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In a world where football unites nations and ignites passion, the clash between PSG and Lorient in Ligue 1 2023 stands as an electrifying spectacle. As fans from every corner of the globe eagerly anticipate this showdown. Let us break the barriers and tell you how to watch PSG vs Lorient Ligue 1 2023 in Netherlands on ESPN Plus.

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Where to Watch PSG vs Lorient Ligue 1 2023 in Netherlands?

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What Time Does PSG vs Lorient match Kick-off?

Mark your calendars for the PSG vs Lorient match kick-off on Sunday, August 13, 2023, at the prestigious Parc des Princes, Paris. The action starts at 7:00 PM local time in France, 1:00 PM in the US, and 6:00 PM in the UK.

So stay up-to-date with PSG vs Lorient live score and PSG vs FC Lorient matches, if you want to catch up on every aspect of both teams’ ratings.

PSG vs Lorient: Journey So Far

The journey between Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and Lorient has spanned 32 gripping matches since 2006. PSG emerged victorious in 20 encounters with a total of 60 goals (PPG 1.9), while Lorient secured 7 wins with 34 goals (PPG 1.1), setting the stage for an intense rivalry.

Head-to-head stats PSG vs Lorient

In their 35 matchups, PSG won 21 times, Lorient 8 times, and 6 ended in draws. Their average goal per match is 2.91. PSG’s current season sees them scoring an average of 2.17 goals per game.

At home, 75% of their matches had over 1.5 goals, and 50% had over 2.5 in the 2023 season. Lorient averages 2.00 goals per match this season. In their away games, 100% had over 1.5 goals.

Mentioned below are the insights into the head-to-head statistics between PSG and Lorient, as well as their performance during the matches:

Date Match Result
30 Apr 23 PSG vs Lorient 1 – 3
6 Nov 22 Lorient vs PSG 1 – 2
3 Apr 22 PSG vs Lorient 5 – 1
22 Dec 21 Lorient vs PSG 1 – 1
31 Jan 21 Lorient vs PSG 3 – 2

Head to Head Statistics:

Statistics PSG Lorient
Direct Matches Won 21 8
Draws 6
Average Goals/Match 2.91 2.00
PSG Avg. Goals/Match 2.17
Lorient Avg. Goals/Match 2.00

PSG vs Lorient Ligue 1 Expected LineUps

Here are the expected lineups of both teams along with the PSG vs Lorient player ratings:

Paris Saint-Germain:

Position Player Player Ratings
Striker (ST) Lionel Messi 8.5
Striker (ST) Kylian Mbappe 8.3
Goalkeeper (GK) Gianluigi Donnarumma 7.9
Centre Back (CB) Marquinhos 8.0
Centre Back (CB) Sergio Ramos 7.5
Centre Back (CB) Danilo Pereira 7.2
Right Wing Back (RWB) Achraf Hakimi 7.8
Central Midfield (CM) Fabian Ruiz 7.6
Central Midfield (CM) Marco Verratti 8.1
Central Midfield (CM) Vitinha 7.4
Left Wing Back (LWB) Juan Bernat 7.0

FC Lorient:

Position Player Player Ratings
Goalkeeper (GK) Yvon Mvogo 7.8
Right Back (RB) Gedeon Kalulu 7.5
Centre Back (CB) Julien Laporte 7.9
Centre Back (CB) Bamo Meïté 7.2
Left Back (LB) Montassar Talbi 7.4
Midfielder (CM) Romain Faivre 8.1
Midfielder (CM) Jean-Victor Makengo 7.6
Midfielder (CM) Laurent Abergel 7.8
Midfielder (CM) Bonke Innocent 7.3
Midfielder (CM) Adil Aouchiche 7.7
Forward (FW) Ahmadou Bamba Dieng 8.0

Which league is Lorient in?

Lorient competes in Ligue 1, the top-tier professional football league in France. As one of the esteemed participants in this prestigious league, Lorient engages in intense battles with other elite clubs, showcasing their prowess on the national football stage.

What is the Prediction for PSG vs Lorient Ligue 1 2023?

In the PSG vs Lorient Ligue 1 2023 match, we’re forecasting a score of Paris Saint-Germain 3-1 Lorient. We expect PSG to win with confidence in Enrique’s first competitive game as manager. While Lorient’s past victory at Parc des Princes gives them hope, it’s rare for any team to win twice in a row against the strong Ligue 1 champions.

How Can I Buy a Ticket for PSG vs Lorient Ligue 1 2023?

To secure PSG vs Lorient tickets Ligue 1 2023 match, you can visit reputable platforms like and Additionally, websites like offer options to purchase tickets. For a comprehensive seat selection and a hassle-free booking experience, explore these platforms and find your way to the heart of the action.

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Rennes is the main Lorient rival.

PSG’s biggest score was 10–0 (away to Côte Chaude, Coupe de France).

Kylian Mbappe is PSG top striker


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