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One of Italy’s most popular torrent site has recently came under a lot of scrutiny from multiple media companies this week. TNTVillage, which is popular Italian torrent site, has been operational for over a decade now. However, documents posted on its Facebook pages suggest that the site has been receiving major heat from media companies over copyright infringement offences.

Surprisingly instead of rebelling against the dictatorship, the sites proprietor has opted for more ethical approach by refraining from further uploading new content.

While this is no sure fire way of evading copyright enforcers it is surely a good approach towards deescalate the situation.

Although copyright violations seriously harm individual creators and economy, it should be noted that this was not the intention of TNTVillage. The site only intended to release contents that would end up in internet archives or not get a chance at all due to their lack of exposure.

Arguably, there are plenty of copyrighted materials on the site too, which it only released after the initial hype of the content died down.

Long story short copyright violation is still illegal no matter the intent.

TNTVillage is likely going to face legal charges since a complaint from multiple Media outlets including Italian Publishers Association (IPS), Ermes, Eagle Pictures and many others is pending in the Italian court of Milan.


The legal complaint states the name of the proprietor of the site (Luigi Di Liberto) as well as a renowned Italian internet freedom activist by the name of Associazione Scambio Etico.

The complainants have accused TNTVillage of allegedly distributing copyrighted material through BitTorrent file sharing protocol, which has drastically affected their business.

A photograph posted by Di Liberto on his Facebook page shows authorities ransacking his computer and personal belongings for evidence, which shows the severity of the case.


At the moment the case is pending trial in the Italian court, therefore the outcome is not yet clear, however considering how slow legal systems work, it is going to be a while before we hear anything regarding the case.

While these issues are a major headache for the site proprietors, individual torrenters can easily avoid such situations by using anonymity tools like Torrent VPN.