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Hoxx VPN in Netherlands is a product of VPN1 LLC that offers both a free and premium plan. It is based in the US and claims to offer lightning-fast speeds and user-friendly apps to everyone. But since it focuses more on browser extensions, we can say that it’s more of a proxy than a VPN in Netherlands.

Moreover, it offers servers across 50 countries worldwide. When you visit its website, it seems pretty outdated and equips a bunch of broken links that have been there for a long time. Additionally, it isn’t best for streaming and downloading torrents. This is why services like ExpressVPN are recommended for overall usage in Netherlands.

Read our full Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands and find out if this VPN really a hoax or does it offer complete online privacy. You can also refer to our best VPNs guide to know more about the top options.

Our Verdict
Overall Rating :
3.1 / 10

Ranked #0 out of 56 VPNs

Hoxx VPN is a low-quality provider that's more of a proxy than an actual VPN provider. It offers just a few features that do not ensure your anonymity or security. Moreover, it logs user data, leaks your IP address, and offers poor encryption. Per our Hoxx VPN review, we do not recommend using this VPN to anyone.
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Key Findings: Hoxx VPN Review in Netherlands

Here you will find a list of factors on the basis of which we performed this Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands along with the results:

  • Pricing – Hoxx VPN offers two plans to users: free and premium costing only $1.99[EUR1.849][/mo.
  • Servers – Per our tests, it offers servers in only 50+ locations, with browser extensions having more options than its apps.
  • Security – After our evaluation, we can conclude that Hoxx VPN isn’t the right choice to stay secure due to its below-par encryption, invasive logging policy, and more.
  • Speed – The Hoxx VPN proxy turned out to be extremely slow per our tests. It didn’t offer fast speeds on either nearby or long-distance servers.
  • Streaming – This VPN turned out to work poorly for streaming purposes. It couldn’t unblock Netflix or Amazon Prime for us.
  • Torrenting – Hoxx VPN has multiple strict policies on DMCA and copyright infringement. Moreover, since it leaks IP addresses, we don’t recommend it for torrenting.
  • Compatibility – It’s compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Also, it offers extensions for multiple browsers.
  • App Installation – Installing Hoxx VPN apps was pretty easy. However, the interface was outdated and the Windows app didn’t connect to any server.
  • Bypass Censorship – Despite their claims, we don’t recommend you use it in China or any other restrictive country due to inefficient security.
  • Customer Support – It offers email support, FAQs, and social media channels. However, the answers are often vague.

Pricing – How Much Does Hoxx VPN Cost in Netherlands?

Unlike various reliable VPNs, Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands offers only two plans. It offers a premium plan costing only $1.99[EUR1.849]/month and an absolutely free plan. Both these plans differ in location, encryption type, and speed. With the Hoxx VPN Free plan, you can get 50+ locations along with no bandwidth restrictions in Netherlands.


You can choose either one of the plans as per your preference.

It also has a 7-day refund policy for anyone who downloads, installs, and subscribes to the Hoxx VPN in Netherlands app. Even though it seems like an affordable VPN service, the refund policy is pretty small when compared to premium VPNs. Moreover, there’s no Hoxx VPN free trial available.

Payment Methods in Netherlands

Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands allows you to pay for its subscription through multiple payment methods in Netherlands. These include:

  • PayPal
  • AliPay
  • Credit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin)

In order to protect their users’ privacy, they should provide anonymous payment options like Bitcoin. In short, Hoxx offers good prices. However, if you’re looking for a premium VPN at a low price, check out our handpicked VPN deals for you right now in Netherlands!

Servers & Locations – Hoxx VPN Review in Netherlands

Per Hoxx VPN’s official website, they offer servers in 50+ locations. Even though they don’t mention the exact server count, it’s known that they have over 100 servers. They further mention that they increase the number of servers every week. That’s a lot of servers actually coming from a freemium VPN in Netherlands.

Unfortunately, the VPN doesn’t have servers in countries like China, Russia, UAE, and others that have the toughest internet restrictions. Moreover, when compared to its browser extensions, the apps display fewer servers, which is weird since most people opt for applications than extensions in Netherlands.

For example, during our evaluation, we found out that its Windows app offers only 6 server locations, whereas the Chrome browser extension offered 37 Hoxx VPN locations (premium plan only).

