Londoners Receive Shocking Bills for Phantom Uber Rides

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Apr-28-2016

A year after hackers exploited personal information of over 50,000 Uber drivers, Londoners began to receive suspicious credit card bills amounting north of $500 for phantom journeys made in Mexico and USA. Famous TV personalities including TV presenter “Anthea Turner” plus hundreds of innocent citizens have been victimized by this latest breach.

The Victims

Victims of the Uber data breach include British celebrities and citizens, oblivious that their card data was being shared on the darknet. Uber Londoner “Angie Bird” woke up to discover a surprising bill for 16 separate minicab journeys some 5,500 miles away in Mexico.

In another case, “Franki Cookney” a Londoner on her visit to Australia discovered that she had been billed £420 ($613) for a series of cab rides in New York including an epic 95-minute, 24-mile circuit of Manhattan Island which ended at the same point where it started. 

This isn’t the first time Uber has been targeted by cybercriminals. Last year account details of thousands of Uber users went up for sale on the “dark net”. Over 1000 cybercriminals & hackers used anonymity tools to conceal their internet provider address to commit crime. Evidence showed that criminals sold hacked Uber account details in bulk quantities.

Key Features about the Uber Hack

Here is all you need to know about the Uber exploit:

  • According to the security experts, scammers are young tech-savy individuals who want to grab others attention by means of showing off expensive cars.
  • A Motherboard report concludes that different dark net websites sold Uber accounts in bulk deals like 20 for $16.50, 50 for $32 and 100 for $54.
  • Confidential financial information including credit card details was breached from Uber servers.
  • Full refund has been provided by Uber to those who were charged for trip they didn’t book.

What to Expect In Future

Security experts and data privacy advocates are concerned over the fact that users should use strong and unique passwords for separate web accounts. An important aspect to consider is that the exploit came just a month after Uber disclosed its transparency report, revealing how different law-enforcement agencies use gag orders to get Uber drivers detail.

Data protection enthusiasts suggest Uberers to use PayPal instead of credit cards in order to safeguard from fraudulent transactions in future.

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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