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Netherlands: The war against encryption has just initiated, and Netherland has taken down two of the VPN servers belonging to Switzerland-based VPN provider Perfect Privacy.

The seizure has been conducted immediately after the coalition of France and Germany against encryption. Both the nations had united to force tech giants into building encryption backdoors in their products and services. Following the pact, the Dutch police confiscated Perfect Privacy’s two VPN servers located in Rotterdam.

In response, Perfect Privacy has claimed that they discovered the seizure when the server hosting company 13D informed them about the incident. Moreover, the law enforcement agency hasn’t shared any detail about the servers seizure.

Today our hoster I3D informed us that the Dutch authorities have seized two servers from our location in Rotterdam. Currently we have no further information since the responsible law enforcement agency did not get in touch with us directly, we were merely informed by our hoster.

Official Statement by Perfect Privacy

For a long time, VPN has been utilized as a suitable tool for enhancing one’s data privacy, online security and circumventing the imposed geo-restrictions. Moreover, users of different level including privacy activists, journalists, social workers, celebrities and other privacy-conscious fellows choose VPN to achieve anonymity and reliable online protection.

But unfortunately, VPN has also aided cybercriminals, including hackers, identity thieves & snoopers in hiding their identity, conduct cyber attacks and victimizing millions of innocent users.

But wait… Are You at a Safe Side?

The news has caused a stir among Perfect Privacy users and many others that is their data safe? What if the police gain access to their information stored on the servers? What if the law enforcement agencies expand seizure towards other service providers?

To assure that whether you’re on a safe boat or not, you need to thoroughly go through the usage/privacy policy of a VPN provider. As a majority of the providers claim “Zero activity logging policy”, when in reality they store connection log, time stamp, source/destination IP addresses and other meta data of subscribers.

Shockingly, the specified information is then used by law enforcement agencies to track down the users, and perform an action against them. So for all those who rely on their VPN service should pick a provider with “strict no data logging policy” to stay safe and protected at all times.