NSA Collects Phone Records for Mass Surveillance Initiative

NSA Collects Phone Records for Mass Surveillance Initiative

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As per Snowden’s revelations the National Security Agency had been rigorously collecting Meta Data along with secretly recording, analyzing and storing our communications. At first, it was believed that the NSA is secretly spying on Netizens around the globe; but, their approach was domestic with respect to bulk phone call records collection and communication surveillance.

Officials had affirmed that only a small fraction of the total volume was monitored on regular basis; in addition, the surveillance was confined to domestic regions. Later, it was discovered that the NSA had been collecting, analyzing and storing landline phone data in bulk. Furthermore, the spying wasn’t confined to landline communications only.

The National Security Agency was actively involved in collecting Cell phone data as well. The agency however has taken this practice to a whole new level recently with a little help of their sophisticated technology and telecom giant in allegiance.

The initiation of a surveillance program where millions of calls were recorded, analyzed and stored initiated under President George W Bush’s administration in name of a treason prevention measure. The program strived to target domestic calls at first but later began to plague Netizens around the globe. In 2006, the initiative was presented Surveillance Court’s jurisdiction and later leaked by our whistleblower.

However, the revelations affirming the NSA’s intentions were disclosed after and approval was granted to President Obama’s proposal by Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. As per the proposal presented by President Obama’s administration, the NSA’s tech-researchers and data analysts were authorized to access, extract, record, analyze and store phone calls of any targeted personnel or whosoever the agency wished to.

Furthermore, the NSA also demanded for an authority to access the databases containing phone records in bulk. This approval resulted in catastrophic outcomes – not for the NSA but for the Netizens. In 2006, the National Security Agency recorded at least 30% of the phone calls and victimized almost every American in name of their so-called security measures.

Snowden’s revelations also affirmed the involvement of different telecom giants such as T-Mobile and Verizon who had been allegedly working with the NSA to facilitate their mass surveillance initiative. However, none of the companies have confirmed such allegations.

In his last speech, President Obama said that mass surveillance program referring to the call records shall end soon. He also claimed that the government will not be involved in accessing or storing Meta Data; however, after all we have seen, it seems quite hard to believe.

President Obama also said that there will be new limitations imposed to mass surveillance initiative and data extraction program. In this scenario, the NSA will wait till the approval is granted from the Surveillance Court. However, this limitation will be nullified in case of any emergency situation. The analysts will be limited to extract the records with two levels removed from the number which was initially up to three levels. This will eventually lead to scrutiny of even greater masses.

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