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UltraVPN is a fairly new small service established in 2018. It was acquired by Aura (an American Internet Security company) in 2020 and became a sister to various other VPN services in New Zealand, including Touch VPN, Betternet, VPN360, and Hotspot Shield. UltraVPN advertises itself as ultra-fast, claiming to be capable of unblocking all types of content in New Zealand.

It also declares to be secure and protected with strong and uncrackable encryption. However, aside from this, the official website of the VPN doesn’t have more information about its features, so we had no idea about what to expect from the VPN.

To help potential customers decide whether it’s a safe service to invest in, we have observed and compiled the features of UltraVPN. In our UltraVPNreview in New Zealand, we will explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of this novel VPN.

Short on Time? Here Are Our UltraVPN Review in New Zealand’s Key Findings

  • Good Speed: When connected to UltraVPN, the speed remains fast. Even while being connected to several devices, the drop in speed will not be noticeable in New Zealand.
  • Strong Security Modes: UltraVPN follows industry-standard encryption protocols, an adequate leak protection mechanism, and many other security features.
  • Reliable Server Connection: UltraVPN has a small network with good coverage around the globe, providing stable and consistent connections in New Zealand.
  • Unclear No-logs Policy: Despite the company’s claiming no log collection, we observed the company owning UltraVPN collecting logs.
  • Ideal Streaming VPN: With the best streaming capabilities, UltraVPN can unlock popular streaming platforms in New Zealand, like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, and more.
  • Unblocks in China: UltraVPN declares to work in China and states bypassing the Chinese Great Firewall.
  • Restricted, but Reasonable Compatibility: UltraVPN is available and compatible with some major operating systems.
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee: No free trial comes with the UltraVPN. Users can opt for a money-back deal to test the features after signing up for a subscription. If you don’t like the services, you can claim a complete refund.

UltraVPN Review in New Zealand – Our Rating Criteria

To test the VPN performance and features for our UltraVPN review in New Zealand, we evaluated the performance on the basis of the following factors:


UltraVPN can generally be considered a low-cost VPN in New Zealand with a monthly payment plan starting from NZ$ 12.62. If you are interested in subscribing to an annual deal, the price comes down to NZ$ 7.88 per month.

For a 2-year subscription plan, the VPN price further drops to NZ$ 4.72 per month. All essential features are covered in this price range, such as unlimited bandwidth, market-competitive encryption, and protection on almost on devices.


UltraVPN has multiple pricing plans with different features available in New Zealand.

To subscribe to the deals, you can use PayPal or a credit card, such as Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, or Discover. For now, UltraVPN accepts no cryptocurrency or alternative methods in New Zealand.



UltraVPN provides several security features to protect your data from hackers and intruders by keeping it hidden. UltraVPN uses a combination of the following robust features in New Zealand:

  • Encryption: UltraVPN uses a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption standard for establishing a secure connection in New Zealand, which is usually hard or nearly impossible to crack. With this level of protection, you are safe from cyber threats of all kinds on the network.
  • Kill Switch: This feature offered by UltraVPN is inactive by default and needs to be enabled. It ensures your identity remains safe and personal data stays hidden even when the internet connection becomes unstable or drops suddenly. The kill switch shuts down your internet connection in case of unexpected internet disconnection to protect against data leaks in New Zealand.
  • Protocols: UltraVPN lets the user select the protocol of their choice from Hydra, IKev2 (IPSec), or Automatic which chooses the best combination of protocols for your network.
    We were a bit surprised to learn that UltraVPN doesn’t support OpenVPN, which is an open-source protocol updated after any vulnerability is found.


  • Malware Protection and Phishing Prevention: UltraVPN has built-in malware and phishing detection system to improve security. With these capabilities, your device stays protected from being infected by viruses. UltraVPN app has no ad-blocking feature so it can only prevent some ads, but the pop-ups on the websites can’t be eliminated.
  • Split Tunneling: This feature lets you choose websites or apps that you would want to access using your original IP address, excluded from the VPN tunnel. UltraVPN’s split tunneling is helpful for accessing LAN networks or local bank accounts. You can find the split tunneling feature, under the ‘Exclude domains’ in UltraVPN. Simply turn it on and add the websites that you prefer using outside the VPN.
  • IP, DNS, WebRTC Protection: UltraVPN comes with an IP leak protection feature to prevent any IP or DNS leaks. This feature is turned on by default. To test its capability, the PC app was tested for all WebRTC, IP, and DNS leaks, and successfully no leak was detected. UltraVPN also cleared all tests on Android devices by keeping the original location and browsing history.

Here’s our IP leak test results:


UltraVPN passed our IP leak tests.

Here’s our DNS leak test results:


UltraVPN passed our DNS test results easily.