Security – Is Hoxx VPN Safe in Netherlands?

Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands hasn’t mentioned the type of encryption it offers on its free plan. As per our details, on its premium plan, it uses the outdated 4096-bit RSA encryption.

Moreover, at present, they are only offering quite a few outdated VPN protocols like HTTP and Shadowsocks to their protocols. Users must bear that Shadowsocks is a proxy in reality and does not fulfil the requirements of a protocol in Netherlands.

In this Hoxx VPN review, we were hoping to see some other popular tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, and others. But again, we were left with utter disappointment in Netherlands.

Moreover, per its logging policy, it keeps users’ logs for a brief period to avoid abuse. However, it doesn’t mention how long this data is stored. The Hoxx VPN proxy clearly mentions that the provider logs your email ID, name, password, phone number, visited sites, browser type, IP address, viewed pages, and more. Scary, right? It also tracks users through Google Analytics and Google Advertising in Netherlands.


Let’s not forget that Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands is based in the United States (a founding member of 5 Eyes country). Therefore, it abides by US laws and regulations. This means that the company would have to present users’ data if authorities ask for it. So your data isn’t safe with Hoxx VPN in Netherlands.

Moreover, they’ve openly agreed to work with legal authorities. We found an excerpt of this in their FAQs section. Read it in the screenshot below:


Leaks – Does it Leak IP, DNS, & WebRTC in Netherlands?

Like every other VPN review in Netherlands, we tested the Hoxx VPN proxy for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks as well. Now, you must be thinking: How do DNS and WebRTC leaks occur? DNS leaks occur either when a VPN server is bypassed or ignored due to some error. Similarly, WebRTC leaks occur when APIs interfere with VPNs and reveal the actual IP in Netherlands.

So, we conducted multiple IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak tests of Hoxx VPN. However, the VPN failed to bypass most tests. For our IP and DNS leaks, we connected to its Canadian server, but could still see our US IP address when tested. You can check out the results as proof below:


We were connected to the Canadian server while testing.

Moreover, it didn’t clear our WebRTC leak tests as well. Here is a screenshot of that:


You can see that it also failed to pass the WebRTC tests.

This means that the VPN is not a good option if you want to stay secure or unidentified. Instead, you can opt for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN in Netherlands.

Speed – How Fast is Hoxx VPN in Netherlands?

Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands server speed is too slow. We tested this VPN’s free servers and compared them to our 100 Mbps connection. Our internet speed before connecting to the VPN in Netherlands was around 92.18 Mbps. Check it out in the screenshot below:


We got these default speeds before connecting to Hoxx VPN.

After that, we tested multiple distant server locations of the VPN in Netherlands that are quite far from our location and got the following speeds:


We faced a significant speed drop on all these servers.

We further calculated the percentage of drop-offs on the speed test of each location. You can check it out in the table below:

Download Speeds Upload Speeds Pings Drop Off % (Download Speeds)
Base Speed 92.18 88.07 201 7.82%
Italy 21.72 13.26 259 76.44%
Canada 9.84 7.58 273 89.33%
Switzerland 15.93 3.36 299 82.72%
Germany 12.51 8.67 240 86.43%
India 5.43 2.94 261 94.11%
Russia 3.58 1.66 258 96.12%

Streaming – Does Hoxx VPN Work with Netflix in Netherlands?

We found in this Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands that it doesn’t unblock US Netflix. We tested to connect with US Netflix and tried to stream its library but it would show us an error. Moreover, we tested 10+ more Netflix libraries with the VPN and could not unblock their exclusive libraries as well in Netherlands.

After that, we tried unblocking YouTube with multiple servers. Even though the speed was quite slow while accessing the platform, we could only stream videos in 720p without lags.

We then tried unblocking Disney+. Even though we became successful, we were unable to stream anything due to bad speeds and VPN detection. The other platform that identified VPN usage was Amazon Prime Video. This is why we only recommend using the best VPN for Amazon Prime and Disney+ instead of Hoxx VPN in Netherlands.

Is Hoxx VPN Good for Torrenting in Netherlands?

Unfortunately, you cannot download Torrents with Hoxx VPN in Netherlands. This VPN thinks that torrent activity comes under a grey area. Above all, they have mentioned a clear DMCA policy in their privacy policy section.

