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Have you been struggling with streaming the latest episode of “Chucky” on USA Network in New Zealand? Like many other services, USA Network is geo-restricted. If you want to stream this channel at home, you need the best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand.

USA Network is an exclusive American channel that grew in popularity through its long-standing association with WWE. But you can’t access their content unless you have a US IP address. However, not every provider is capable of effectively unblocking and accessing the USA Network in New Zealand.

After testing 45+ VPNs, I have compiled a list of the best VPNs to access USA Network in New Zealand. Out of them, ExpressVPN is my top choice, known for its fast service, compatibility with US Netflix, and major US TV networks, boasting top-notch security and privacy measures, while Surfshark offers an affordable VPN option.

Read on to learn more about the best VPNs for USA Network in New Zealand.

Quick Overview – Best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand

Are you short on time? Well, don’t worry! Go through the given short glance of my selected VPNs to choose the best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand:

Why a VPN is Needed for USA Network in New Zealand?

You need a VPN to unblock USA Network in New Zealand because the channel is geo-restricted and available only in the US. Due to the licensing rights of USA Network, you won’t get its access if you’re living in New Zealand or planning a trip to Canada. If you try to access it without a VPN, you will encounter this error:

“This video is not available in your location.”

usa-network-geo-restriction-error-in-New Zealand

I got this geo-restriction error upon accessing USA Network in New Zealand without a VPN.

So, is USA Network available in New Zealand? Yes, it is but not directly. A VPN assigns you a temporary US IP address in New Zealand and unblocks USA Network pretty easily.

However, you’ll need a strong VPN to pass through restrictions in such situations. As per my tests, ExpressVPN is the best VPN, as it rapidly unblocks restrictions, allowing easy access to USA Network in New Zealand.

Best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand – [In-depth Analysis 2024]

I have selected the VPN that works with USA Network in New Zealand, delivering fast speeds, working on multiple devices, and more. Here is a detailed analysis of the best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand


ExpressVPN is the best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand that offers incredible speed, great unblocking features, top-quality encryption, and a good server setup of 3000+ servers in 105 countries. In total, it offers 25+ server locations in the United States.

I decided to conduct my investigation to verify all of ExpressVPN’s claims. For that, I ran some tests on the ExpressVPN service. Starting with unblocking features, I tested ExpressVPN and was able to easily bypass USA Network’s restrictions in New Zealand by connecting your device to the nearest US server.

I noticed USA Network was performing admirably on the Los Angeles – 1 server. Afterward, I accessed Barmageddon and experienced uninterrupted fast UHD streaming in New Zealand.

expressvpn-unblocked-usa-network-in-New Zealand

I could enjoy the first episode of this show in HD with ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN has proven itself to be one of the most capable VPNs for USA Network. After connecting to its US server, you can also surf on other channels like UPTV, Buzzr, Netflix US, ABC, and more. Due to my excellent experience using ExpressVPN to unblock WWE, I now consider it to be the best VPN for WWE Network in New Zealand.

Similarly, I conducted an ExpressVPN speed test in New Zealand, and it demonstrated that it is extremely fast in almost every term. On connecting to a 100 Mbps internet connection, ExpressVPN managed a surprising download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an incredible upload speed of 84.64 Mbps.

Expressvpn-speed-test-on-100-mbps-in-New Zealand

This speed is enough to stream in high resolution.

In terms of connection, ExpressVPN offers very few devices. You can only connect up to eight devices to a single subscription. Your Android TV, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, iPad, Macbook, tablets, and laptop (Windows or Linux) are some examples of these devices.

To encrypt internet traffic, ExpressVPN uses a highly efficient encryption mechanism. ExpressVPN uses strong 256-bit encryption. This kind of encryption method is impenetrable to hackers, so you can completely rely on ExpressVPN’s encryption.

