PayPal and eBay Hacked: Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Again

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Syrian Electronic Army is active than ever before these days. Targeting organizations operating in different industries, Syrian Electronic Army is ready to set new records of hacking attacks in a year. After many organizations have already been victimized by Syrian Electronic Army’s attacks, PayPal and eBay have become the new targets this time. Syrian Electronic Army’s assault on EBay and PayPal were executed through MarkMonitor’s security infiltration. PayPal, one of the most trusted online transaction platform, and eBay, a leading online shopping website, were taken down simultaneously by SEA through an attack executed via an intermediary (MarkMonitor). Syrian Electronic Army hacked through domain registry, which eventually led SEA to victimize Paypal and eBay.

PayPal is one of the leading and the most trusted online transaction platform these days. Hence, this hacking operation by SEA has put millions in jeopardy – leaving their bank information and other confidential details vulnerable. Nevertheless, the Syrian Army affirmed that this operation was designed and executed to target the platforms only and not users. Furthermore, SEA also stated that no account information has been compromised. Syrian electronic army Syrian Electronic Army announced that the group retaliated against PayPal and eBay’s unavailability in Syria prohibiting Syrian natives to buy online or carrying online transactions for that matter. SEA said and I quote: “If your Paypal account is down for a few minutes, think about Syrians who were denied online payments for more than 3 years”. Syrian electronic army3 Later, it was revealed by the SEA that its hacktivist operation not only victimized eBay and PayPal’s official UK domains, but also of France and Israel. To leave its mark, SEA superimposed its logo on the websites it brought down. Th3 Pr0, a member of the Syrian Electronic Army, said that the logo appeared on the homepages for approximately 30 minutes. Syrian Electronic Army officially announced their victory providing a glimpse of the attack. The image given below is the snapshot of MarkMonitor (an online brand protection company) showing PayPal and eBay’s control panel under SEA’s charge.

The Syrian Electronic Army also leaked a snapshot of PayPal’s internal communication as another proof for the successful hack. ebay and pp breach PayPal and eBay did not respond to the situation or confirmed the attack promptly. There was no comment or official statement from any of the targets; however, PayPal later confirmed the attack via its official Twitter page. Furthermore, PayPal said that the issue has now been resolved and everything is under control.

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