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Update: NordVPN Unable to Access US Netflix on Android based boxes, TVs & Firestick

Lately, many users reported complaints regarding NordVPN being unable to access US Netflix on various Android based devices. To find out about the issue and possible solutions, I reached out to NordVPN’s support.

According to the comment from their customer support representative, NordVPN is no longer working on Firestick or any Android based box or TV, including NVidia Shield


Sadly, there is no time frame when we can see the issue being resolved by NordVPN. Therefore, I would recommend alternative VPN services such as PureVPN’s chrome extension or ExpressVPN.

When Netflix started crackdown against VPNs, many providers were either blocked by Netflix, or it was too slow for streaming.

To address this problem, we tested NordVPN to check whether it works with Netflix while connecting to different server locations. All the different tests are provided in this guide so you could get the many features of Netflix with NordVPN.

Here we begin!

Does NordVPN work with Netflix?

We conducted two tests. The first test was to know if NordVPN works with Netflix using different server locations, while the second test was the speed performance of NordVPN when streaming Netflix content. NordVPN passed the test, meaning it did unblock US Netflix and its content.

The tests revealed major findings:

  • NordVPN was easily able to access American Netflix with all US servers
  • NordVPN speed declined by only 13%
  • Non-VPN speed (Netherlands)= 31Mbps
  • NordVPN speed (US server)= 27Mbps
  • Avg. for all US servers= 15Mps to 25 Mbps

All-in-all, NordVPN worked seemingly well with Netflix, and as the speed test is concerned, it was consistent with US servers. When you give it a read to this NordVPN Netflix streaming guide, do try a discount coupon we’re giving it on NordVPN.

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NordVPN Netflix Tests

The first test that I conducted was to see whether NordVPN works with US Netflix while connecting to multiple US servers. It was to see if NordVPN Netflix servers are capable enough to unblock US Netflix.

The variables for NordVPN Netflix testing include:

  • Physical location: Netherlands
  • Internet speed (without a VPN): 31Mbps
  • NordVPN servers tested: US server

I was testing NordVPNs US servers while being physically located at Utrecht, the Netherlands with a 31Mbps internet speed. The place where I am currently present is about 7,500 Km away from the US. Considering that, NordVPN exceeded expectations and performed well.

I was able to stream Netflix Original Stranger Things Season 2 with the US server located in New York. Personally, with this NordVPN server for Netflix, I never witnessed any playback errors or neither for even once I faced buffering issues.


Once I was successful accessing US Netflix with New York server, I gave it a try to connect it with other servers i.e. Salt Lake City, Miami, and New Orleans.

The results were the same, they all connected with ease. I didn’t find any restrictions saying that my Netflix IP is blocked, or whatever reason. I found it smooth sailing.

NordVPN Netflix Speed Test Results

The second test I performed was the Netflix speed test. Unblocking Netflix isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about, speed is another factor.

The speed performance of NordVPN on Netflix servers will be determined using downloading speed tests on (Powered by Netflix).

The tests were conducted using the NordVPN Windows app. I was connected to New York server when I bypassed Netflix restrictions. So, it is the same server I watched Stranger Things.

Reminder: My original (non-VPN) internet speed was 31Mbps. After connecting to NordVPN and bypassing Netflix restrictions, my internet speed declined to 27Mbps, which is quite brilliant.


To be certain of the speed test, I connected to multiple servers to check if the speed were consistent. It ranged between 15Mps to 25Mbps which is also good considering that you need only 5Mbps of the internet to stream in HD quality, while 25Mbps for Ultra HD quality.

Considering the tests that were performed, I came to the conclusion that NordVPN and Netflix combination works quite well for my streaming needs.

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How to Setup NordVPN with Netflix

    1. Subscribe now to NordVPN
    2. Download and Install NordVPN app for your device
    3. Login to NordVPN US Netflix server
    4. Open Netflix website and start streaming Movies & TV Shows


If still, you’re having problems with accessing Netflix, you can always contact their customer support which is available 24/7. Anyone from the customer support department will guide you errors respect to NordVPN for Netflix.

If you wish to learn more about NordVPN and its features, follow our guide on NordVPN review for more information on its overall performance and avail NordVPN Coupon deal else try out their free trial version of Nord.

Netflix NordVPN Regions

NordVPN has a presence in 62 countries as per information provided on their website. It has 5,050+ servers, but the majority i.e. 1,970 servers are located in the US alone, making it the Netflix servers. Connect to any of these servers and enjoy Netflix.

