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The next time you stand at a bus stop with one other person and notice that there are only two people standing there right now, know that one of you two have been hacked within the last 12 months.

The Michigan based Ponemon Institute recently released a report which confirmed that half of the American adult population has been hacked in the last 12 months. A modest estimate of hacking victims reported by the Ponemon Institute currently stands at 110 million. The estimated number of hacking victims falls around 432 million!


The research highlights that hackers are going for anything they can find these days. They are hacking accounts individually as well as through bulk-hacking strageties strategies. Examples can be found in the form of Target, Adobe, eBay and SnapChat are some of the examples of   that became the latest victims of bulk-hacking.

Target lost around 40 million credit card numbers as well as the personal details of 70 million customers. SnapChat was hit when hackers run off with the data from 5 million SnapChat users. Adobe was left dumbfounded when 33 million users’ credentials were stolen. eBay recently broke out asking 230 million users to change their account passwords after reporting a hack attack.

It is a dirty virtual world out there, and your data is the prize. This hike in cybercrime rate can be attributed to a sharp rise in the availability and a sharp decrease in the cost of hacking tools and software. Hackers are able to bypass cyber-security measures and help themselves to all the data they wanted before any sort of alert goes off. Brendan Hannigan of the security systems division at IBM said that:

Now attackers are very focused. There are teams of them, and they create malware to attack specific organizations.

Gone are the days when a single hacker would spend a month hacking into a single email account. Hackers now work in international teams, gathering data, developing hacking code and coordinating closely in order to penetrate cyber-security regime.

Here is a video by CNN Money showing how modern day hackers steal your passwords and other sensitive information.

They are well-organized teams who establish focused objectives and establish targets from which they can cash in. Nobody wants to know what your emails are anymore. Now they want your life! They want every single bit of data you own that is hidden behind a user-name and a password.

In comparison, cyber security is in the hands of software and networking engineers who are underfunded and often bogged down under issues of jurisdiction and red-tape.
There is a lot of organization and funding that has to be put into the creation of an international cyber police force. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.


On top of the fear of getting hacked it the fear of government spying and surveillance. People don’t know if they should be more worried about cross-continental hacking teams, college kids downloading malware that hijacks software, or the NSA!
The recent scope and scale of cyber-attacks confirm that an unprotected internet user is as good as a hacked user.
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