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Watch Iran vs Syria in New Zealand on CBS [Quick Steps]

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  • Enjoy watching the live match between Iran vs Syria on January 23rd, 2024.

Where to Watch Iran vs Syria in New Zealand?

The Iran vs Syria AFC Asian Cup Round of 16 match is available for streaming on CBS. However, if you’re in New Zealand, geo-restrictions might prevent you from accessing the platform. To bypass these geo-restrictions, it’s advisable to use ExpressVPN.

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Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Iran vs Syria in New Zealand on CBS?

To watch Iran vs Syria in New Zealand on CBS, a VPN is necessary due to geo-restrictions and exclusive broadcasting rights.

A top-quality VPN for CBS helps circumvent these geographical limitations by connecting you to a US-based VPN server. This reroutes your internet traffic via the respective server, effectively masking your actual IP with a US IP address. This enables you to watch Iran vs Syria in New Zealand on CBS.

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What is the AFC Asian Cup?

The AFC Asian Cup is a prestigious international football tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). It is the second oldest continental football championship in the world, following the Copa América. The competition, which began in 1956, is held every four years and features national teams from across Asia.

The tournament serves as a showcase for Asian football talent and has grown significantly in stature and popularity over the years. It includes a qualification phase leading up to a final tournament held in a host nation. Teams compete in a series of matches, including group stages, knockout rounds, and ultimately, the final match, where the champion of Asian football is crowned.

The AFC Asian Cup has seen various winners over the years, with Japan being one of the most successful teams in the tournament’s history. The competition not only celebrates football but also promotes sportsmanship and unity among the diverse nations of Asia.

What is the Format of AFC Asian Cup?

The format of the AFC Asian Cup has evolved over the years, especially as the number of participating teams has increased. As of my last update in April 2023, the format is as follows:

  • Teams and Group Stage: The tournament typically features a set number of teams (24 teams since the 2019 edition). These teams are divided into groups (six groups of four teams each in the 24-team format). Each team in a group plays against the other three teams in a round-robin format.
  • Points System: Teams earn points based on their performance in each match (three points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss).
  • Advancement to Knockout Stage: The top two teams from each group, along with the best third-placed teams (the number can vary based on the tournament structure), advance to the knockout stage.
  • Knockout Stage: This stage includes the Round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final. These matches are single-elimination, meaning the losing team is immediately out of the tournament. If a knockout match ends in a draw, it is usually followed by extra time and, if necessary, a penalty shootout to determine the winner.
  • Final: The two teams that advance through the knockout stages meet in the final. The winner of the final is crowned the AFC Asian Cup champion.
  • Host Nation: The host nation is typically granted automatic qualification to the tournament.

When is Iran vs Syria?

The AFC Asian Cup Round of 16 match between Iran and Syria is set for Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

For those looking to stream the Iran vs Syria in New Zealand on CBS, it’s advisable to use ExpressVPN for uninterrupted access to the service.

What is Iran vs Syria Start Time?

The AFC Asian Cup Round of 16 match between Iran and Syria will start at 11:00 a.m. ET.

But, if you’re planning to stream the Iran vs Syria match in New Zealand on CBS, you might encounter geo-blocking issues. Using ExpressVPN can bypass these geo-restrictions, allowing you to enjoy the game’s stream seamlessly.

Iran vs Syria Venue

The venue for the Iran vs Syria is the ABDULLAH BIN KHALIFA STADIUM in Doha, Qatar.

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Iran vs Syria Teams and Squads

For Iran vs Syria, both teams have lined up strong squads.

Here’s a look at the possible Iran vs Syria lineups for this do-or-die match:

Iran’s Possible Lineup

  • Goalkeeper: A. Beiranvand
  • Defenders: S. Moharrami, M. Kanani, S. Khalilzadeh, E. Hajsafi
  • Midfielders: S. Ghoddos, S. Ezatollahi
  • Forwards: S. Azmoun, A. Gholizadeh, M. Ghayedi, M. Taremi

Syria’s Possible Lineup

  • Goalkeeper: A. Madanieh
  • Defenders: A. Oues, A. Ousou, T. Krouma, M. Alajaan
  • Midfielders: M. Alaswad, J. Elias, E. Ham, Ramadan
  • Forwards: I. Hesar, P. Sabbag

These lineups showcase a mix of experienced players and rising stars, promising an exciting clash between the two teams.

Where to Stream Iran vs Syria Live?

You can watch Iran vs. Syria Live on CBS.

