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What to watch on cbc

CBC has announced the full list of shows and movies that will be shown on its streaming service in January 2023.

Thus, if you’re wondering what to watch on CBC in January 2023, below is the full list of the content to look out for:

What to watch on CBC in January 2023

Name Style Genre  IMDB Rating  Release Date
Around the World in 80 Days Film Drama N/A Jan 2
Son of a Critch Season 2 Series Comedy N/A Jan 3
Heartland Film Drama N/A Jan 8
Doug and the Slugs and Me Film Documentary N/A Jan 15
The Nature of Things Season 62 TV Series Factual N/A Jan 6
Harpoon TV Series Horror/Comedy N/A Jan 6
The Head Season 2 TV Series Thriller N/A Jan 2
Pretty Hard Cases Season 3 TV Series Comedy, Crime Film N/A Jan 4
A Show-Stopping Christmas Film Documentary N/A Dec 6
A Very Nutty Christmas TV Series Sitcom 7/10 Dec 7
A Merry Murdoch Christmas Film Drama 6.2/10 Dec 26
Best in Miniature Film Drama 6.6/10 Dec 26
A Christmas Fury TV Series Reality TV 8.6/10 Dec 27
The Queen Unseen Film Documentary N/A Dec 27
Royal Variety Show 2022 TV Series Reality TV 8.6/10 Dec 28

Upcoming Top shows on CBC in January 2023

Here is the list of the shows which will be available on CBC Gem in January 2023:

Around the World in 80 Days (Jan 2, 2023)


Murdoch Mysteries (New Season Jan 2, 2023)

murdoch-mysteries (1)

This highly regarded mystery series follows Detective William Murdoch from late 1890s Toronto to the early 1900s as he looks into the most difficult cases in the city and runs across the renowned people of the day.

Son of a Critch (New Episodes Jan 3, 2023)


It is a touching glimpse into the life of a little boy who feels much older inside than his eleven years and who uses humor and self-deprecation to make friends and connect with the few individuals in his small universe.

Death and Nightingales (Jan 6, 2023)


Death and Nightingales, a rare bright day thriller with a setting and production in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, tells the story of a young woman fighting to preserve herself in the face of family secrets, Irish nationalism, and an unsustainable home situation.

Despite claiming to be an “epic tale of love, treachery, deception, and revenge,” Death and Nightingales is actually a story of survival.

A Show-Stopping Christmas

A Show-Stopping Christmas - Lifetime Movie - Where To Watch

A Show-stopping Christmas revolved around a passionate theater director who has to make efforts to keep her theater from being sold by making “A Christmas Carol” successful with the help of a Hollywood actor. Watch A Show-stopping Christmas to know how she made things possible with Hollywood actors and save her theater from being sold.

A Very Nutty Christmas

Watch A Very Nutty Christmas | Lifetime

A very Natty Christmas is coming to the screens on CBC on Wednesday, December 7th at 8 PM. The movie centers on a bakery owner who is dumped by her boyfriend and receives a special gift that turns her Christmas season around.

The show centers on a gender-fluid millennial who wears many hats, exposing the identities and categories that are outdated.

A Merry Murdoch Christmas

Murdoch Mysteries" A Merry Murdoch Christmas (TV Episode 2015) - IMDb


Merry Murdoch is a treat to watch because it has everything you want in a season. It has the perfect amount of curiosity to keep you hooked for a binge-watch.

It also has humor and romance, the most essential parts of any entertainment series. The season is set in the old times. The cast and crew will give you a sense of nostalgia. It is a complete package.


Yes, you can get CBC TV app on Roku for free.

Yes, CBC Gem is available for free as an App for tvOS, iOS, Android phones and tablets, Fire TV, and Android TV.

You can subscribe to CBC by visiting and signing up.


As a CBC subscriber or new user, you don’t have to worry about what to watch on CBC in January 2023 anymore. All you have to do is visit the CBC website and check out the list of movies and films available to you.