UltraVPN was founded in 2018 and got sold to Aura in 2020. This company is registered in the United States under the title of “Intersections Inc.” While it may seem intriguing, the service now comes under the direct supervision of the Five Eyes Alliance, as the United States happens to be a prominent member of it.

Users from the United States will get their data handled by Intersections Inc, whereas Pango GMBH (a registered company in Switzerland) handles the data of people in New Zealand.

Although the US is not very privacy-friendly, Aura states a crystal-clear privacy policy and it doesn’t record any online activity. Countries like the United States and Australia have strict data retention laws. The internet service providers in these regions are supposed to record the websites visited by the user and the emails sent.

A VPN can encrypt your data, preventing your ISP and any other party on the network from reading your data traffic. Not just that, UltraVPN could also prevent our ISP from throttling our bandwidth while we were gaming.



To test UltraVPN’s speed in New Zealand, The Ohio-based super-fast server was loaded. At first, Aura’s VPN set to auto was tested with Aura’s super-fast Hydro protocol.

Apart from it, servers in the US, UK, and Hong Kong were tested. The lowest speed rate was recorded on the Hong Kong server which was about 45 Mbps, whereas the UK server recorded the highest download speed of 70.35 Mbps on average along with an upload speed of 33.88 Mbps.


UltraVPN servers provided sufficient speeds for browsing and streaming successfully.

The results show that Hydra is one of the fastest VPNs in New Zealand, making UltraVPN a good option for streaming at a satisfactory pace. However, it failed to maintain a consistent speed while conducting bandwidth-extensive activities, like torrenting and gaming. For that purpose, we always recommend ExpressVPN as the safest option! Not only does this VPN offers super-fast speeds, but also ensures that it remains the same throughout our activities.

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We have several streaming channels operating globally, but some of them have limited access to their broadcasts to only particular regions. Whenever you try to connect, these channels determine your location and block you immediately if they find you connecting from a restricted region.

This is where a VPN service rescues the users willing to stream content from restricted regions. It changes their IP address to match the server they have connected to.


With UltraVPN, you can enjoy video streams from international channels. It unblocks popular streaming services in New Zealand, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Channels UltraVPN ExpressVPN NordVPN
Amazon Prime

During our testing, we managed to access regional Netflix catalogs in the US, Canada, the UK, and Japan. Moreover, the provider also claims to unblock Australian, Indian, and German Netflix catalogs. However, we did experience a minor connection outage while connecting to its servers.

Apart from Netflix, we could also unblock Hulu after connecting to its US server. When tested for other services, Ultra VPN had no trouble accessing BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and ESPN Plus.

UltraVPN review in New Zealand for streaming is great, indicating its powerful unblocking capabilities.

Overall, we were totally impressed with UltraVPN’s performance. Despite being a low-budget VPN, it has the ability to unblock major streaming platforms, which will become a selling point for numerous customers in the future. If you’re not convinced by these tests, explore other services in our list of best-streaming VPNs in New Zealand.

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Does UltraVPN allow torrenting in New Zealand?

Yes, UltraVPN allows torrenting in New Zealand.

Torrenting is becoming popular amongst digital users to download TV series, movies, games, or books.

When you download any file via torrenting, your real IP address gets visible to all users exchanging the same file. You may lose your data or compromise your geographical location on the network.

In such cases, a torrenting VPN in New Zealand helps by masking your IP address and covering your online activities. UltraVPN is no exception and it allows P2P connections to support torrenting on all its servers worldwide.

Users can start with any server to begin torrenting with UltraVPN in New Zealand. However, we recommend connecting to the nearest server to get the best connection speed in New Zealand.

One of the limitations of UltraVPN is that it doesn’t offer port forwarding. It enables faster BitTorrent downloads. However, you can still use UltraVPN to download your favorite content online. Just a heads up, you might experience excruciatingly slow speeds while downloading files of above 1 GB.

If you’re an avid torrent user and want to have a headache-free experience, we will recommend ExpressVPN. This service excels at downloading huge torrent files at greater speed without compromising your security. ExpressVPN allows torrenting in New Zealand through its P2P-optimized servers spread across 105 countries.

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IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks

We tested the UltraVPN to check for leaks. From the results, it was evident that UltraVPN did not leak our original IPv4 or IPv6 address in New Zealand.

VPNs that fail to protect against IP, DNS, or WebRTC become useless and lose their worth for privacy purposes.

Leaks can let your Internet Service Provider peek into your network and see what activities you perform even while connected to the VPN. Even more dangerous is the fact that it can allow the websites you visit to identify your true IP address. This kills the purpose of having a VPN for privacy that you paid for.

