Mexican Voters Data Exploited on Amazon

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Apr-25-2016

Freshly a hacker and security researcher “Chris Vickery” has discovered that over 100 gigabytes of data containing more than 93.4 million records of Mexican voters has been leaked on Amazon’s cloud storage “pardon2015”. The breached data includes full name, home address, national identification number and more personal information of all registered voters in Mexico.


The data was left vulnerable to cyber goons and had no password protection. Vickery was able to access the data with the help of “Shodan”, a search engine for internet-connected devices and servers.


Padron Electoral Database

After the massive data leak Mexican electoral authority, the “Instituto Nacional Electoral” or INE stated that the leaked data on was authentic. Moreover, the breached information was stored on Padron Electoral Database and it composed of all Mexican registered voters to vote as of February 2015. According to the standard local electoral regulations, the list of voters was created to be distributed among the Mexican political parties last year.

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According to “Lorenzo Cordova Vianello” the President of the Mexican National Electoral Institute, It is unable to identify the culprit of the breach as his office is required to share the list of all voters with the country’s major political parties. Moreover, the data transfer is assumed to be flawless as the list is delivered to parties by means of hard drives, CD-ROM and USB drives.


Things To Know About The Padron Electoral Exploit

Following are the key aspects of the Padron Electoral exploit that you should:

  • Following to security breach the data was taken down from Amazon cloud server.
  • It is unclear that how many times the data was accessed and downloaded.
  • Vickery is the same person who previously revealed breaches of Hello Kitty subscribers and private medical data exploits.
  • Mexico is not the only country for voters exploit as database of 191 million US voters was exposed last year.
  • A similar data breach took place few week ago in Philippines where data of 21 million people including 5.6 million fingerprints was compromised by hackers.



The Possible Threat In Future

Although NEI has filed a criminal complaint with Mexico’s Special Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Crimes. However, data privacy advocates and security experts are worried due to rising extortion cases in Mexico. And such data breach that compromised millions of voter may result in disastrous crimes in future.


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