However, if you are in New Zealand, you will have to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Iran vs Syria Head-to-Head Stats

Since 2005, the soccer teams of Iran and Syria have faced each other in 12 matches.

  • Iran emerged victorious in 7 games (scoring 21 goals, with an average of 1.8 goals per game).
  • Syria won none (scoring 3 goals, with an average of 0.3 per game).
  • 5 matches ended in a draw.

The historical head-to-head results between Iran and Syria show an Asian Handicap Win Rate of 50.0% and a Total Goals Over Rate of 66.7%.

What is the Ticket Price of Iran vs Syria?

The cost of tickets for Iran vs Syria differs based on the category and location of the seats. The various ticket categories are priced as follows:

  • Category 3 Tickets: Starting from around $168 per ticket.
  • Category 1 Section 20: Each ticket is approximately $186.
  • Category 1 Block 24: Premium tickets priced at $385 each.
  • Category 3 Tickets: Available for roughly $458 each.
  • Category 2 Tickets: These are priced at $541 per ticket.
  • Category 1 Tickets: This top-tier category has tickets starting at $666 each.

What are the Predictions for Iran vs Syria?

Based on the head-to-head record, it is expected that Iran will win the match.

However, anything can happen. To catch the match live in New Zealand, tune in to CBS with ExpressVPN.

What is the Prize Money for AFC Asian Cup Winner?

The total prize is $14.8 million, with the winning team receiving $5 million in cash.

This is a substantial achievement, especially given the high level of skill and dedication needed to triumph over the top football nations in Asia!

The reigning champion of the AFC Asian Cup not only earns the prestigious title of continental champion but also receives a significant financial reward.

Who is the Best Team Among Iran vs Syria?

Iran is considered the best team among both because of its strong squad, and mainly because the team has won more matches when they have faced each other.

What is the schedule of AFC Asian Cup?

Date Time (ET) Stage Match Up Result
23-Jan 11:30 AM Group B Australia vs Uzbekistan
23-Jan 11:30 AM Group B Syria vs India
23-Jan 3:00 PM Group C Iran vs UAE
23-Jan 3:00 PM Group C Hong Kong vs Palestine
24-Jan 11:30 AM Group D Iraq vs Vietnam
24-Jan 11:30 AM Group D Japan vs Indonesia
25-Jan 11:30 AM Group E Jordan vs Bahrain
25-Jan 11:30 AM Group E Korea vs Malaysia
25-Jan 3:00 PM Group F Saudi Arabia vs Thailand
25-Jan 3:00 PM Group F Krygyz Republic vs Oman
28-Jan 11:30 AM Round of 16 Australia vs Indonesia
28-Jan 4:00 PM Round of 16 Tajikistan vs UAE
29-Jan 11:30 AM Round of 16 Iraq vs Jordan
29-Jan 4:00 PM Round of 16 Qatar vs Palestine
30-Jan 11:30 AM Round of 16 Uzbekistan vs Thailand
30-Jan 4:00 PM Round of 16 Saudi Arabia vs South Korea
31-Jan 11:30 AM Round of 16 Bahrain vs Japan
31-Jan 4:00 PM Round of 16 Iran vs Syria
2nd-Feb 6:30 am Qtr. Final Tajikistan vs Jordan
2nd-Feb 10:30 am Qtr. Final Australia vs South Korea
3rd-Feb 6:30 am Qtr. Final Iran vs Japan
3rd-Feb 10:30 am Qtr. Final Qatar vs Uzbekistan
6th-Feb 10:00 am Semi Final Jordan vs South Korea
7th-Feb 10:00 am Semi Final Iran vs Qatar
10th-Feb 10:00 am Final Qatar vs Jordan

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Subscribers can usually access CBS All Access original programming and exclusive shows when traveling in New Zealand. However, the availability of specific content might vary due to regional licensing agreements and restrictions. Using a VPN to access the service with a US IP address can be a solution.

Signing up for CBS All Access in New Zealand involves using a VPN to access the service. The available content may differ due to licensing agreements specific to each region. Subscribers might find some shows and programs exclusive to the US version not available in other regions.

No, Syria has participated in the AFC Asian Cup 7 times (1980, 1984, 1988, 1996, 2011, 2019, and 2023). Unfortunately, in all six of these editions, Syria could not advance beyond the group stage.

Wrap Up

To watch Iran vs Syria in New Zealand on CBS, it’s recommended to use a VPN like ExpressVPN, ensuring you won’t miss the live-action.

ExpressVPN provides a selection of US servers for smooth, uninterrupted streaming; subscribe now and bypass geographical limitations!