Additionally, you can easily ask customer support if you’re facing any trouble or issues with your account. Customer support is available to help you at any time you want. Furthermore, if you want to check out the best VPN service, you can simply try a 7-day ExpressVPN free trial in New Zealand on the iOS and Android versions.

In terms of pricing, the provider offers great value at competitive rates, making it straightforward to understand the investment in your online security. Each plan is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, check out my comprehensive ExpressVPN review in New Zealand.

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  • Effortlessly accesses US Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime with high security
  • Offers strong security and privacy safeguards
  • Includes around-the-clock live chat support


  • Limited customization options could disappoint advanced users

2. Surfshark – Budget-Friendly VPN for USA Network in New Zealand


Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN for USA Network that lets you enjoy all top-notch features like a good encryption mechanism, great speed, advanced privacy features, and a great number of servers, including 3200 servers in 100 countries at pocket-friendly price.

To check all the important features of the Surfshark, I put it through a strict test. I connected my device to Surfshark’s Boston server and tried accessing USA Network in New Zealand, which worked very well. As a result, I can conclude that Surfshark is a capable VPN for unblocking USA Network in New Zealand.

surfshark-unblocked-usa-network-in-New Zealand

I could enjoy streaming Life in a Fast Lane with Surfshark without any lags.

You can use the same VPN to access any other USA channel in New Zealand as well as content from other countries including Crackle, BBC iPlayer, ABC, MTV, and others.

Besides unblocking features, I conducted a Surfshark speed test in New Zealand. In every aspect, the speed was very nice. Over a 100 Mbps connection, a great downloading speed of 81.32 Mbps and an upload speed of 76.12 Mbps were achieved. This proved ExpressVPN to be a fast VPN for streaming USA content in New Zealand.

Surfshark-speed-test-in-New Zealand

I achieved blazing-fast speed results on its US servers.

Surfshark offers unlimited devices to connect at the same time. The Surfshark app is available for tablets, Android phones, iPhones, and iPads. A desktop version for both Windows and Mac systems is also available on Surfshark. This VPN is also compatible with your TV platforms like Nvidia Shield TV, FireTV, and Android TV.

Surfshark is ideal in terms of security. It uses a very modern encryption mechanism to protect your important data from leakage. Surfshark uses a 256-bit encryption mechanism. This is a unique type of encryption technology that is almost impenetrable.

Surfshark’s pricing is quite reasonable. It provides top-quality service to users in New Zealand at very pocket-friendly prices. The VPN also has a 7-day Surfshark free trial in New Zealand to try its features without any cost.

Ordering Surfshark now will provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moroever, its 24/7 available customer support is very helpful if you face any issues with the service.

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VPNRanks readers can enjoy a special Surfshark offer! Grab it now at NZ$ 4.08/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee.

To learn more about this affordable USA Network Canada VPN, check out my thorough Surfshark review in New Zealand.


  • Successfully bypasses geo-restrictions on major US platforms
  • Supports an unlimited number of devices simultaneously
  • Adheres to a strict no-logging policy for user privacy
  • Equipped with robust security measures
  • Allows users to register without revealing personal information


  • Offers a smaller server network compared to competitors
  • Experiences sporadic slowdowns on certain servers

3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network VPN for USA Network in New Zealand


NordVPN is the largest VPN network for USA Network that consistently holds a high rating in the market. This VPN is popular due to its great unblocking capability, and fast speed. With a large server network of 3000 servers in 61 countries, NordVPN has distributed 1970+ servers in America.

To understand all the features and verify the company’s claims, I decided to test this VPN service for accessing USA Network. At the start, I evaluated NordVPN’s unblocking capability by connecting to its Atlanta server and afterward tried accessing USA Network, which was running without any issues. It was a very exciting experience to stream USA Network on NordVPN in New Zealand.

nordvpn-unblocked-usa-network-in-New Zealand

I streamed Nightmare Shark in high definition with NordVPN.

