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PureVPN is yet again in the news, but this time it is for all the right reasons. The company has taken another security approach towards beefing up its privacy and in order to do this, PureVPN has joined forces with Bugcrowd. It has been reported that more than 90,000 cybersecurity analysts and experts are going to be participating in the program to make PureVPN yet one of the most secure VPN in the industry.


PureVPN has definitely opted for a unique angle since Bug hunting programs are not usually hosted by VPN providers. This program will not only get rid of any vulnerabilities in the system but also serve as a supporting hand for both Ozone and Gravity.

Bug Hunting Reward Program

The Bug hunting program by Bugcrowd is also reported to appreciate the contributors involved with handsome cash rewards depending on the severity of the bug. These severities are divided in to four levels which are P1, P2, P3 and P4, with P1 being the most critical and P4 having the lowest severity level.

The cash rewards for discovering vulnerabilities can range anywhere between $50 to $1500 per vulnerability.


However, it must be noted that all the participant would have to agree to non-disclosure agreement meaning they cannot disclose any discovered vulnerabilities to the general public.

Scope of the Program

The scope of the Bug hunting program is to ensure no Vulnerabilities are left unpatched that could lead towards compromising the integrity of the system. The program will perform rigorous testing against all of the PureVPN’s offerings, which include:

  • Windows, Linux and Mac application
  • IOS and Android application
  • Browser extensions
  • DDwrt Applet
  • Add-ons for Kodi

Bugcrowd and PureVPN’s collaboration is definitely a welcoming sight as it just shows the world how dedicated they are towards securing their product. The Bug hunting program has only strengthen the already robust program that PureVPN is known and loved for.

About PureVPN

PureVPN is an industry leading VPN provider that focuses on providing awesome speeds, uncompromised privacy and budget friendly subscription plans. They have more than 2000 server across all over the world for best possible coverage.

The compamy operates out of Hong-Kong and offers true no logging policy to its customers. PureVPN is also compatible on multiple platform including mobile and desktop.

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