UK Citizens May Face 10 Years in Jail for Online Piracy

  • Danish Pervez
  • Apr-27-2016

Government of the United Kingdom is perusing legislation that would raise the maximum sentence for web piracy to 10 years revealed Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe UK’s Minister for Intellectual Property. The UK government argues that the two years punishment for web piracy is not enough to encounter rising copyright infringement offences.

However, the 10-years sentence may not be applied to low level infringement crimes that have minimal effects on a copyright owner and where an offender is unaware of his wrong doing.

Criminal Sanctions for Online Copyright Infringement

Creative industries add over £80 billion to UK’s economy each year, providing cybercriminals new possibilities to infringe the rights of the copyright owners. In order to protect the investment of copyright owners, strict and effective laws have been prepared that include maximum sentence for web privacy up to 10 years.


Last year the government discussed changing the duration of penalty for web piracy up to 10 years. Over a thousand responses were received to aid the final decision on the matter. The 10 years sentence provision is designed to punish cybercriminals who exploit the intellectual property of owners without their consent, making the crime unacceptable under any circumstances.


Sanctions for Online Copyright Infringement

Criminal sanctions for online copyright infringements are vital to protect copyright owners according to representatives of the UK government, the key features being discusses in the House of Commons are as follows:

  • There are already safeguards in place which protect low level infringement offenders from being subjected to harsh penalties.
  • In order to become eligible for 10-years sentence, the violation must be proven to be a criminal offence.
  • The penalty should reflect the severity of the committed offense.
  • In November 2015, the British High Court ordered to bring down 85 websites alleged for copyrights violations.
  • According to the UK government, online infringement offenses should be treated similar to their physical counterparts.

The Next Step

Although strict copyright laws protect intellectual property of the copyright owners in UK, security experts and privacy advocates are concerned about this major change lingering in the horizon.

Privacy Advocates and consumers argue that Instead of protecting copyright owners who are looking for nothing more than a quick profit through this legislative charade, the government itself should make provisions to stop anti privacy surveillance of the GCHQ, NCA, NSA and other law enforcement agencies. Infringement of citizen’s data privacy is a bigger concern than a pirated movie or song.

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