Besides checking unblocking features, I also managed to check how efficient this VPN is in terms of speed by conducting a NordVPN speed test in New Zealand. On a 100 Mbps connection, NordVPN provided a very interesting download speed of 83.82 Mbps and a reputable upload speed of 44.64 Mbps.

NordVPN-speed-test-in-New Zealand

NordVPN proved to be a true streaming VPN by delivering fast-speed results during my test.

NordVPN provides its users with a good number of simultaneous connections compared to other alternatives. After purchasing a single membership, you can connect at least six devices simultaneously. These can be mobile devices such as an Android phone or an iPhone or desktop devices such as a Windows PC, a Linux computer, or any laptop.

Similarly, in terms of security and surveillance, NordVPN is nearly unbreakable. NordVPN’s strong encryption mechanism protects users from all cybersecurity threats in New Zealand. It protects your data with the help of AES-256 encryption, which is unquestionably the most modern encryption method. If you have this encryption technology in New Zealand, you can surf without any problems.

NordVPN subscriptions are fairly economical but you can also try the service out commitment-free through the 7-day NordVPN free trial in New Zealand. Each plan is backed by a 30-day money-back policy.

Furthermore, NordVPN guarantees outstanding customer service. If you have any concerns regarding the service or have problems with your account, you may contact NordVPN’s support team, who will gladly assist you 24/7.

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VPNRanks readers can enjoy a special NordVPN offer! Grab this USA Network Canada VPN now at NZ$6.54/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free

If you want to learn more about this VPN provider, check out my thorough NordVPN review in New Zealand.


  • Access to 1970+ US servers ensures widespread unblocking capabilities.
  • Always maintains secure, encrypted connections.
  • An excellent choice for both torrenting and streaming due to its value.
  • Provides round-the-clock customer support through live chat.
  • Delivers the highest speeds among tested VPNs.


  • The automatic server selection might not meet everyone’s needs.

Best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand: Quick Comparison

Compare the best VPNs for USA Network in New Zealand with my quick comparison table. At a glance, you can evaluate features, pricing, server count, and more, making it easier to choose the VPN that fits your needs:

VPNs expressvpn-logo Surfshark-logo NordVPN-logo
 Ranking 1 2 3
Number of servers 3000+ servers in 105 countries 3200 servers in 100 countries 3000 servers in 61 countries
No-Logs Policy Strict Strict Strict
Popular Sites Unblocked Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more Netflix, Paramount+, Crunchyroll, and more
Supported Devices Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Routers, Smart TVs Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Simultaneous Connections 8 Unlimited 6
Download Speed 89.42 Mbps 81.32 Mbps 83.82 Mbps
Best Deal NZ$ 10.93/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) NZ$ 4.08/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) NZ$ 8.02/mo (US$ 4.89/mo)

Best VPNs for USA Network in New Zealand – Methodology

Selecting a VPN service with the most promising features is a complex task because there are numerous things to check before choosing the best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand. Here, I’ll discuss how I choose a VPN and why you should trust my selections:

  • Encryption— I always prefer a VPN in New Zealand that uses the most recent encryption technology, such as the AES-256 bit. This encryption protocol is well-known for being unbreakable and decodable by hackers
  • US Server-– VPNs with a limited number of servers experience many performance issues. Problems like speed drops and data transfer arise on servers. Therefore, I prefer VPN streaming using a provider with more US servers.
  • High-speed Servers— Slow servers create data transfer issues, leading to speed drop or disconnection to the server. Many low-quality VPNs have fewer servers, making servers slow as they become overcrowded. Therefore, it’s important to look for a VPN with more speedy servers.
  • Security features— A VPN service should have advanced and up-to-date security features such as Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, Split Tunneling, Double Encryption, IP Static, Threat Manager, and many more. These features will help you become anonymous, allowing easy USA Network streaming.
  • Apps for devices– Availability on the different platforms matters when it comes to choosing a VPN. Android and iOS are nowadays very popular, so VPNs should have their Android and iOS apps along with Windows, macOS, and Linux apps. My selected VPNs have their apps for different platforms.
  • No-log policy— No-log policy is also important to consider. Therefore, all my selected top-notch VPNs provide a no-log policy to ensure secure online activity.

