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Do you want to know the difference between HBO Max vs Max in New Zealand? HBO Max was only an extension of the HBO television channel that let viewers watch their preferred HBO shows and movies without the limitations of cable whereas MAX is the new name after merge.

MAX, on the other hand, is a recent service that will provide customers a greater selection of content, particularly real-world entertainment. The streaming service HBO Max will relaunch as MAX on May 23, 2023, and there are a few modifications that viewers should be aware of.

The transformation has finally taken place. Now that Discovery+ will be bolstering HBO Max, fans of movies and television can enjoy a greater range of content on the recently renamed MAX in New Zealand.

Max and Discovery Plus, together is going to be “an upgraded streaming service. However, if you want to watch Max or HBO Max in New Zealand, you must use a VPN like ExpressVPN due to geographical restrictions.

Subscribers to HBO Max automatically receive Max, so that when you stream, you won’t miss a beat. If you don’t already have a subscription, you may either sign up for HBO Max right away and wait for the upgrade or sign up for a new Max plan once the service launches the following month.

Keep reading to know what is available on Max streaming, how much is an HBO Max subscription and a detailed overview of  Max vs HBO Max.

HBO Max vs Max in New Zealand: Detailed Overview

Here is a detailed overview of HBO Max vs Max

Ad-Lite (With-Ad) price  

Ad-Free (Without-Ad) price


Ultimate Ad-Free price




Streaming quality

Dolby Vision and Atmos  

Simultaneous streams





HBO Max  

NZD 16.46 /mo


NZD 26.34 /mo



Movies, DC, Adult Swim, Sesame Workshop, Studio Ghibli movies, HBO, HBO Max Originals, TCM  

Up to 4K


Select content




30 (ad-free HBO Max)


Now until May 23


NZD 16.46 /mo


NZD 26.34 /mo


NZD 32.92 /mo


Aside from the Discovery content, everything that HBO Max had


Full HD


Select content, and only with Ultimate Ad-Free


2 (4 with Ultimate Ad-Free)


30 (ad-free Max), 100 (Ultimate Ad-Free)


Starting May 23

Max claims to have a collection of 35,000 hours of content, which is over two times as much as what HBO Max provides.

HBO Max vs Max in New Zealand: Detailed Review

HBO Max will now be known as Max, Warner Bros. Discovery stated, to reflect the fact that HBO Max content will be combined with content from the Discovery+ network.

There are presently two levels of HBO Max subscriptions: Ad-Free and With Ads. You may watch on up to three devices at once with both plans, and they both stream in HD and include certain 4K content.

Price and Plans: Are HBO Max and Max Subscription Plans, Prices Same in New Zealand?

Although there won’t be any significant price increases, there will be a few changes to subscriptions in New Zealand. As soon as Max launches, we’ll explain how much Max or HBO Max subscription costs and what to anticipate from each subscription level.

In-depth information regarding HBO Max vs Max Cost will be provided below.

Monthly Price With Ads Ad-Free
NZD 16.46 /mo NZD 26.34 /mo
Number of screens you can watch at the same time 3 3
Number of offline downloads 0 30
HD available Yes Yes
4K Ultra HD available No Yes(limited titles)

With both subscriptions, you may watch on up to three devices at once and receive select 4K video in HD. You may view the ad-free version if you go to a location where HBO Max is offered, and it includes 30 downloads.

You will have three alternatives when Max debuts this month, or you may continue with your current membership. The new Max plans, known as Ad-Lite, Ad-Free, and Ultimate, will have a few minor modifications to how they are presented and what is included.

Ad-Free is practically the same as Ad-Lite, except you receive offline downloads plus no advertisements. Ad-Lite contains ads, two streams, and HD resolution.

There are no limits on what you may watch dependent on whatever Max subscription you have, similar to the existing HBO Max. The whole Max library will be accessible under all plans therefore if you live in New Zealand, you can stream all the premium content by using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN

The table below shows Max’s pricing levels and how customers on the more affordable subscriptions will receive two concurrent streams. It is a change from the present services even if the monthly cost remains the same (for the time being).

