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You must have heard about the rumors of Tor’s integration with Mozilla’s Firefox but according to the email received by the Daily Dot from the Mozilla spokes person, the integration won’t take place any time soon.

If this had happened then that would have been another step towards getting our privacy back. The spokesperson emphasized on their long term relationship but for the time being the integration won’t happen.

Furthermore, he also said that Firefox regularly discuss the possibility of their collaboration with Tor to strengthen the privacy of the web but have no specific projects to share at this time.

It is disappointing that they haven’t decided anything on the integration. Currently Firefox has a market share of 10-20 percent of the global market. If Tor had integrated with Firefox then this would have meant that 500 million internet users would keep their privacy.

Tor has been in the mainstream media because it really works. The software, which has already played significant roles in television shows like House of Cards, will take center stage in a Deep Web TV show, a Silk Road movie, several books, a play, and more media than one can count.

Recently, Tor gained a lot of popularity when Comcast were asking their subscribers not to use Tor. Comcast later denied this claimed when they were being criticized. During this fiasco Tor was even deemed as the Web browser for criminals.

Now, if this integration had taken place then wouldn’t that have made Firefox the web browser for criminals? It would have been hilarious how Chrome and IE would have reacted and had tried to capitalize on this as Firefox would have gained a good chunk of the market share. Guess we will have to wait, but on the bright side, at least Tor and Firefox are talking about it.

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