PIA Hacked; DNS Leaks Reveal IP Addresses of Users

VPN Hack DNS Leaks Reveal IP Addresses of Users

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A thread – now labeled as Misleading on Reddit – has revealed that the users of PIA VPN received an apology note through an email from their service provider in which they also discussed how their port forwarding feature was affected with a DNS Leaks attack and was still vulnerable.

PIA, in their response, claims that they had fixed the issue within 12 hours after it was brought to their attention but the researchers who had discovered the vulnerability in the first place revealed it was still vulnerable till the 26th of November, 2015. Though, PIA claims the attacker needed to specifically target you to invade your privacy they still they let their users down.

In its email, PIA claimed the desktop clients were most affected and needed an immediate fix (read: an update) whereas the other iOS, Android and OpenVPN Clients remained unaffected. While the news received the hype as expected, the marketing team of PIA did rather well to protect its image and reputation with an instant apology and an explanatory note.


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