Monthly Price With Ads Ad-Free Ultimate
NZD 16.46 /mo NZD 26.34 /mo NZD 32.92 /mo
Number of screens you can watch at the same time 2 2 4
Number of offline downloads 0 30 100
HD available Yes Yes Yes
4K Ultra HD available No No Yes


For access to anything in 4K when Max launches, you will need to pay NZD 32.92 /mo . Some people will have to pay an additional $4 to gain access to the Ultimate plan, which is bundled in a manner akin to Netflix’s $20 Premium membership.

In addition, Warner Bros. Discovery has stated that throughout the app’s transition to Max, some capabilities, such as 4K, would continue to be accessible on current subscription levels for a period of six months.

Content: Is there any Difference between HBO Max and Max?

Max has includes almost 8 times as many 4K UHD movies and TV shows than HBO Max. You’ll therefore see new 4K versions of classic HBO favorites in addition to Game of Thrones, The Last of Us, the Harry Potter films, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, and the Matrix movies.

HBO Although Max is getting a new name, the HBO programming will remain there. Consider what the term “HBO” entails for you. And consider a provider that would offer a very diverse selection of content.

Streaming Quality: Are there any Special Features and Streaming Quality

Despite the fact that HBO Max supports 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, and Dolby Vision, there may be occasions when a subscriber experiences a low-quality image, making for an unsatisfactory streaming experience altogether. You can watch Max or HBO Max on Windows in 4K if you have the Ad-free version of the service.

The highest possible video quality is one of several significant changes between the HBO Max vs Max. Even with the most costly plan, a viewer may not always receive the greatest image due to several reasons.

One of the most important things to understand about HBO Max’s streaming quality is that it dynamically adjusts depending on the user’s bandwidth and connection speed. HBO Max may reduce the resolution of the video to make up for a poorer signal than necessary.

HBO Max used to provide 4K Ultra High Definition streaming quality, but it was never completely consistent across all of the programs.

However, the good news is that WBD will finally treat 4K seriously with Max. At the debut, Max offers “nearly” 8 times as many 4K UHD movies and TV shows as HBO Max.

Ad-free users may still acquire up to 30 pieces of content, but if you subscribe to Ultimate, the limit is increased to 100. The number of concurrent streams is now limited to two instead of three for HBO Max accounts, with the exception of Ultimate customers, who may still stream four concurrently.

Considering whether HBO Max is accessible on Roku? Yes, you may get Max or HBO Max on Roku. You only need a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN in New Zealand.

Outlook: HBO Max vs Max

Unfortunately, Discovery Plus subscribers enjoy greater amenities than HBO Max subscribers. Today, the majority of us will see the HBO Max update, which transformed Max from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Some people will be instructed to obtain the Max App in its place. In any case, staying with Max is the only genuine option.

Instead, you get one broad option with four options: cancel, ad-supported, Ultimate, and Ad-Free. if you had to question me directly? I am certain that I will choose either Ad-Free or Ultimate. What remains to be seen is the extent to which 4K content Max can produce, which we eagerly anticipate.

HBO Max vs Max: The Differences Explained

The first difference in HBO Max vs Max is the name. HBO Max will now be known as Max, Warner Bros. Discovery stated, to reflect the fact that HBO Max content will be combined with content from the Discovery+ network. Max is essentially simply HBO Max in blue with more content.

(Discovery+ will continue to be an independent streaming platform despite this since it has an affordable price point and the company doesn’t want to lose the service’s 20 million customers.)

You can watch The Sopranos again every year without worrying, and Max will still have access to series from the HBO cable channel like The City, and Game of Thrones. Rest assured that all of the HBO content you know and love will still be available for streaming.

The majority of subscribers won’t require any action from you. The HBO Max App will automatically change to Max if you previously used  Cox, Roku, Amazon, VIZIO TV, or Xfinity device to access HBO Max.

Users of the HBO Max App for Apple, DIRECTV, Android, LG TV, Samsung TV,  PlayStation, and Xbox will be requested to download the new Max App when they launch it for the first time following the switchover. Imagine you were a member of HBO Max as a result of having HBO cable or as an add-on to another streaming provider.

If you subscribed to HBO through Cox, AT&T, DIRECTV,  Cricket, Dish, Hulu, Prime Video Channels,  Optimum,  Spectrum, Xfinity,  Verizon, or YouTube TV, you’ll still be able to access Max.

