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YouTube is in total chaos! A dozen YouTube celebrity channels have been hacked by Anti-Israel group who call themselves Prosox & Kuroi’sh. In the midst, these hackers claim to have deleted the YouTube’s most viewed song ‘Despacito’ featured by Luis Fonsi.

The hackers have changed the names of videos and re-named it as ‘Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’sh @OpIsrael Free Palestine.

Famous YouTube Channels Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’sh

The shocking news that has so far blown everyone away is the deletion of the most viewed song in the history of YouTube ‘Despacito’. The song was the first to cross 5 billion views mark in just a small span of time.
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Paul Walker fans rejoices since their song ‘see you again’ is currently the number #1 YouTube video, after the YouTube hack incident.

As fans were rejoicing, they were told that Despacito hacked song has been recovered!!!


Other artists that had their videos affected include the following:

  • Luis Fonsi
  • Shakira
  • Adele
  • Selena Gomez
  • Drake
  • Kaaris
  • Lacrim Vevo
  • Katy Perry
  • Maître Gims
  • Taylor Swift

Kuroi’sh responded to these attacks with a Tweet claiming that this was all his work and further claimed that he’s already inside the YouTube’s CEO account.

Many people under the comments already shouting out for a new target ‘Logan Paul’.

In fact, Kuroi’sh created a poll in which he asks his followers which account they want to take down next. 81% of the fans responded ‘Logan Paul’. Sorry Logan!

How to Fix your Hacked YouTube Account

If your YouTube account has been compromised or hacked by cyber-criminal, you may need to follow these steps to get hold of your account:

Step 1: First, you need to check whether your YouTube account is hacked with YouTube’s Secure Your Account details.


Step 2: If you cannot Sign In, Follow the steps to Recover your YouTube Account.

Step 3: If you happen to log in, Reset your YouTube Account Password and make sure you have a strong one.

Following the above step will ensure the safe recovery of your YouTube account.