Can I Install NordVPN on my LG TV in New Zealand?

  • Last updated June 15, 2023
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How can I install and use NordVPN on LG TV

Unfortunately, like some Smart TVs, LG TV also does not support NordVPN natively. To get NordVPN for LG TV in New Zealand, you can either install this VPN service on your physical router or create a virtual router on your PC.

LG TV is one of the top Smart TV brands in the world. As these TVs run on WebOS, an operating system by LG, they support a diverse variety of streaming applications. But the availability of these apps tends to differ from country to country.

To unblock these geo-restrictions and get the full experience out of this device, you should pair NordVPN on LG Smart TV in New Zealand. To learn more about this VPN, check out our NordVPN Review in New Zealand.

Can I get NordVPN on LG Smart TV in New Zealand?

Yes, NordVPN works on LG Smart TV in New Zealand, however, you’ll need to set it up on a router first. After that, you’ll be able to provide a VPN connection to your Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or gaming console.

NordVPN ranks as one of the top VPNs in New Zealand. It offers one of the speediest connections among all VPNs. From our NordVPN speed test in New Zealand, we managed to get a downloading speed of 96.92 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection which is super-fast for streaming content in HD. With super-fast speeds, you can download torrents with NordVPN in New Zealand freely without any restrictions.

We also mentioned above that this VPN service unlocks all geo-restrictions like a champ. One can use NordVPN with Netflix in New Zealand to enjoy the best content available on this site. NordVPN’s Cybersec feature unblocks all annoying ads that hinder your streaming in New Zealand.

This VPN is not all that expensive but you can still avail of NordVPN’s free trial in New Zealand. Speaking about pricing, NordVPN’s lifetime plan doesn’t exist anymore, but it still offers a 2-year program that only costs NZ$ 6.53/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free.

At any time you believe that your requirements have been met and you do not need the service anymore, then you can always cancel your NordVPN subscription in New Zealand. if you have any query related to payments please visit our guide NordVPN with PayPal in NZ.

How do I set up NordVPN on LG Smart TV in New Zealand?

Follow the steps below to set up NordVPN on LG Smart TV in New Zealand through a physical router:

  • First, you need to check whether NordVPN supports the router you use. Click here to check whether NordVPN offers compatibility with your physical router.
  • After you’ve verified that your router is VPN-compatible, you need to open the admin page of your router and log in to it using the IP address present at the back of your router.
  • Visit the admin section after signing in to your account.
  • Choose a router file that you desire to be uploaded on your router after selecting ‘Firmware Upgrade’. Wait for your router to get updated.
  • Once you’re done, you can install NordVPN on your router in New Zealand and connect your LG TV to it.
  • To install NordVPN on a router, check out our NordVPN router guide in New Zealand.

How do I set up a virtual router in New Zealand?

To set up NordVPN on a virtual router in New Zealand using Windows 10, follow the steps below:

  • Switch on your computer. Go to Settings, then Network & Internet, then Mobile Hotspot. Switch your Mobile Hotspot on.


  • Go to Settings. Then click Network and Internet and Change adapter options.


  • Right-click on NordVPN Tap Adapter and select Properties.


  • You will find “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” under Sharing and click OK.
  • Connect your LG TV to the virtual router in New Zealand you just created, and you’re good to go. What’s best is that you can this method to set up NordVPN on Samsung Smart TV in New Zealand and other devices that don’t have native support for VPN.

How to Set up DNS on LG TV in New Zealand

To configure the Smart DNS feature on your LG TV in New Zealand:

  1. First, you will be required to Whitelist your IP address on the profile of your account. Please remember that we do not support IPv6, so you need to whitelist the IPv4 IP address.
  2. Switch your LG TV on and go to Settings. Scroll to Network > Select Network Connection.
  3. Click Start connection after making sure that you’re connected to a LAN/Wireless network.
  4. Select your Network > Other Network List > Set Expert Button.
  5. Select your Network Connection.
  6. Select Manual Tab after scrolling down to the DNS mode. Enter and Click OK.

Why is my NordVPN not working in New Zealand?

Here are some tips for you if your NordVPN app stops working on your LG TV in New Zealand:

Alter your firewall settings:

Many firewalls do not work with VPNs and get disconnected abruptly. To eliminate that, you should visit your firewall settings and add your VPN service to exceptions.

Reset your VPN app:

Disconnect from the VPN and restart the app. Now try connecting to a different country server to get a fresh IP address.

If you’re still facing any bugs or glitches, then check if your app is updated or not. If it’s updated and still won’t work on your LG TV in New Zealand, try reinstalling your VPN.

Contact customer service:

You can always contact NordVPN’s customer service for any of your queries. NordVPN has an active 24/7 customer chat support service that users can use at any time.

In case your NordVPN app keeps disconnecting, you can check out our NordVPN troubleshooting guide in New Zealand to solve this problem.

In Conclusion

This article is a step-by-step guide to set up and use NordVPN on LG Smart TV in New Zealand. Installing NordVPN or any other best VPN for LG Smart TV in New Zealand is not directly possible. You need to set it up on your router in New Zealand.

The installation process may require some struggle, but it will be worth the hassle in the end. Setting up NordVPN on LG Smart TVin New Zealand will allow you to access and enjoy all geo-restricted content at any time from New Zealand.

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