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Tata communications has recently scaled up their online security setup, this time expanding its grasp in the Middle East.  In the light of the ever-increasing cyber threats, Tata communications has established a dedicated round the clock response center in Dubai to cater their needs.

Officials from Tata stated that, In order to win against cyber criminals, you have to stay one-step ahead of them and that is exactly what they are doing. After establishing a dedicated response center for Dubai, the Company now has four individual security centers in total including locations like Pune, Chennai and Singapore.

Tata communication’s cyber security venture aims to aid regional corporations and governmental agencies not only in Dubai but also in other countries complying with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

At the unveiling of the one of a kind cyber security response center in Dubai, His Excellence Omar Sultan AL Olama the Minister of Artificial intelligence for UAE briefly stated that, ever since the ongoing technology in the region is being digitized, the need for cyber security is at all-time high. He further stated that in order to eradicate cyber-attacks at its core, collaboration with industry leaders of the problem area is an absolute must.

Radwan Moussalli, the senior vice president of Tata communication for the Middle Eastern region stated, “The adoption of connected digital technologies and applications by consumers, enterprises, and governments is growing at a rapid pace in the Middle East. Therefore, the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy was launched with the aim to provide the UAE with the right tools and services to make it a leading region in terms of cyber security. In line with this significant vision, Tata Communications is providing the framework for the UAE to realize its goals. Our cyber security response center in the UAE is an effort in the direction to help governments and large organizations in various vital sectors of the region in handling and mitigating cyber threats.”

Tata communications has always taken their costumer privacy very seriously and it is no surprise they are investing a lot time, effort and talent in to the newly launched program in Dubai. While these are corporate level measures, we should also incorporate online privacy in our day-to-day browsing regardless of regions by utilizing anonymity tools like PureVPN.