No Encryption Backdoor : No Messaging -Dutch Spy Chief

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Sep-21-2016

The Netherlands: The head of the Dutch General Intelligence & Security Service Rob A.C. Bertholee has demanded to include a backdoor in all popular instant messaging services for the sake of national security.

The chief’s statement contradicts Dutch government’s stance against anti-encryption policies. The Dutch government in beginning of 2016 assured Netherlanders that anti-encryption proposals would never be supported. Moreover, weakening encryption practices for national security can give way to hackers, intruders, criminals and foreign spy agencies to conduct cyber attacks.

Rob Bertholee


On another hand, the security chief Rob Bertholee has claimed that besides general users, many terrorists and cyber criminals have started to choose encrypted messaging services for communication purposes. Considering the situation, services like Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal provide protection to terrorists’ conversations, compromising state’s security.


“Will people who value privacy over anything else continue to pursue their goal with the same enthusiasm after they have fallen victim to a terrorist attack? You should ask yourself how much security you are prepared to sacrifice for privacy.”

Head of the General Intelligence & Security Service of the Netherlands, Rob Bertholee


Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Privacy?

It’s not the first time encryption has been challenged, as the French Interior Minister “Bernard Cazeneuve” had asked to take action against encrypted instant messaging services last month.

Presently, Netherlanders are worried and curious about what if their favorite secure messaging services get banned? What’s the way out to keep their communication protected? And what if the messaging services end up into building a backdoor? To give relief to netizens, a VPN will be always present to secure your communications against preying eyes of spy agencies, state surveillance, hackers and cyber goons.

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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