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Cybercrime is on the rise. Cybercriminals are everywhere, at every corner of this digital universe. Their tricks and tools have evolved with time; thus, we witness frequent unauthorized assaults. Snapchat, Silk Road 2, eBay and PayPal hacks earlier this year serve as notorious achievements of these cyber-goons. A study tells that it costs $100 Billion to take necessary measures to prevent cybercrime each year. Yet, we are complacent to take a stand against cybercrime.

Heck! We don’t even care about our own privacy and security. Remember! Reluctance to take a stand against these digital demons is like giving an open invitation to cyber-goons for security infiltration. The security measures adopted by us today aren’t enough to cope with the threats currently acknowledged.

We have recommended a few tips and tricks in the infographic to battle cybercrime and safeguard your privacy and security. Have a look.

Battling Cybercrime