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Normally you would expect the people to be overjoyed by the announcement of Netflix’s expansion to their countries nine out of ten times. But, that was not the case when Netflix announced yesterday that it would officially make its first appearance in Australia in March next year.

The titles launch, yesterday, suggested that Netflix will have a dull library of the movies and TV shows and will not be anything like its US counterpart. Australia News was quoted as saying, “the titles were mediocre at best” and it was interesting to note that the library did not include Orange in the New Black and House of Cards.

netflix australia

The hindrance in including these shows in Netflix’s library may refer to the fact that even though Netflix has their exclusive rights in US, Foxtel owns their rights in Australia. It does not end here. Stan, the new Australian streaming service, already owns the rights of Better Call Saul in Australia, which means Netflix, will miss out on BCS as well.

Netflix will operate the same way in Australia as it does in the UK. The Australian users will be required to access the local contents on Netflix Australia and they will be forced to sign up with providers like Foxtel, Stan, Quickflix and free-to-air channels to legally access all the TV shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

The Australian users, however, can still access some great TV shows and movies on Netflix USA with  VPNs that unblock Netflix. They would need to sign up with any of the Netflix VPN providers to access TV shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. It will not only give them the access to what they like but it will also be easy-on-the-pocket for them.

Because technically speaking, signing up for Netflix Australia means you will have to sign up with some of the major Australian TV providers as well to access all the popular American TV shows.


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