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Is somebody somewhere season available on HBO Max?  Yes, you can watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Netherlands by signing up for a quick VPN service like ExpressVPN.

The difficulties of life, however, are universal and Somebody Somewhere is the ideal series to watch for everyone who enjoys a touching, calming, and authentic tale. Television shows that depict the highs and lows of real life may nevertheless make you smile from ear to ear, as Somebody Somewhere proved.

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How to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Netherlands? [Easy – Steps]

To watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Netherlands you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a trustworthy VPN. (We advise using ExpressVPN)
  • Download and set up the VPN software.
  • Select the United States server from the location list to connect to the New York server.
  • Launch HBO Max and watch somebody somewhere season 2 2023!
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Where to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 in Netherlands?

Somebody somewhere season 2 2023, will broadcast on HBO and be accessible on HBO Max. Every Sunday after that, a fresh episode will air until the season’s final two episodes on May 28.

You can also see our guide to know more about updated Max price and you can also learn how to pay for Max as it is little tricky. And enjoy watching the show!

How to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 for free?

You can watch season 2 for free using HBO Max free trial. If you have a Hulu subscription, you may add HBO Max to your plan and enjoy a 7-day free trial. Keep in mind that once your seven days are up, you have to pay for the full service.

After the free trial, a membership to HBO Max is required. Before Somebody Somewhere HBO Max Season 2 debuts, you can watch the first season on HBO Max.

What is Somebody Somewhere Season 2 Release Date on HBO Max?

Somebody somewhere season 2 release date is April 23 from 10:30 PM-11:00 PM EST. Seven episodes of the second season will air each week on Sundays.

What is Somebody Somewhere Season 2 about?

The series centers on Sam (played by Everett), a Kansan who appears to be a true local on the outside while secretly fighting to fit in. Sam is struggling with grief and acceptance, but singing is her savior and takes her on a trip to learn about herself and a group of outcasts that fail to fit in yet don’t give up, proving that it is possible to find your people and your voice.

The story revolves around an eccentric outsider in her 40s who moves back to Manhattan, where the rest of her extended family still resides, after living in Lawrence for several years.

Families are difficult, even the enjoyable ones, as Somebody Somewhere Season 2 HBO serves as a reminder. Joel (Jeff Hiller) and Sam have established a cozy routine. But nothing endures without change.

Given the excellence of the plot, HBO last year in February decided to order a second season of this overlooked treasure, which is partly based on the biography of the main actress and producer Bridget Everett.

Who is in the Cast of Somebody Somewhere Season 2?

Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen are the creators of Somebody Somewhere, which is produced by Shuli Harel with Carolyn Strauss, Bridget Everett, Mark and Jay Duplass, Hannah Bos, Mel Eslyn, Patricia Breen,  Paul Thureen, and Tyler Romary serving as executive producers.

The directors are Jay Duplass, Robert Cohen, and Lennon Parham.

Somebody Somewhere Season 2 cast includes:

Actor Name Character/Role
Mike Hagerty Ed Miller
Jeff Hiller Joel
Mary Catherine Garrison Tricia Miller
Murray Hill Fred Rococo
Danny McCarthy Rick
Christopher Kahler Church band leader
Giota Trakas Church parishioner
Brian Boland Randy
Jane Brody Mary Jo
Kailey Albus Shannon

How many seasons are there for Somebody Somewhere?

On January 16, 2022, HBO debuted the first season of the American comedy-drama television series Somebody Somewhere. The show received a second season renewal in February 2022, and the new season is scheduled to begin on April 23, 2023.

How many episodes are in Somebody Somewhere Season 2?

Beginning on April 23, the second season’s seven episodes will air each week on Sundays. On May 28, 2023, the sixth and seventh episodes of the season will air. Seven episodes of somebody somewhere season 2 2023 are currently planned, and it will air on HBO Max.

Episode Airing Date Platform
1 April 23, 2023 HBO Max
2 April 30, 2023 HBO Max
3 May 7, 2023 HBO Max
4 May 14, 2023 HBO Max
5 May 21, 2023 HBO Max
6 May 28, 2023 HBO Max
7 May 28, 2023 HBO Max

Is there any trailer for Somebody Somewhere Season 2?

Somebody somewhere season 2 trailer is available to stream. Check the link below:

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Fans Expectations from Season 2 of Somebody Somewhere

More K-State, more Manhattan, and even a few unexpected local cameos. That’s what fans of the critically praised HBO series “Somebody, Somewhere” starring Bridget Everett should anticipate from the second season.

Who is Somebody Somewhere based on

The seven-episode series features Sam (Bridget Everett), a Kansan who finds singing to be her savior despite her challenges to fit into the mold of her community.

Her search to discover herself and a society of outcasts that don’t fit in either is made possible by this means of expression. She tries to discover her voice while coping with the passing away of her sister.

What happened at the end of Somebody Somewhere?

Somebody somewhere ending explained as Sam finally gets up from the couch and lies down in Holly’s bed. It seems as though she has finally come to terms with the loss of her sister. She has, in a way, been reborn as a result of others’ love, delivered from the trap she had found herself in.

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Somebody Somewhere Season 2


Sam Miller, a 40-plus ex-bartender who returned to her home just over a year ago, slept on the couch in the small home where she lives alone.

The show received a second season renewal in February 2022; it will debut on April 23, 2023. A third season has not yet been confirmed.

Sam slept on the couch in the residence of her parents for the duration of the season rather than in Holly’s old room, in memory of her sister who had just passed away from cancer.

Although the show is fictional, its themes including the passing of Bridget’s sister Brinton to cancer—have been taken from Bridget’s life.

Wrapping Up

This post offers simple instructions on how to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Netherlands.

You are able to navigate around geo-restrictions and access HBO Max in Netherlands by using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN. You must register because HBO Max is not free.