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Do you want to know how much is Max price? At NZD$26.19/month or NZD$245.64/year, you’ll have access to all the content HBO Max offers without interruptions of Ads.

But what if you’re on a budget or don’t mind a few ads here and there? The HBO Max price list for the Ad-Lite plan offers an affordable option at NZD$16.36/month or NZD$163.76/year.

HBO Max’s service is available in 61 countries, but if you’re in New Zealand, you’ll need to rely on the best Max or HBO Max VPN.

With ExpressVPN, you can stream content on Max or HBO Max in New Zealand. Furthermore, Max is the newly merged entity of HBO Max and Discovery Plus, offering a diverse lineup of exciting content.

And if you’re wondering how much is max going to cost? Keep reading the blog; we have all your answers!

How Much is Max Going to Cost in New Zealand?

Max offers a range of pricing plans to suit every budget. Here are the current HBO Max price plans:

Max Ad-Lite Plan Max Ad-Free Plan Max Ultimate Ad-Free Plan
Monthly Price NZD$16.36 NZD$26.19 NZD$32.74
Annual Price NZD$163.76 NZD$245.64 NZD$327.53
Number of Screens 3 3 3
Offline Downloads Not Available 30 30
HD Available Yes Yes Yes
4K Ultra HD Available No Limited Yes (Limited Titles)

Choosing the plan that best fits your needs and budget is important if you’re considering subscribing to Max Prices Streaming.

Whether you opt for the more affordable Ad-Lite or the premium Ad-Free or Ultimate Ad-Free plans, you can enjoy a vast library of exciting content on HBO Max with ExpressVPN.

How to Pay to Max in New Zealand?

For your Max subscription, simply sign up on the official HBO Max website and use the following methods if wonder how to pay to Max.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal

It’s important to note that your credit or debit card needs to be U.S.-issued and support automatic recurring payments. Once you’ve signed up and paid for your Max subscription, you can enjoy unlimited access to all the platform’s content.

You can also use HBO Max free trial. Just make sure to cancel Max or HBO Max Anytime before the free trial period ends.

What Happens If You Already Have HBO Max?

If you’re an existing HBO Max subscriber, you’ll automatically have access to Max at no additional cost. This means you can enjoy Max’s new features and content without paying anything extra.

However, if you’re located in New Zealand and want to access Max or HBO Max on FireStick, you’ll need to use a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

By using a VPN, you can also bypass geo-restrictions and access Max or HBO Max on Xbox in New Zealand.

The Merger of HBO Max and Discovery Plus – MAX.

Max-content-hub-in-New Zealand

HBO Max and Discovery+ have merged to form a new streaming service called MAX, which offers subscribers an extensive lineup of popular titles and exclusive content. The merger is a significant move for Warner Bros. 

As a conglomerate, Discovery seeks to increase its subscriber base in a highly competitive streaming market. The discovery max merger announcement comes after a challenging year for the streaming industry, which has seen significant changes and disruptions.

Comparison Between HBO Max Plan and Max Plan

Max Ad-Lite and Max Ad-Free are the two new subscription tiers of the merged entity of HBO Max and Discovery Plus Max.

Below is the comparison of How much is Max vs How much is an HBO Max subscription cost:

Features HBO Max with Ads HBO Max Ad-Free MAX Ad-Lite MAX Ad-Free MAX Ultimate Ad-Free
Monthly price NZD$16.36 NZD$26.19 NZD$16.36 NZD$26.19 NZD$32.74
Annual price NZD$163.76 NZD$245.64 NZD$163.76 NZD$245.64 NZD$327.53
Number of screens 3 3 2 3 Unlimited
Offline downloads 0 30 N/A N/A Unlimited
HD available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4K Ultra HD Limited Yes No Yes Yes

Moreover, if you’re looking to access Max in New Zealand or on your favorite streaming device, like Max or HBO Max on Roku or others, just use a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN to enjoy your favorite content hassle-free.

Comparison Between HBO Max Plan and Netflix Plan

Here’s a comparison table for the pricing plans of HBO Max and Netflix:

Plan Type HBO Max Netflix
With Ads NZD$16.36/month or NZD$163.76/year NZD$11.45/month
Ad-Free NZD$24.55/month or NZD$245.64/year NZD$16.36/month (Basic), NZD$25.37/month (Standard), NZD$32.74/month (Premium)

Note that HBO Max’s With Ads plan is cheaper than all of Netflix’s plans, while its Ad-Free plan is slightly more expensive than Netflix’s Basic plan but cheaper than its other two plans.

However, Netflix offers a significantly larger content library with over 17,000 titles globally compared to HBO Max’s 2,500+ titles.

Since the streaming on both platforms is affected by geo-restrictions, use ExpressVPN to have unlimited access to your favorite content in New Zealand.

Comparison Between HBO Max Plan and Disney Plus Plan

Here is a comparison table for HBO Max and Disney Plus.

