How to Set Up and Use ExpressVPN on MikroTik in Newzealand

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Setting up ExpressVPN on MikroTik isn’t as hard as it seems. Follow this step-by-step guide to set up ExpressVPN on MikroTik in Newzealand.

ExpressVPN MikroTik router configuration is a breeze, allowing users to seamlessly integrate the top-tier VPN service with the advanced networking capabilities of the MikroTik device. MikroTik routers are one of the best routers one can own in NZ, offering premium services to users.

MikroTik runs the RouterOS operating system and offers users the best network routers, wired and wireless operating systems, and network switches. Running ExpressVPN with MikroTik routers in NZ provides an added advantage to users. Not only is the process less complex than the rest of the VPNs, but it also offers the best service than the rest.

ExpressVPN is a top-tier and the best VPN for New Zealand without question. Check out its features in our ExpressVPN review in NZ to read why I claim that.

Therefore, I highly recommend reading our blog to learn more about top VPNs in NZ.

How Can I configure ExpressVPN on MikroTik in Newzealand router?

You can configure Express VPN MikroTik router by following the steps below:

Step 1: Check Mikrotik OS Version

  • Verify that your Mikrotik OS version is at least 6.39.1. If it’s older, update it to this version or a newer one.

Step 2: Import OpenVPN Certificates

  • Access your ExpressVPN account using Express VPN login and download the router OpenVPN configuration files.
  • You only need two files: “client.crt” and “client.key.”
  • Upload and import these certificates to your Mikrotik device.

Step 3: Create an OpenVPN PPP Profile

  • Create an OpenVPN PPP profile on your Mikrotik device.
  • Ensure you configure it without using UDP, LZO compression, and username/passwords since they are not mandatory.

Step 4: Create an OpenVPN Interface

  • Establish an OpenVPN client interface on your Mikrotik router.
  • Make sure to use your router’s actual IP address.
  • Do not set a username and password, as they are not required.

Step 5: Configure the Firewall

  • Set up firewall rules to manage your OpenVPN connection.

Step 6: Configure Masquerade

  • Add a masquerade NAT rule to allow traffic through the OpenVPN client interface.

Step 7: Configure Policy-Based Routing

  • Define the resources you want to route through the OpenVPN client. You can specify domains or IP addresses.

Step 8: Configure Mangle

  • Set up a mangle rule to mark packets originating from your local network and destined for the internet with a mark named ‘vpn_traffic.’

Step 9: Configure Routing

  • Inform the router that any traffic marked as ‘vpn_traffic’ should be routed through the VPN interface.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to set up the Mikrotik OVPN client with the specified requirements. Please refer to the ExpressVPN Router setup center for more detailed information.

Step 2 of Bestwebua’s OpenVPN setup guide also provides detailed instructions with relevant codes on how to complete the various setup steps. If those prove to difficult, you can try getting a preconfigured router to use with your VPN subscription.

What are the benefits of ExpressVPN in NZ?

ExpressVPN offers multiple security features that allow users to enjoy the online privacy it offers in NZ:

1. Multiple server locations: 

ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers all over the world to access all geo-restricted content. This enables users to stream content from all over the world by staying completely anonymous and unidentified by their Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the government. Using this VPN’s servers, you can watch Netflix with ExpressVPN in NZ easily.

2. Amazing speed:

Being the top VPN, ExpressVPN offers incredible speed on its servers for users to enjoy.

Based on our ExpressVPN speed tests in NZ, this VPN offers an average speed of over 80 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. It also offers the best speed on ExpressVPN’s P2P-optimized servers in NZ. This means that you can get a fast torrenting speed in NZ on any server whenever you like without anyone knowing.


Best of all, you wouldn’t have to compromise your privacy in NZ. Thanks to ExpressVPN’s kill switch, your IP address will never leak out. Trust me; you wouldn’t want that happening.

3. Device compatibility:

ExpressVPN enables users to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously on a single ExpressVPN account. You can easily connect this VPN to your smartphone and PC or use ExpressVPN on your Samsung Smart TV in NZ.

ExpressVPN may be slightly on the pricier end, but you can always go for a long-term plan to avail of exceptional discounts as ExpressVPN’s lifetime plan isn’t offered anymore. If you get bored or look forward to switching, you can always go for canceling ExpressVPN’s subscription in NZ.

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For more in-depth steps, check out our ExpressVPN router setup guide in NZ.

FAQs: ExpressVPN on MikroTik in NZ:

ExpressVPN is likely supported by MikroTik routers, given its reputation, widespread compatibility efforts, and evidence from various resources suggesting its use with MikroTik devices in New Zealand.

To add a VPN connection on a MikroTik router, access the router’s web interface, create a new PPP interface with VPN settings, and configure firewall rules for routing traffic through the VPN.

ExpressVPN does work well in New Zealand and is considered one of the best VPN choices for users in the country.

Yes, you can use ExpressVPN on a MikroTik router in New Zealand. Download the necessary ExpressVPN configuration files, import them into your MikroTik router, and configure the VPN connection using either the L2TP/IPsec or OpenVPN protocols.

ExpressVPN on a MikroTik router in New Zealand might not work due to setup complexities, protocol compatibility issues, router limitations, and performance impacts resulting from advanced settings.

ExpressVPN on MikroTik in New Zealand is not free; however, its cost varies depending on the subscription plan. The Express VPN NZ cost ranges from $13 per month to $100 per year, offering excellent value for its top-tier security and performance features.

The best VPN for the Mikrotik router would be the one that supports the WireGuard protocol. NordVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost all support WireGuard protocol and hence are all suitable options. However, ExpressVPN offers an alternative protocol called Lightway that is considered faster and safer than WireGuard.

ExpressVPN is widely regarded as the top choice for VPN services in New Zealand, offering fast speeds, robust security features, and an extensive server network.


Through this guide, you will be able to complete the Mikrotik ExpressVPN setup in NZ easily. By installing ExpressVPN on MikroTik in Newzealand, you will be able to secure all the devices in your home simultaneously. Utilizing Mikrotik ExpressVPN’s OpenVPN configuration on a router offers a potent solution for individuals seeking to enhance security within their home network.

If you’re still unconvinced, opt for ExpressVPN’s free trial in NZ. Test the service first and then decide for yourself. If the VPN disconnects at any time or you face any connectivity issues, check out our ExpressVPN troubleshooting tips in NZ to sort things out.

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