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VPN is one of the most significant tools that provide online protection and anonymity to users from all around the world. However, who would have thought this online tool would become a helping hand for the criminals in performing criminal activities. View the detailed guide of ExpressVPN Review of 2018.

Yes, you read it correctly; the Turkish news sources highlighted what happened after the assassination of Andrei Karlov a Russian ambassador to Turkey.  An off-duty Turkish police officer killed Karlov last year but the investigation into the case is still in progress.

expressvpn server Seizure

The Facebook and Gmail of Turkish police officer have removed thanks to VPN connection operated by ExpressVPN. The official authorities revealed the information in their findings and raided the datacenter of the VPN service.

VPN Server Seized

The Turkish official authorities seized the ExpressVPN server to explore the information about the culprit. However, it was not the case. This is because the authorities were unable to trace any useful information about the incident.

The case indicates the clear application of a VPN service for all the wrong reasons. However, ExpressVPN came out as a clear winner since the service follows clear-cut privacy policy for the users.

The ExpressVPN Connection

ExpressVPN has shown concerns over the assassination of the Russian Ambassador by issuing a statement about the incident. According to its official statement, the service cannot provide the user’s information since it does not store the users’ logs.

It means the netizens can opt the ExpressVPN services to secure their online privacy to another level. The incident indicated that the provider has all the right reasons to become user’s first choice when it comes to attaining online privacy.


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