How Do I Get USA Network in New Zealand [Easy Steps]

If you want to learn how to get USA Network in New Zealand, here is an easy way:

  1. Choose and subscribe to a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN software on your device.
  3. Sign in to the VPN application.
  4. Select and connect to a server located in the United States.
  5. Start streaming USA Network in New Zealand.

VPNs to Avoid While Accessing USA Network in New Zealand?

Not all VPNs are good enough to use. Some VPNs create issues with your privacy. Here are some VPNs that you should never use in any case, be it for accessing USA Network in New Zealand or any other reason:

VPN Providers Reasons to Avoid
Hola VPN Hola VPN might not be very good at unlocking restricted content. When I put it to the test, Hola VPN didn’t do the trick for accessing Hulu and Netflix. If you want more detailed insights, you can check out my thorough Hola VPN review in New Zealand.
Hoxx VPN Hoxx VPN works like a proxy. Traditional VPNs use encryption to protect your online actions and keep you anonymous, but Hoxx VPN provides less security. When trying to connect to a European server with Hoxx VPN, it didn’t work. If you want to learn about Hola VPN’s features, take a look at my Hoxx VPN review in New Zealand.
Betternet HMA is a terrible VPN because of its poor performance. It can’t unblock sites like USA Network in New Zealand. It is not particularly good in terms of data protection. It also keeps records of everything you do and frequently gives huge speed drops, which causes buffering in media streaming. To learn more about this provider, please refer to my Hidemyass review in New Zealand.

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FAQs – Best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand

Yes, you can stream USA Network using a free VPN in New Zealand. Unfortunately, this method is unsuitable for daily use because a free VPN does not offer sufficient bandwidth.

Free VPNs are typically slow, overcrowded with limited US servers, struggle to bypass strong firewalls, expose users’ IP addresses, and include intrusive ads that slow down devices.

In short, using a free VPN in New Zealand can ruin the experience of streaming. If you want to enjoy it, I recommend you use a premium VPN, like ExpressVPN.

A VPN encrypts internet traffic and alters your IP address, which helps you unblock sites in New Zealand. After connecting to the US server through a VPN, the VPN will change your IP address to that of the US, making you appear as a visitor from the US. The site recognizes you as a US local and allows you access to the site. After that, you’re able to stream content from the site.

Remember, only a strong VPN can perform this task smoothly. So buy a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN.

Yes, using a VPN with USA Network in New Zealand is legal. VPNs are helpful tools, which is why they’re completely legal unless your country allows the use of VPNs.

In general, VPNs are assumed to be factors that let you boost your security levels and assist in unlocking restricted websites. Almost all Western countries and the United States allow the use of VPNs. So there is no chance that you will be punished if you are using a VPN in New Zealand.

However, you could face serious consequences if you use a VPN for unauthorized purposes. So stay away from illegal activity and use VPN services responsibly.

Yes, you can use a VPN to access USA Network in New Zealand on all your devices. Ensure you select a VPN that offers apps compatible with various devices and platforms, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, smart TVs, and gaming consoles, to stream USA Network content on any device you plan to use.


The USA Network is a US-based exclusive channel that offers great movies and shows. It has many channels under its umbrella, all of which are well known due to their excellent quality and family-friendly nature.

Unfortunately, anyone in New Zealand cannot access the website and will therefore require a VPN. That’s why I have tested 45+ providers to help you find the best VPN for USA Network in New Zealand.

A VPN is necessary if you want to access the service, but I advise against using a free VPN for USA Network in New Zealand. They aren’t worth it. It is way better instead, to opt for ExpressVPN which is the best VPN service in terms of servers, speed, and security.

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