There are other Netflix regions that work well with NordVPN:

  • Netflix US
  • Netflix UK
  • Netflix Canada
  • Netflix Australia
  • Netflix France

Netflix restricts its content to particular regions because they want to protect the copyright of their TV Shows and Movies, but there’s nothing that can’t be achieved. So does the US Netflix that has the biggest media library. Sometimes, you cannot access Netflix in your desired region. At the moment, you can unblock Netflix by changing Netflix region and enjoy streaming anywhere.

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NordVPN Errors and its Fixes for Netflix

NordVPN Netflix might incur problems while working. You don’t need to worry at all, the following are the quick fixes of the technical issues:

1- Proxy Configuration

In most cases, it is an outdated browser proxy configuration that gets problematic while the user tries to access the Netflix United States. Consequently, accessing American Netflix library becomes a nightmare. This could also be the reason why you experience NordVPN Netflix slow speed.


Configure proxy properly and unblock Netflix with NordVPN. Apply steps described below and fixing proxy configuration can be easy and will let you get rid of misconfiguration:

Step #1: Open Google Chrome
Step #2: Click on the Chrome Menu, that you will see in the top-right corner of the browser’s window and press Settings
Step #3: Once, settings are open, then scroll down to Show Advanced Settings & click on it
Step #4: Find Network section and click on Change Proxy Settings button
Step #5: Press LAN settings in new Window
Step #6: Check the box Use a proxy server for your LAN (Note: These settings are not applicable to Dial-up Connections)

2. DNS issue

Did you ever find yourself unable to browse the internet when connected to the VPN? It’s a common problem causes due to DNS configuration issues. Netflix Firewall and Servers detect DNS and IPs which escalates difficulty for users to stream their favorite Movies and TV shows.


Configure DNS servers manually in your Windows settings with the help of following steps:

1. Right-Click network icon in the system tray and open Network and Sharing Center.

2. Go into Change Adapter Settings.
Right, Click the TAP Adapter and open Properties.

4. Now, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and Properties right away.
5. Select Use the following DNS server addresses enter DNS server which you want to use.
6. Repeat all steps from 3 to 5 for the physical network adapter, that’s called Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


3- No Internet Connection after Connecting to VPN Server

This issue may happen due to antivirus, firewall or any other security software. This may prompt NordVPN Netflix not working.


Better, uninstall any of Antivirus or security software from your computer and try the following steps for getting rid of the problem:

1. Open Command Prompt with Admin Right.
Put ipconfig/flushdns or ipconfig/renew.
Restart your PC and reconnect to the servers.

NordVPN Netflix Twitter

Accessing Netflix website from either Incognito Mode or Private Window will do the trick. Because of cache, the browser tends to pick up the original Netflix website.


This tweet shows the credibility of NordVPN that it has amongst users across the globe.


With a tweet, it shouldn’t be a tough nut to crack for you to understand how much comfortable people feel regarding the encryption and security of their devices and identity.

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NordVPN Netflix Reddit

Below, I am going to share the thread of Reddit in which a user seems to complain that he wanted to use Netflix Canada list, but couldn’t get it due to the geo-restriction.


But with NordVPN Canada server, he was capable of getting rid of Netflix unexpected error.

This shows that NordVPN Netflix Canada servers are efficient.


NordVPN has the highest number of servers amongst the many VPN providers that we see in the VPN industry. Day-by-day it increases the number of its servers across the US and around the world. It is impossible for Netflix to ban all of its servers, but even if it does, NordVPN is always 2 steps ahead as it is always expanding its servers.


It happens when you’re accessing Netflix from the same browser. It is due to caching that you’re able to access Netflix Australia. To avoid this problem, you need to open Netflix website from another browser, or if possible try using it from Private Window or Incognito Mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get American Netflix in the UK, you need to connect NordVPN to US server. Once connected, visit the Netflix website and start streaming.

Same goes with American Netflix in Canada, which requires you to connect to a US server of NordVPN. After connecting, just visit the Netflix website on your browser and you will be able to unblock Netflix with NordVPN.

Unblock US Netflix in Australia by following a simple procedure of subscribing to NordVPN. Download its VPN app, Enter login details, and connect to US servers. Hence, Netflix will be unblocked.

Netflix tends to block the IP address of VPN providers. To get around Netflix VPN block, just connect to another US server that you find on NordVPN. It has 1,900+ servers in the US and each of this server is able to bypass Netflix restrictions. Just change the server if in any case, Netflix has blocked the IP.

Wrapping Up

Every binge-watcher loves to stream Netflix. It is matchless streaming services with millions of members worldwide. So, use NordVPN and access US Netflix library and unblocking geo-restrictions becomes easier.

This is the concise guide which conveys clear insight about the usefulness of NordVPN Netflix and you will get quick fixes to get rid of technical issues. Stream your favorite Movies and TV shows and stay safe.