Is Warner Bros Into Piracy? Behind The Allegation

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Sep-05-2016

The United States, California: The widely acclaimed film studio and entertainment company Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. has requested Google to take down its pages that have been flagged for copyright violation.

For a long time, Warner Bros Inc. along with many other studios have been fighting against copyright infringers, torrent hubs and every other site that cause copyright infringement. However, fans have been surprised by the firm’s latest move, where it has demanded the favorite search engine to take down some of its pages alleged for copyright infringement. The DMCA has listed official Warner Bros: The Dark Knight page to contain pirated links.

Is Warner Bros Into Piracy1


In addition to this, DMCA has included various well-known sites for infringement, targeting  Amazon store for renting out the movie. Moreover, Sky Cinema and IMDB fall in the same list for infringing copyright. However, the search engine “Google” has identified its fault and claimed that Amazon, Sky, and IMDB are at safe side, but Warner Bros. pages are still under investigation.


Story Behind The Allegation

The allegation has left fans with raging questions, is the renowned film studio really into piracy? If not then how can Google enlist a giant movie studio among infringers? One possibility behind the allegation can be Copyright trolls and firms who charge thousands of dollars from the alleged company when found into infringing.

However, if the claim against Warner Bros proves to be false, then Google’s piracy detection mechanism will be questioned and challenged by the masses. If the legit sources like Amazon, Sky Cinema, IMDB and Warner Bros. appears on search results for “pirated content”, then charging such sites won’t solve the issue. Thus, search engine’s piracy detection mechanism needs to be enhanced and upgraded for proper identification of piracy sites.

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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