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  • Aazim Akhtar
  • Aug-31-2018

Kodi is an open source online streaming platform, which is the product of XBMC foundation. XBMC which is a nonprofit group, did not initially released it with this brand name, as there were several less famous versions of it released dating back all the way to 2002.

Despite being such an awesome application, governmental regulations and copyright policies make it virtually impossible to enjoy free content, as you have to understand that Kodi is just a tool and it cannot bypass restrictions.

However, popular privacy tools like VPNs can allow users to access any content of their choice without restrictions.

Speaking of popular VPN services, PureVPN Kodi is probably the most straightforward, fast and secure provider you can opt. It has frugal subscription plans and it does not log your data, meaning you can enjoy Kodi without worrying about a thing.

You can also read up on all the features and offers in our PureVPN review blog.

Does PureVPN Even Work With Kodi?

Yes, it does and you will be surprised how marvelously it does it too. Although one thing to bear in mind is that Kodi uses various untrusted sources for its content library therefore, it technically makes it illegal. However, PureVPN’s encrypted network creates a private buffer between you and the rest of the world, making it impossible for prying eyes to violate your privacy.

In addition to cloaking your online activity, PureVPN also helps you bypass all geo restrictions so you can enjoy your favorite content regardless of where you live.

Why would You Consider a VPN for Kodi?

Kodi is by far the most popular media streaming player in the world, what started out as a minor media player back in 2002 has slowly but surely made a brand of itself.

Nowadays literally, millions of people worldwide have Kodi installed on their devices and being compatible with multiple platforms and hardware makes it even more desirable.

Kodi is a very compelling choice, after all what streaming service lets your watch literally any content of their choice for free.

Speaking of free content you can enjoy latest movies, TV shows; music, podcast and a whole bunch other cool stuff with Kodi.

However, with great power comes great responsibility and when you are handling content that is not necessarily legal it only seems right to cloak your identity with a VPN.

Like most VPN providers, PureVPN strongly believes in internet freedom and net neutrality, this is why their service provides you with unprecedented access to all sorts of blocked digital contents.

While accessing blocked content is, one thing remaining anonymous is another. However, with PureVPN I think it is safe to say that all the breadcrumbs you leave behind are going to be covered.

How Does VPN Aid With Kodi Streaming?

Since most of us know VPNs aid in accessing blocked content, therefore combining a VPN with your Kodi should allow you free range in accessing all sorts of geo locked contents. The way a VPN service help you do this, is by spoofing your original location.

Another privacy quirk that can be achieved with a VPN is IP masking; this feature hides your original IP address so no one can trace your activities back to you be it copyright holders or law enforcement agencies.

When To Use PureVPN with Kodi?

Technically, you should always use PureVPN, regardless of if you are using Kodi or not. However since we are discussing Kodi therefore you must use PureVPN with Kodi at all times. The reason being is that many add-ons such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video etc., enforce strict privacy measures and geo restrictions.

Other than that, a huge chunk of content is syphoned from torrents, which as we all know is infamous for logging IP addresses.

So if you want to access blocked content and remain anonymous then definitely try PureVPN.

Benefits of Combining PureVPN with Kodi

There are tons of benefits of using PureVPN with Kodi; the most common of it would have to be online anonymity, because who wants to share their browsing activity with strangers.

Besides online anonymity, PureVPN is also good for:

Blazing fast streaming

PureVPN has one of the most globally diverse optimized servers in the industry; these servers are not only good for downloading content but also for lag free streaming.

Easy integration with Kodi

Unlike other VPN services, integrating PureVPN with Kodi is super simple and literally, takes couple of clicks. Simply Googling PureVPN Kodi should provide you with a download link to the official Repo, which you can then install in your Kodi.

Overall, with PureVPN you can enjoy Kodi without being a target for copyright trolls or worrying about ISPs monitoring and messing with your bandwidth.

Wrapping up!

Kodi is undeniably the best source to watch popular streaming shows for free. When your compare Kodi to its more mainstream alternatives, you will definitely know which one people prefer more, after all Neither Netflix nor Hulu offer free content.

In this era of internet censorship, not many people want to pay a hefty premium for online entertainment, however due to so many regulations it is pretty much impossible to do so without being caught. Fortunately, best VPN for Kodi like PureVPN offer the level of access and anonymity that most people prefer all in a budget friendly package.

So give PureVPN Kodi a go and forget all about restrictions.

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