Largest Adult Site Hacked: 800,000 Users Exposed

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Sep-08-2016

World’s largest explicit site “Brazzers” has faced worst hacking attack, exposing 800,000 users on internet. Although the attack was conducted on the site forum, but the exploit has impacted all the subscribers.

The breached data was dumped on the exploit monitoring site, consisting of 928,072 records that includes passwords, usernames & email addresses of subscribers. However, this figure also includes duplicate and inactive accounts. With that said, the exploit has revealed personal information of millions of users. The adult site is down at the moment, displaying following error message:


800,000 Users Exposed as Brazzers gets hacked


To confirm the legitimacy of compromised data, “Troy Hunt” creator of breach notification site  “Have I Been Pwned” verified the dumped data and claimed the received information to be legit. Brazzers has responded to the incident and stated that the hack was a result of a past attack when Brazzers’s forum was managed by a 3rd party software “vBulletin”.


“This matches an incident which occurred in 2012 with our ‘Brazzersforum,’ which was managed by a third party. The incident occurred because of a vulnerability in the said third party software, the ‘vBulletin’ software, and not Brazzers itself.”

Public Relations Manager, Brazzers ” Matt Stevens”


Why You Should Be Concerned?

The hack has occurred and users are exposed. But debates have been ignited among subscribers that, if they are safe or not? What about the users who had used pseudo information to sign up on Brazzers? What’re the possible outcomes of the breach?

To answer the questions, we at this moment affirm that users who provided fake information to sign up are still at the risk of facing ransomware. This is due to private messages, and conversations that are present on your accounts. Moreover, the utilized credit card information for Brazzers might lead to fraudulent transactions.

But hopes are high, as users can do a little at the moment against the exploit by changing usernames and passwords of accounts that share same credentials as Brazzers’s. However, the question still exists that a similar incident happened last year when Ashley Madison was breached with millions of users exposed on internet. With that said, how can such a popular adult site not impose adequate measures against cyber threats? But right now we can say that 2016 is a year of revelations.

Saad Qureshi

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