You won’t likely need to change much unless you are considering upgrading your plan because the Max Ad-Lite plan and With Ads plan are equal to the ones that HBO Max previously provided.

The latest Max plan is called Ultimate Ad Free, and it costs NZD 32.92 /mo . This package offers 100 offline downloads, 4K UHD streaming, Dolby Atmos, if available, and simultaneous 4 device streaming. The 4K launch includes more than 1,000 movies and TV episodes, which is eight times more than what was offered on HBO Max.

What Happens If You Already Have HBO Max in New Zealand?

If you already own HBO Max, there is nothing you need to do in order to get Max when it debuts. On May 23, when users launch the app, the platform will immediately be upgraded with an updated logo, features, and catalog. HBO Max, which will include all of HBO’s streaming content, will be the new home for HBO.

This guarantees that you won’t skip a beat whether you’re midway through an episode or have 30 minutes remaining in a blockbuster film.

However, if you live in New Zealand where geographical restrictions are in place, you must use a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, which is recognized as one of the best VPNs for Max or HBO Max.

What about a Discovery Plus bundle?

In order to represent the fact that content from the Discovery+ platform and HBO Max would be integrated, Warner Bros. Discovery made a statement. Despite this, Discovery+ will remain a stand-alone streaming platform because it has a reasonable pricing point and the firm is reluctant to lose its 20 million users.

You may instantly and endlessly watch more than 55,000 episodes of more than 2,500+ popular television shows with Discovery+, including those from Food Network, HGTV, TLC, Animal Planet, ID, Discovery Channel, and more.

There are two alternative ways to use a VPN to get Max or HBO Max on Xbox in New Zealand because these devices do not come equipped with native VPN connectivity.

How to Sign Up for HBO Max or Max in New Zealand?

Simply log in with your HBO Now email address and password, then select access all of Max to begin the HBO Max Sign Up process.

  • Join ExpressVPN and connect to the US server. (The step is only applicable if you live in New Zealand)
  • Click “Subscribe” on
  • Complete the registration form, then select Create Account. You’ll use the following email and password to log in.
  • Select your preferred payment method.
  • Select Begin Subscription.
  • Select your profile, and you may begin streaming.

You’ll need to figure out who is paying you for the service or where you first signed up for an HBO Max account before you can cancel Max or HBO Max.

Watch HBO Max with ExpressVPN30-day money-back guarantee

Were the Titles Removed from HBO Max Returned for Max?

No, the 87 titles that have been removed from HBO Max during WBD’s shift to Max are not available on the new streamer; instead, they are only available in our memory or, if they were lucky, on FAST services.

Is Max still worth it in New Zealand?

Given the amount of content you’re adding (Discovery+ presently costs $4.99 per month or $6.99 for ad-free), it’s probable that Max would be a better option for those members who value the added stuff.

However, for some who just adore HBO shows and films, the idea of forking over an additional $4 a month as a penalty to obtain the best out of their television and speakers may be a lot to ask.


Max will be a more expansive streaming platform than HBO Max, which is now the finest option available. Max was created as somewhat of a union between HBO Max and Discovery Plus, and its goal is to be “an expanded streaming service.” Even without Discovery Plus, it will still exist.

Because in April 2022, WarnerMedia which owns HBO Max merged with Discovery to become Warner Bros. Discovery which turns HBO Max into Max.

No, HBO Max and Discovery+ will be combined into one product under the new streaming service Max, which Warner Bros. Discovery has disclosed the name and plans for.

If you subscribe to HBO through Consolidated Communications,  WarnerMedia, Liberty, Optimum, Service Electric Cablevision, North State, Verizon Fios, or Ziply Fiber, you may get Max Ad-Free right now at no additional charge.

Wrap Up

The differences between HBO Max vs Max have been thoroughly discussed. The new streaming service combines all of HBO with more blockbusters, compelling television shows, and exclusive Max Originals.

Be it HBO Max vs Max, if you want to access the platform in New Zealand, you must use a VPN like ExpressVPN.

It’s important to note that the VPN’s adaptability allows you to access Max or HBO Max on Firestick, Apple TVs, PlayStations, Xboxes, PCs, and other devices.