NoSpyProxy The World’s First Data Center NSA Can’t Touch

NoSpyProxy The World’s First Data Center NSA Can’t Touch

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The world of internet was shaken to the core when an English newspaper The Guardian published the revelations of Edward Snowden about mass online surveillance of NSA.

Many more stories raised the eyebrows of the internet users after the revelations. All of us are aware of the fact now that our online activities are continuously monitored by NSA.


What do you get out of the CyberGhost NoSpyProxy datacenter

The virtual world faces constant threats of cybercrimes and online surveillance. In the war between the hackers and surveillance agencies, the ordinary internet users are made the sacrificial lambs. Cybercriminals and secret agencies have all the resources that are needed to sneak into users’ computers to access all their confidential information. View our detailed review about the Cyberghost service to learn more about the provider.

They have the resources to look into every single thing of ours that runs on internet, be it the computers, laptops, smartphones, tabs and iPads. However, it is our belief that all it needs is one simple dose of encryption which works like an antidote to protect us from the cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies.


To make sure that your security is not compromised and to provide you with ultimate encryption, CyberGhost VPN takes control of the whole process. The process includes Login-system, encryption protocol, key management and the server itself.

Currently we are doing that by either renting or buying the servers that have their own anti-spy programs to make sure they are free from all kinds of interceptions.

However, CyberGhost VPN needs to build its own datacenter #NoSpyProxy with a dedicated server to make sure that it is safe from the physical access of NSA or hackers.

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Taking Things to Next Level

CyberGhost VPN plans on to take the things to a whole new level now to improve its proxy servers. It has currently many servers that are operating from different countries all over the world and looking after all those servers is an essential part of their daily work. Both our software and hardware need maintenance.

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While the software has all the necessary precautions for routine checks, the hardware is vulnerable to threats of intruding and hacking by secret services between two hardware checks. They can do so easily without being noticed because the CyberGhost VPN does not control the servers directly.



We Want YOU to Help Us!

To cater this potential threat, company is up to something big now. It is planning on to bring the hardware under CyberGhost VPN’s direct control to ensure security and privacy to its goal.

It has already invested $67,000 to attain its server and now looks up to you to help it with this task. You can help us to build the first #NoSpyProxy data center. We want to raise $70,000 from our international community; in return we have some perks to offer to all our contributors.


CyberGhost VPN Uses 256 – AES to Provide Security

Apart from the cybercrimes, the users have become more vulnerable to the online surveillance from government agencies. To combat the continuous threat of online surveillance and cybercrimes, CyberGhost VPN provides you with the encryption that is not easy to decode.

It ensures the privacy to users and protects them from heinous crimes like hacking, phishing and online surveillance. CyberGhost VPN uses 256 – Advanced Encryption Standard to safeguard its users from the potential threats of cybercrimes.

It replaces the users’ IP with one of its own to provide the users the anonymity that they wish for. CyberGhost VPN has been constantly working on its services to offer solutions for PCs, Apple, Windows and Android devices.

Is CyberGhost VPN User Friendly?

Setting up CyberGhost VPN on your computer or any other device does not involve any rocket science at all. It is fairly easy to install. The users find it comparatively easy than installing other VPNs in their PCs and other devices.



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