We also tested UltraVPN for IP leaks and found no IPv6 with the VPN connection. This indicates that the VPN client is internally blocking IPv6 connections to prevent leaks. Additionally, we couldn’t detect any WebRTC leaks, which is a positive sign for the VPN.

Lastly, the test did not highlight any DNS leaks, ensuring your complete hold over your internet activities that even ISPs cannot snoop around by any means. To finalize, we didn’t find any details for our own ISP appearing in any of the results, which represents this UltraVPN to be a real privacy guard and one of the best secure VPNs in New Zealand.

To conclude, UltraVPN mentions that all the VPN apps have DNS leak protection by default, without the need to enable it.

So, is UltraVPN safe in New Zealand? Absolutely!

Trustworthiness – Privacy/No Logs

UltraVPN claims to secure your online activities by letting you stay anonymous in New Zealand. It also declares to be a logless VPN in New Zealand with no records of usage logs about its users while they are connected. Many latest VPN services use industry-leading 256-bit strong encryption to hide the browsing details by encrypting all traffic.

When you sign up for a new account, UltraVPN keeps the following information at that stage:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Payment details

When you start using the actual VPN app, UltraVPN gathers the following details:


An excerpt from UltraVPN’s privacy policy.

  • UltraVPN app and app version
  • The location of servers you have tried to connect to
  • Device hashes
  • Your country and internet service provider
  • Advertising IDs on mobile
  • Whether you have connected successfully or not, and the reason for failure in latter

UltraVPN server only collects this information to establish, maintain, fix, and support the services. It does not collect any information containing your real identity or your online activities.

Moreover, as evident from the above information, UltraVPN confirms that it doesn’t log records of the websites your visit, device identifiers, or any other detail about your online VPN usage.

However, it does collect your IP address information while establishing your VPN connection, but it encrypts and deletes the address immediately as your VPN session terminates. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities and scams at the time of payment submission during your VPN session.

Device Compatibility

UltraVPN is available on all major operating systems, including Android (5.0+), Windows (7+), iOS (11+), and macOS (10.12+). While the service works with numerous major operating systems in New Zealand, it doesn’t support Linux yet. That’s a major downside of this VPN! But don’t worry! For a good Linux VPN in New Zealand, we always recommend ExpressVPN.


Unfortunately, UltraVPN has no browser extensions and no support for routers or smartTV. We don’t find any information if the service plans to develop extra apps in the future. However, the currently available apps are completely stable and readily accessible for every platform.

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UltraVPN Alternatives in New Zealand

There are a few alternatives to UltraVPN in New Zealand, but if you are looking for an affordable VPN with excellent unblocking capabilities and strong privacy, we recommend ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN performs well in similar areas as UltraVPN as both have fast servers and interactive apps for all major platforms. With ExpressVPN, you can successfully access many Netflix regions, including the US and the UK. It can also unblock Hulu, HBO Max, iPlayer, and many other services.

Moreover, ExpressVPN boasts a huge network of 3000 in 105 countries, which is far more extensive than what UltraVPN currently holds. This allows you to connect to any of your preferred regions and enjoy local content regardless of your location.

Not just that, the service has been in business for several years and developed sufficient experience to cater to the needs of privacy-conscious individuals. The best thing is that it’s operating from the British Virgin Islands, which is not a member of the Five/Nine Alliance. Being an Offshore VPN, your data protection and online anonymity will rest assured with ExpressVPN.

Overall, it is an all-rounder, which allows unlimited bandwidth, ideal for avid intent users. Head to our detailed ExpressVPN review NZ for more comprehensive details.

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Does UltraVPN work in China?

Yes, UltraVPN works in China. It offers obfuscation in its Hydra protocol, helping it to disguise the traffic as normal HTTPS over port 443. This gives the ability to users in China to access websites banned by the Great Firewall. The Hydra Protocol should enable UltraVPN suitable for users in China.

Do we recommend UltraVPN in New Zealand?

After evaluating the VPN and compiling the findings, we have found UltraVPN a reasonable choice for multiple purposes in New Zealand. This UltraVPN review in New Zealand would serve as a guideline for users to help them decide whether they should go for it or not.

Overall, the price is reasonable compared to the features it offers and we have evidence of how deeply this VPN unblocks a lot of content. In terms of speed, it is exceptionally fast, making it a good option for individuals interested in unblocking foreign servers for streaming content or gaming on international platforms in New Zealand.

Moreover, it holds a strong security image and privacy policy by not recording personally identifiable data much. Interestingly, this VPN seems to bypass geo-censorship in countries, such as China if you stick to the Hydra protocol.

However, the service lacks servers, doesn’t support Linux, and operates from a Five Eyes Jurisdiction. However, with merits weighing higher, we would recommend users give it a try in New Zealand.