How To Watch The Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands On Hotstar? [2023 Guide]

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An exciting Turkish crime thriller series, Aktris is coming to Disney+ Hotstar on May 31, 2023. You can watch The Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands on Hotstar with the help of a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, which per our tests, is the best VPN for Hotstar.

Unfortunately, content licensing agreements mean you can’t watch Hotstar in Netherlands. However, a reliable VPN can take you past these restrictions with the help of its location spoofing techniques and IP masking.

Aktris (Actress) is a Turkish crime drama with a tinge of comedy and an added spice of a thriller. The TV series follows a prominent actress who becomes an unmerciful vigilante as the sun goes down, hunting down criminals who commit felonies against women and innocent children.

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How to Watch The Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands on Hotstar?  [Quick Steps]

Follow these easy and simple steps to watch The Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands on Hotstar using a VPN app:

  1. Subscribe to a premium and fast VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device, and log in to your account.
  3. Connect to a fast Indian server (Recommended server: India via the UK).
  4. Open the Disney+ Hotstar website or sign in through its smart app.
  5. Now you can easily stream Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands on Hotstar.

Note: You can sign up for a Hotstar free trial if you want to get an idea of what kind of content it offers. Hotstar’s cost is quite affordable compared to other streaming services in the Netherlands. In fact, it’s the cheapest platform to stream Aktris series in Netherlands. Remember to cancel your Hotstar subscription before the free trial period ends to avoid any subscription charges.

Where can I watch Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands?

You can stream Aktris series in Netherlands on Hotstar. See the Tweet below:

Aktris Season 1 on Hotstar date will be May 31, 2023. So, mark your calendars if you are a Turkish drama fan.

However, Hotstar restricts coverage to the Netherlands, and a VPN is required to power through these geo-restrictions — our staunch recommendation is to opt for an ExpressVPN Hotstar combo because both pair exceptionally well.

To watch Aktris show in Netherlands on Hotstar, you need to bypass the geo-restrictions in effect by Hotstar. You cannot watch Hotstar in any region other than India and a few other places as the streaming service is unavailable in other countries, including the Netherlands. Using the ExpressVPN Hotstar pair would be the best choice.

This dynamic duo also opens doors to a world of content so that you can watch popular titles like The kardashiansAmerican born chinese season 1Ant-man and the wasp: Quantumania and School Of Lies on Hotstar.

Honestly, with the amount of content available in various genres and languages, you will be spoilt for choice, never left wondering what to watch on Hotstar.

What is Aktris Season 1 About?

Aktris Season 1 OTT platform series is an upcoming Turkish crime drama spiced up with comedy. It’s directed by Soner Caner, featuring Pınar Deniz in the lead role playing the character of the “actress” who turns into a vigilante during the night.

Other notable cast members include Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, İpek Çiçek, Tolga Tekin, Ahmet Rifat Sungar, Serhat Kılıç, and Şebnem Hassanisoughi,

The initial promotional teaser for the series featuring Pinar Deniz and Uraz Kaygilaroglu has been unveiled, grabbing the fans’ attention.

In the captivating teaser, Yasemin Derin (played by Pinar Deniz) is seen seated in front of a mirror, displaying a range of intriguing emotions. This glimpse into her character’s emotional journey ruffles curiosity about the storyline and hints at the gripping intensity of the series.

What is the storyline of the Aktris?

Aktris Season 1 on Hotstar storyline is very captivating. “Actress” portrays the glamorous life of one of Turkey’s renowned actresses during the day while delving into her sinister transformation into a nocturnal world as a female serial killer. This intriguing premise promises to delve the audience into a gripping tale of duality and darkness.

The actress takes on the role of a vigilante, targeting the ones who perpetuate violence against women and children. The diverse range of emotions displayed by Pinar Deniz, who portrays the lead character in the series, intensifies curiosity surrounding the storyline.

Who is in the Cast of Aktris Season 1?

Even though a few cast members of the Aktris Season 1 have been revealed, their characters remain unconfirmed. See some of the Aktris Season 1 cast leading names below:

  • Pinar Deniz as Yasemin Derin
  • Ahmet Rifat Sungar
  • Ipek Çiçek
  • Sebnem Hassanisoughi
  • Sinan Sicimoglu
  • Uraz Kaygilaroglu
  • Tolga Tekin
  • Serhat Mustafa Kılıç

What is the position of Seasons and Episodes of the Web Series Aktris?

Are you wondering how many seasons of Aktris are there? Well, the series will be premiering its first season on May 31, 2023, on Disney+.

We remain in the dark about the number of episodes of the web series Aktris Season 1 and will gain clarity once the show premiers. 

Is there any trailer for Aktris Season 1?

Yes, a teaser has revealed what to expect from the show. To see what all the hype is about, please check out Aktris Season 1 trailer by clicking below:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands?

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Watch The Aktris Season 1   On Hotstar

With ExpressVPN, you can watch Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands on Hotstar!

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Aktris Season 1


The Aktris TV series is directed by Soner Caner and produced by Necati Akpinar and Faruk Ozerten. Caner is known for Rauf, Heartsong, and Nefes: Vatan Sagolsun. Akpinar is famous for Dügün Dernek, G.O.R.A., and The Butterfly’s Dream. Lastly, Ozerten’s works include, One-Way to Tomorrow, Consequences, and Peace After Marriage.

The genre of Aktris Season 1 is Crime, Drama, and Thriller. The show is filled with cliffhangers, and the theatrics are beyond impressive. A perfect show to watch with those near and dear, so subscribe to ExpressVPN and Hotstar today.

Due to geo-restrictions, Hotsar is inaccessible in the Netherlands. To overcome these bottlenecks, you need a VPN to watch Aktris S1 in Netherlands.

A premium VPN like ExpressVPN enables you to change your location to India by assigning you an Indian IP address. This tricks Hotstar into thinking that you are within its licensed coverage area and allows you to stream anything.

Wrap Up

Disney+ Hotstar is ending the month of May on a high note with several new releases, and the TV series Aktris is one of them.

If you are planning to watch The Aktris Season 1 in Netherlands on Hotstar, get a subscription to a premium VPN to bypass the geo-blocks of the streaming channel.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for online streaming and for watching Aktris season 1 in Netherlands due to its powerful unblocking ability, fast streaming speed, and stellar security and online privacy.

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