Uber Reveals Customer Data To Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Bilal Asif
  • Apr-13-2016

Uber the Info Pooper

In a report unveiled on Tuesday 12th April 2016, Uber disclosed that state regulators and authorities requested the data of 12 million Uber riders and close to 600,000 drivers between July and December 2015. The company informed that requests were made in regards to various fraud and credit card misuse cases. Disclosed data includes GPS coordinates, addresses plus the route maps of drivers & riders.

What Does Transparency Report Says?

According to Uber’s transparency report, regulators routinely gather data to monitor the number of rides and drivers who use Uber. Moreover, Uber stated that regulators need specific data in order to be productive like law-enforcement agencies. Regulators often send blanket or hidden requests that do not stating the need & use of the required information.


“There isn’t a lot of systemic or constitutional limits on what they could in the future collect,”

Gautam Hans


A policy counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology Gautam Hans raised worrying issues over unregulated data collection by state authorities. For instance, a researcher claims he identified the cab that Bradley Cooper rode in 2014, by matching paparazzi photos with the New York taxi database. State Regulators argue that they need this data to ensure that transportation companies are providing highest standards of service to users.

Overview of Uber Transparency Report

Following are some key factors of the Uber transparency report that you should know:

  • Majority of data was collected during the second half (July – December) of 2015.
  • Data-queries were mainly requested by state, local and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • About 415 data requests were about customer accounts.
  • About 205 data-queries were about driver accounts.
  • Uber successfully served 84.8% of routine warranted requests by providing confidential information, in addition to 100% of all emergency requests made without warranted authorization.

You can access the complete Uber Transparency Report 2016 here.

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