Streaming Service Monthly Price (USD)
HBO Max NZD$16.36 (with ads), NZD$24.55 (ad-free)
Disney Plus NZD$13.09 (with ads), NZD$18.00 (ad-free)

Regarding account sharing, Disney Plus allows up to four simultaneous streams per account, while HBO Max allows up to three. However, HBO Max offers a much larger library of over 2,000 films than Disney Plus’ 500 films.

HBO Max also has a more affordable ad-supported plan, whereas Disney Plus charges NZD$13.09 for their ad-supported plan and NZD$24.55 for the ad-free experience.

Since the streaming on both platforms is affected by geo-restrictions, use ExpressVPN to have unlimited access to your favorite content in New Zealand.

Comparison Between HBO Max Plan and Amazon Prime Video Plan

Plan HBO Max Amazon Prime Video
Price per month NZD$16.36 (With Ads), NZD$24.55 (Ad-Free) NZD$24.55 (including Amazon Prime benefits)
Simultaneous streams Up to 3 Up to 3
4K content Limited Available for select titles
Number of movies and TV series 2,500+ 26,000+
Annual subscription option Yes, at a higher cost Yes, at a discounted rate

Overall, Amazon Prime Video offers a wider range of benefits and content for a slightly higher price, including free delivery and music streaming.

However, HBO Max strongly focuses on quality original content and may be a better option for those seeking a specific content or genre.

It is worth mentioning that the services are unavailable in certain areas because of licensing agreements with the production houses. If you want to watch content in New Zealand, the best way is to get a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Comparison Between HBO Max Plan and Hulu Plan

While Hulu offers competitive pricing with its Basic plan and additional options like ad-free streaming and unlimited screens, the monthly total can increase significantly when opting for these add-ons.

Plan HBO Max Hulu
With Ads NZD$16.36/month or NZD$163.76/year NZD$13.09/month or NZD$131.00/year
Ad-Lite (starting May 23) NZD$16.36/month or NZD$163.76/year
Ads-Free NZD$26.19/month or NZD$245.64/year NZD$19.64/month
Ultimate Ad-Free (starting May 23) NZD$32.74/month or NZD$327.53/year
Additional Costs Hulu (No Ads): NZD$24.55/month Unlimited Screens: NZD$16.36/month

Since the streaming on both platforms is affected by geo-restrictions, use ExpressVPN to have unlimited access to your favorite content in New Zealand.

Is HBO Max or Max Worth it?

After knowing How much is Max, your next question must be HBO Max or Max – is it worth it? The answer is a resounding yes!

If you’re an HBO subscriber and want to watch Max or HBO Max on Windows, you already have access to this incredible streaming service, so there’s no reason not to start streaming and discover the plethora of amazing content waiting for you.

Although HBO Max may not have as many TV shows and movies as its competitors, what sets it apart is its deep back catalog of classics and upcoming exclusives that can’t be found anywhere else.

With a monthly price cheaper than a movie ticket, an HBO Max subscription is the perfect way to enjoy all the latest shows and films from the comfort and safety of your home.


If you’re considering subscribing to Max and want to watch all of your favorite content in 4K, you’ll need to upgrade to the NZD$32.74 per month high-end tier. But don’t worry; For just a small increase in price, you’ll get to experience all the details of your favorite movies and shows in stunning 4K resolution, making it more than worth the upgrade for true cinephiles.

Warner Bros Discovery has recently announced that it will continue offering Discovery+ as a standalone product so that the merger won’t affect Discovery+ price plans. Discovery+ costs NZD$11.45 with Ads, whereas NZD$8.17 without Ads

Max offers a variety of subscription plans, starting at NZD$16.36 per month, that provide access to a wide range of movies, series, and exclusive Max Originals and all the content available on HBO.

If you only want to subscribe to HBO, it will cost NZD$26.19 monthly. Additionally, HBO Max allows viewers to watch some episodes for free on its app.

The Max app is available for free with a subscription to any of the Max pricing tiers.

Max will bring together a vast collection of content from the iconic brands of Warner Bros. It will offer an extensive library of TV shows and movies, including HBO’s acclaimed series, Warner Bros. Studios’ blockbusters, Discovery Channel’s documentaries, DC’s superhero sagas, Cartoon Network’s animated delights, and a lot more to cater to everyone’s taste.

Yes! You can access Max without additional cost if you already have an HBO subscription.

Wrap Up

HBO Max is a streaming service that offers a vast library of content, including TV shows, movies, and Max Originals. The service has three subscription tiers, with prices ranging from NZD$16.36 to NZD$32.74 per month, depending on the level of advertising and video quality.

Max will soon be launched as a new streaming service featuring a huge catalog from all of Warner Bros. Discovery’s various brands. The blog has answered all your queries, including “How Much is Max Going to Cost?

If you already have an HBO subscription, you likely have access to Max at no extra cost. So what are you waiting for? Binge-watch your favorite content on HBO Max in New Zealand with ExpressVPN.