. The viewers find no issues while playing Popcorn Time Chromecast, which is the best part. The app allows you to watch your favorite streaming stuff on your own terms. What are you waiting for, connect Popcorn time app with your preferred device like Chromecast, iOS or Android. Start enjoying the benefits of this amazing integration instantly.

Do share your feedback in the comments section below if you find issues while watching your favorite content on Popcorn Time with Chromecast.

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