NSA Holds Millions of Sim Keys to Keep an Eye on the Users

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“Can you keep Edward Snowden out of the news, please?” Perhaps, that is what the officials at the NSA would be asking themselves after he has made yet another shocking revelation that was made public by The Intercept, an online publication, on Friday.

If the report is true and 100% authentic, the NSA may have been doing something even more evil than just accessing your online activities. The Intercept has claimed that the hackers of NSA have stolen the key encryptions of sim cards and have been using them to record all the communication that takes place globally over the phone.

The Intercept also claims that Gemalto, a Dutch firm, known for manufacturing the sim cards, was hacked and the NSA got hold of millions of key encryptions of sim cards from there. When Gemalto was asked to comment on the latest controversy, they said that they would investigate the matter and that they were in no position to comment right away.

Hero in the eyes of half of the nation, while a traitor in the eyes of the rest, this revelation by Edward Snowden, based on a document, has clearly caused a wave of panic among the mobile users all over the world. Snowden’s documents suggest that Mobile Handset Exploitation Team (MHET) was a joint venture of the NSA and GCHQ that was aimed at obtaining the communication records of all the mobile users all over the world.

TechCrunch reports that Mark Rumold, staff attorney at Electronic Frontier Foundation, said that the NSA and GCHQ are involved in the violation of Dutch laws. They did something that is not permissible by the laws and have used the “secret” information for their own benefits, not bringing the laws of other countries into consideration.

The US government has been trying very hard to clear its image of an “online spy” lately. This revelation means that the Obama administration faces a new challenge now. It has been criticized in the past as well by other countries for its pro-active stalking of the internet users. While some experts were clearly disgusted by the news, others were concerned that the attacks of same extent could still be occurring.

Since the NSA and GCHQ have the access to the key encryptions of your sim cards, recording your communication won’t require a degree in rocket science. Hackers at NSA can easily record your phone calls, read your text messages without even letting your mobile carrier know that it is being spied on. As expected people on Twitter quickly reacted to the news and criticized NSA for its shady activities.

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