Nissan Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of Over 53,000 Employees

  • Last updated May 16, 2024
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Breaking News🚨 Nissan has confirmed that a cyberattack has compromised the personal details of more than 53,000 employees. The automotive giant is taking urgent steps to mitigate the effects of this breach and protect its workforce, as evidenced from a tweet below:

Nissan recently had its private employee data accessed without authorization,” states the company. Although the exact nature of the data has not been fully disclosed, it is believed to include “names, addresses, and potentially bank information.” This is not the first time it has happened; Nissan has gone through this situation more than once this year, leaving people questioning its reliability and authenticity.


Here is a post from March 27, 2024:

In response to the breach, Nissan has partnered with Experian to offer affected employees a “free 24-month membership to Experian’s IdentityWorks.” This service is described as one of the best VPN solutions for identity protection. It provides tools to help secure and recover compromised identities, including:

  • Daily access to Experian Credit Reports, which allows employees to monitor their credit files.
  • Credit monitoring to watch for signs of fraud in Experian’s files.
  • Identity Restoration support continues even after the membership period.
  • Identity theft insurance covers up to $1 million for certain losses and unauthorized electronic fund transfers.

Affected employees must “sign up by August 30, 2024,” using the code provided in their notice letter to activate these services. Nissan stresses the importance of registering for these services to protect against potential misuse of the stolen data. For more information or assistance, employees can contact Experian’s customer service at 833-931-6266.

reassures Nissan. However, the company emphasizes the critical nature of signing up for the offered services to safeguard against potential abuse.

Nissan’s commitment to its employees’ safety through robust fraud assistance and identity protection services represents a key step in addressing the fallout from this significant data breach.

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