Opera Sync Hacked: Protect Your Passwords

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Aug-27-2016

The Norway-based internet browser Opera has faced a major security breach, impacting 1.7 million users around the world. The breached data includes synched account information, login names, and passwords.

The software company has started to send emails to the victimized users, requesting them immediately change passwords of synched third-party accounts. Interestingly, the company has not disclosed a detailed reason and mechanism for the breach, as it would aid others to conduct similar exploits.

Opera Sync Hacked Protect Your Passwords

The company has explained that users who had used “Cloud sync” option of browser are at risk of having their synchronized data breached.

The company has further elaborated that the hackers had gained access to one or more servers that were used for synchronization service. However, the server was soon blocked, but it’s still unclear whether any data was compromised or not.

But to kill the frustration among Opera users, we have included simple guidelines that will ensure 100% protection against hackers and any person on earth who wants to eavesdrop on your privacy.


How to Protect Your Synched Accounts?

The alarming aspect of the breach is that hackers now have Opera account passwords of users. Although the company claims to protect synched account information through encryption, but Opera passwords are enough to decrypt other passwords.

To get 101% protected, we suggest users to immediately change their Opera account passwords, as well as passwords for all other synched accounts .

This will ensure that even if the exploiters get successful into decrypting passwords, it would be of no use. Moreover, users can use proxy services or more protected tools like VPN to encrypt their entire network traffic. They ensure top-notch online protection to users at all times.

Saad Qureshi

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