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Watch Mr. Malcolm

If you’re curious about how to watch Mr Malcolm’s List in New Zealand on Sky Go, you’re in the right place. Mr. Malcolm’s List is a charming romantic comedy-drama set in the Regency era, featuring an engaging storyline.

The film is available on Sky Go, but access is geo-restricted to viewers in the UK. Fortunately, you can still watch it from other countries by using a VPN.

A VPN especially ExpressVPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a server in your desired location, allowing you to disguise your IP address and appear as if you’re in the UK.

By following the steps in this guide, you’ll be able to watch Sky Go in New Zealand and enjoy Mr Malcolm’s List.

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Watch Mr Malcolm’s List in New Zealand on Sky Go – Easy Steps

Here are the easy steps to watch Mr Malcolm’s List in New Zealand on Sky Go:

  • Subscribe to a top VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN).
  • Download the VPN app and log in using your details.
  • Connect to its UK server.
  • Register with Sky Go or log in.
  • Go to Sky Go and Watch Mr Malcolm’s List on Sky Go outside the UK.

Where to Watch Mr Malcolm’s List in New Zealand?

Mr Malcolm’s List streaming outside the UK is possible on Sky Go. The Sky Go app offers compatibility with various devices, including Windows and Mac computers, and iOS and Huawei smartphones.

Gamers can access the platform on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Streaming devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV also support the app. Chromebook users can enjoy Sky Go as well.

Why do we need VPN to Watch Mr Malcolm’s List in New Zealand?

We need a VPN to watch Mr Malcolm’s List full movie outside the UK because in New Zealand, you have trouble accessing Sky Go due to geo-restrictions. You can use a VPN to bypass these limitations.

A VPN can mask your IP address and make it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from the UK, allowing you to watch Mr Malcolm’s List through Sky Go.

There are many reputable VPN providers available, such as ExpressVPN that can help you access geo-restricted content.

What is Mr Malcolm’s List Release Date?

Mr Malcolm’s List streaming date is March 26th, 2023, on Sky Go. On July 1, 2022, Mr Malcolm’s List was made available across the United States and Canada. Eventually, on August 26, 2022, it was released in the United Kingdom.

Mr Malcolm’s List online is now also available for streaming on Sky Go for Sky TV subscribers and those who have their own Sky Go subscription.

What is the Storyline of Mr Malcolm’s List?

According to Mr Malcolm’s List synopsis, it is a romantic comedy-drama set in the Regency era. The storyline revolves around Julia Thistlewaite, who is mocked and rejected by the eligible bachelor, Mr Jeremy Malcolm, due to her failure to meet his list of requirements for a wife.

In order to exact revenge, Julia invites her friend Selina Dalton to London and trains her to be Mr Malcolm’s perfect potential bride.

As Selina and Mr Malcolm become attracted to each other, they face various obstacles and misunderstandings due to Julia’s scheming and the involvement of other characters, like Captain Ossery.

The story takes an emotional turn as relationships and intentions are revealed, ultimately leading to a heartfelt resolution.  This is a story about love and lies. The movie looks at friendship, and how love can change people.

Who’s in the cast of Mr Malcolm’s List?

Mr Malcolm’s List cast is as follows:

Actor Character
Freida Pinto Selina Dalton
Sope Dirisu Mr Malcolm
Oliver Jackson-Cohen Lord Cassidy
Ashley Park Gertie Covington
Aisling Doyle Young Julia
Tia Ann Jain Young Selina
Zawe Ashton Julia Thistlewaite
Sianad Gregory Molly
Theo James Captain Henry Ossory
Emma Willis Lucy
Danielle Ryan Lady Margaret
Divian Ladwa John
Dawn Bradfield Mrs. Dalton
Gerry O’Brien Mr Woodbury
Naoko Mori Mrs. Thistlewaite
Sophie Vavasseur Lady Gwyneth Amberton
Derek Carroll Reeves
Doña Croll Lady Kilbourne

Where is Mr Malcolm’s List Filmed?

Mr Malcolm’s List was primarily shot in Ireland, with a focus on locations in Dublin and the nearby town of Bray. Notable filming sites for the movie included Castletown House in Kildare and Newbridge House in Dublin. 

The production commenced in March 2021, featuring a cast that included Zawe Ashton, Theo James, and Ashley Park.

What is the Genre of the Series Mr Malcolm’s List?

The movie Mr Malcolm’s List is a romantic comedy-drama set in the Regency period. The story is interesting and enjoyable because it combines aspects of romance, comedy, and emotional complexity.

Is there Mr Malcolm’s List trailer?

Yes, there is Mr Malcolm’s List trailer. To watch it click below:

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Mr Malcolm's List


Yes, Mr Malcolm’s List is a good movie.  According to reviews on IMDb, the film has been praised for its classic regency romance and diverse representation. Sope Dirisu, Freida Pinto, and Zawe Ashton have been commended for their performances.

Yes, Malcolm in the Middle is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

As of March 2023, 5.8/10 is the IMBD rating for  Mr Malcolm’s List.


In this guide, you will get an overview of Mr Malcolm’s Lis. You can watch Mr Malcolm’s List in New Zealand on Sky Go by connecting with the UK server using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Make the most of your online experience and sign up for a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN today to open up a world of entertainment!