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what to watch on bt sport outside uk

There are loads of entertaining elite sport showing on BT Sport in January. From Premier League, Champions League to MotoGP. There are plenty of games to keep you entertained this month.

So if you’re wondering what to watch on BT Sport in January 2023, here are the events that you can’t afford to miss.

What to watch on BT Sport in January 2023

You can watch following titles on BT Sport in January 2023:

Events Dates
UFC Starting from 14 January 2023
Cricket 4 January 2023
Boxing 28 January 2023
MotoGP Live Stream 19 January 2023

Upcoming Top shows on BT Sport in January 2023



BT Sport is the home of UFC events as it has the exclusive rights to show the content. You can watch all the latest UFC news, fight schedules, live streams, and rankings on BT Sport.


No, BT Sport is not free. To enjoy the features of BT Sport, you must be a BT Sport subscriber.

No, you have to register to watch your favourite event on BT Sport.

You may be having issues accessing BT Sport on your TV if your TV is outdated. Thus, ensure your TV is up to date.


BT Sport is home to various sport events, thus you don’t have to worry about what to watch on BT Sport in January 2023, you have to be a BT Sport subscriber and enjoy all its features and stay updated.