How to Watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand

  • Last updated February 2, 2024
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If you are looking for a quick solution on how to watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand, you are on the right page. With the help of a quality VPN like ExpressVPN, you can easily unblock Paramount Plus in New Zealand and enjoy watching the crime series.

However, due to content distribution policies and copyright regulations, Paramount Plus is available only in a few countries. When you use a VPN for Paramount Plus it alters your IP address with the USA one.

Waco: Aftermath is an American TV miniseries created by Drew Dowdl and John Erick Dowdle. Aftermath is releasing soon on Paramount Plus which you can easily stream using your Paramount+ Showtime bundle. The trailer of Waco: Aftermath has been released featuring the antigovernment militias and extremism in modern history.

Continue reading our guide as we have shared quick steps on using a VPN, Waco Paramount Plus cast, and all other important details about the TV series.

How to Watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand – (Quick Steps)

You can easily watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand with the help of a VPN. Follow these quick steps:

  • Sign up for a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Choose to install the VPN application on your device.
  • Next, sign in and link to the USA – New York server.
  • Visit the Paramount Plus website or device application. Sign in or sign up (You must have a Paramount+ Showtime bundle to watch this series).
  • Search Waco – The aftermath TV show and enjoy streaming!

Where can I watch Waco: The Aftermath?

You can watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus. It is a Showtime series offered on Paramount Plus Showtime bundle. You can also stream Waco on Showtime.

As Paramount Plus is a geo-limited streaming service with regional content libraries, you’ll need a reliable VPN to watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand. We suggest using ExpressVPN for streaming Waco Aftermath Paramount as it is fast and a reliable provider.

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When is Waco: The Aftermath Coming on Paramount Plus Showtime?

Waco: The Aftermath is coming to Paramount Plus Showtime on 14th April 2023. Mark your calendar so that you do not miss the Waco premiere date.

If you do not have a Paramount Plus subscription, sign up for it now to watch Waco online and other content. You can enjoy classic shows, original productions, and exciting movies on it. If you are a sports fan, you can enjoy a live telecast of Real Madrid vs Chelsea and can also stream Manchester City vs Bayern Munich.

Don’t forget to subscribe to ExpressVPN before the Waco release date so you can enjoy the series without any interruptions.

What is Waco: The Aftermath is about?

Waco The Aftermath TV show explores the unfair justice system faced by Branch Davidians and traces the horrible circumstances that stoked the new Patriot movement leading to terrorism in Oklahoma City.

The Waco Showtime series is a sequel to the Waco series and features the antigovernment forces, extremism, and conflicts that occurred in modern history.

If you want to explore history while enjoying some crime thriller, we suggest you watch the Siege of Waco Aftermath. It is important to note that you’ll need a quality VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Waco: Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

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Waco: The Aftermath cast

Waco The Aftermath cast consists of all the talented stars. Here is the list:

Cast Characters
Michael Shannon Gary Noesner
Alexis Berent Rachel Jones(Howell)
Gary Cole Gordon Novel
Michael Cassidy BILL JOHNSTON
Alex Breaux Timothy McVeigh
Kali Rocha Ruth Riddle
Sasheer Zamata Angie Graham
Crystal Mayes Branch Davidians
Martha Magruder Aubyn Howe
Michael Vincent Berry George Roden
Mark Speno Doug Tinker
Isidoro Perez ATF Agent Ballesteros
Matthew Menalo Rocket Rosen
Nicholas Kolev Paul Fatta
Shea Whigham Mitch Decker
Giovanni Ribisi Dan Cogdell
Annika Marks Kathy Schroeder
Paul Dillon Pappy Millar

How many episodes does Waco: The Aftermath have?

Waco: The Aftermath has five episodes. The TV series is a sequel to the 2018 limited series ‘Waco’ and features the ill-famed and real-life disputes in Waco, Texas at Mt. Carmel.

You can watch all these episodes on Paramount Plus. To watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand, you need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Is there a trailer for “Waco: The Aftermath”?

Yes, the trailer for Waco: The Aftermath has been released. The series explores the existence of antigovernment forces and extremist faith in modern history. You can watch the trailer below:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand?

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use-expressvpn-to-watch-waco-the-aftermath-on-paramount-plus-in-New Zealand

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Waco: The Aftermath


Yes, Waco: The Aftermath is the Showtime original series. Using the Paramount Plus Showtime bundle, you can easily watch the series on the Paramount+ website or application.

Yes, Waco: The Aftermath is a sequel to the 2018 limited series Waco that features the 1993 standoff between the FBI, the Branch Davidians, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in Waco, Texas.

Yes, Waco: The Aftermatch is a new series sequel to the Waco (miniseries) of 2018. The new series is coming to Paramount Plus Showtime on 14th April 2023. Sign up for it and enjoy the latest news on Waco.

Wrap Up

So are you ready to enjoy the sequel of Waco -the 2018 series which will give you an adrenaline rush? If yes, sign up for a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN. It will help you watch Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

As the Paramount Plus library is geo-limited, you encounter location errors if you try accessing it without a VPN. We suggest using ExpressVPN for its fast and reliable servers. Subscribe to it and enjoy streaming!