Thus, you should not indulge yourself in any kind of copyright infringement act through Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands, otherwise, you may find yourself in hot waters of legal troubles.

Apart from that, we wouldn’t recommend this VPN for torrenting as well since it lacks a kill switch and leaks your IP address. However, do not worry, you can still accomplish your media streaming cravings with our best VPN for torrenting guide in Netherlands.

Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices in Netherlands

While jotting down this Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands, it is that Hoxx VPN in Netherlands is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox extensions. Hoxx VPN extensions for Opera and Chrome OS are going to be launched soon enough in Netherlands.


As per the organization, its main focus is the mobile market. However, while testing, Hoxx VPN’s Android app seemed pretty outdated. And even though Hoxx VPN follows the footsteps of Surfshark by offering unlimited multi-login benefits, you cannot download it on Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and routers in Netherlands.


It has a basic interface and doesn’t display much on the home screen.

Installation of Apps & Ease of Use in Netherlands

It’s pretty easy to download Hoxx VPN in Netherlands on your device. You can find all the devices/operating systems it supports along with their download links on the website. However, there aren’t any setup guides available in Netherlands.


Just click the Download button to get Hoxx VPN on PC or any other device.

While testing, even though we installed the latest Windows version, we couldn’t connect to any server. We reached out to a customer support representative and communicated this issue, to which they advised us to use its extension instead of the VPN app. So much for being a VPN in Netherlands.

When tested its Chrome and Firefox extensions, it took a few minutes to establish a connection. But once done, the connection seemed stable in Netherlands.

Bypass Censorship in Netherlands

We reached out to their customer support and asked if Hoxx VPN works in China. Even though their answer was affirmative, we wouldn’t advise you to do so.

That’s because China is a super-restrictive country. And Hoxx VPN in Netherlands has a history of leaking user IPs and logging data. So, this combination can be quite bad for you if you think about it.

Moreover, we do not recommend you use Hoxx VPN in other restrictive countries, like Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia as well. Instead, you should opt for the best VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Customer Support in Netherlands

You can contact Hoxx VPN’s customer support representatives via email and query forms only. Moreover, there’s also a FAQs page that you can utilize in case you need help. But, unlike most VPNs, Hoxx VPN lacks 24/7 live chat support in Netherlands. 

For testing, we sent them an email asking if they unblock Hulu. They took an entire day to respond and even then, the answer was false. We couldn’t unblock Hulu with Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands.

Moreover, even though it’s not their official customer support channel, you can contact them on Facebook and Twitter. Their response time is mainly under 3-4 hours in Netherlands.

FAQs – Hoxx VPN Review in Netherlands

Hoxx VPN isn’t a safe provide due to its poor security. It offers you the 4096-bit RSA encryption at max, which is pretty outdated. Moreover, Hoxx VPN is known to log the data of users in Netherlands.

Yes, Hoxx VPN will significantly slow down your speeds in Netherlands, especially if you use its free plan. Therefore, we recommend using a fast VPN instead, like ExpressVPN.

Hoxx VPN is more like a proxy than an actual full-fledged VPN. Per its claims, it can be used to circumvent restrictions on blocked websites imposed by your school or the government. It further claims that the VPN keeps you anonymous on public Wi-Fi networks. However, after evaluating the VPN, all these claims turned out to be false in Netherlands.

Alternatives to Hoxx VPN in Netherlands

In case you don’t want to use Hoxx VPN in Netherlands, you have options galore when it comes to securing your online privacy. Here is the list of other VPN reviews you may select that includes:

Do We Recommend Hoxx VPN in Netherlands?

After this Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands, we can say that no, we do not recommend Hoxx VPN due to a number of reasons. Hoxx VPN in Netherlands openly admits that it stores your logging data and it would handover to authorities if they ask for it.

Moreover, in this Hoxx VPN review in Netherlands, we found that it isn’t suitable for streaming because it doesn’t work with Netflix or torrenting. Additionally, its server speed is too slow and that is why we do not recommend this service.

Finally, it focuses more on its extensions than the VPN apps, making it a Hoxx VPN proxy than a complete VPN in Netherlands. That’s all for our guide. Until next time!

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