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Get NordVPN Netflix and ‘Say Goodbye’ to geo-restriction. This VPN service lets you access vast American Netflix media library with ease. Except US, you will not find a comprehensive and a complete Netflix media library, which is why you require a VPN.

Take a tour through this guide and get knowledge of how a VPN can give you access to American Netflix library. To learn more about NordVPN, we have a guide that explains NordVPN Review in detail.

Does NordVPN Work with VPN?

Every VPN service advertises itself as bypassing geo-restrictions of Netflix which is not correct at all. New binge-watchers are easy victims of such dodgy and substandard VPN providers. Netflix cracks down on mediocre services and blocks IPs which results in disappointment for users.

We contacted NordVPN Support Department regarding Netflix and following is the chat transcript:

In order to test NordVPN Netflix, we purchased NordVPN package plan, connected to the US server and visited We were able to access US Netflix Media library to watch our favorite TV shows and Movies.  It was way easier procedure for us as we didn’t have to face any difficulty at all from installation to streaming Netflix.

How to Know Netflix Has Blocked IP?

Netflix consists of well-engineered VPN detection system to crack down VPNs and proxies, and to block Fake IPs. It is of significant concern for Netflix to keep its content secured and geo-restricted. That’s why, a user with blocked IP receives following message:

Use NordVPN for Netflix to unblock geo-restriction and access American Netflix media library. It keeps you away from prying eyes of Netflix Firewall and you get safe access to the world’s best steaming service. Rest assured, it is the never-failing solution to get rid of proxy detection error.

How to Purchase NordVPN Netflix?

  • Subscribe now to NordVPN
  • Choose a pricing plan which suits your budget
  • Create an account with authentic information and select payment modes
  • Now you will receive an email with complete login credentials
  • Download application and start installing on your device
  • Login now to NordVPN app and connect to preferred US Server
  • Open US Netflix website and be ready to watch TV shows and movies

Why does Netflix Block VPN Providers?

Netflix distributes TV shows, movies and documentaries by geography. Actually, it doesn’t want to disappoint content owners at all. On the other hand, it is about interest and copyrights.

Netflix can’t license some contents in some countries due to legal obligations. Netflix has to abide by law and it blocks such contents. That’s why, when Netflix detects that you’re accessing such content using VPN, it immediately takes action and blocks VPN service provider.

NordVPN Netflix Twitter Reviews

Binge watchers worldwide trust NordVPN to watch US Netflix. Their unshakable trust is obvious from their positive responses on Twitter.


This tweet shows credibility of NordVPN that it has amongst users across the globe.


You don’t need to worry about the protection of your important data as this tweet above defines encryption mechanism and wavering faith of the users on NordVPN as trusted VPN service.



With tweet, it shouldn’t be tough nut to crack for you to understand how much comfortable people feel regarding encryption and security of their devices and identity.

Main Features of NordVPN for Netflix

NordVPN has outstanding features to protect your devices 24/7. This VPN app works well and a user doesn’t have to go through any difficulty in keeping himself safe from all threats. Stream Netflix with ease and enjoy Movies, TV shows and documentaries in HD quality.

NordVPN is most trusted Netflix VPN which can put Netflix Firewall to the shame as it lets you access United States Library easily.


NordVPN Netflix contains 4728 optimized servers in 62 countries. Even, this VPN software sends your internet traffic through 2 different VPN servers for double protection. It bypasses geo-restriction of your home country with the help of Obfuscated servers.

NordVPN coupled with Onion Router takes privacy of your device to the next-level. It has 1827 servers across United States out of 4728 servers. Access American Netflix from one of these 1827 servers and make most of your binge-watching experience.


Take advantage of military-grade 256-bit encryption. Avail foolproof encryption between your device and connected servers with cutting-edge security technologies. When a user connects to NordVPN Netflix, it selects automatically encryption settings that fits best to your internet speed and security measures.

Whereas, IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN security protocols to keep intruders, data snoopers and malicious hackers away from your computer and other devices.

Privacy Policy

NordVPN doesn’t store users’ private and confidential data. It guarantees strict no-logs policy which means that none of your activities is monitored, logged, stored, recorded and passed to 3rd Party. Neither it saves session information, bandwidth, traffic logs, connection time stamps or all other data at all.

NordVPN Errors and Quick Fixes

NordVPN Netflix might incur problems while working. You don’t need to worry at all, following are the quick fixes of the technical issues:

1- Proxy Configuration
In most cases, it is outdated browser proxy configuration that gets problematic while user tries to access Netflix United States. Consequently, accessing American Netflix library becomes nightmare.


Configure proxy properly and unblock Netflix with NordVPN. Apply steps described below and fixing proxy configuration can be easy and will let you get rid of misconfiguration:

Step #1: Open Google Chrome
Step #2: Click on the Chrome Menu, that you will see in the top-right corner of browser’s window and press Settings.
Step #3: Once, settings are open, then scroll down to Show Advanced Settings & click on it.
Step #4: Find Network section and click on Change Proxy Settings button
Step #5: Press LAN settings in new Window
Step #6: Check the box Use a proxy server for your LAN (Note: These settings are not applicable to Dial-up Connections)

2. DNS issue

Did you ever find yourself unable to browse internet when connected to the VPN? It’s a common problem causes due to DNS configuration issues. Netflix Firewall and Servers detect DNS and IPs which escalates difficulty for users to stream their favorite Movies and TV shows.


Configure DNS servers manually in your Windows settings with the help of following steps:

  1. Right-Click network icon in the system tray and open Network and Sharing Center
  2. Go into Change Adapter Settings
  3. Right Click the TAP Adapter and open Properties
  4. Now, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and Properties right away
  5. Select Use the following DNS server addresses enter DNS server which you want to use
  6. Repeat all steps from 3 to 5 for physical network adapter, that’s called Wi-Fi or Ethernet

3- No Internet Connection after Connecting to VPN Server

This issue may happen due to antivirus, firewall or any other security software.


Better, uninstall any of Antivirus or security software from your computer and try following steps for getting rid of the problem:

1- Open Command Prompt with Admin Right
2- Put ipconfig/flushdns or ipconfig/renew
3- Restart your PC and reconnect to the servers

NordVPN Netflix- Wrapping Up

Every binge-watcher loves to stream Netflix. It is matchless streaming services with millions of members worldwide. So, use NordVPN and access US Netflix library and unblocking geo-restrictions becomes easier.

This is the concise guide which conveys clear insight about usefulness of NordVPN Netflix and you will get quick fixes to get rid of technical issues. Stream your favorite Movies and TV shows and stay safe.

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